Focus: Cookie Monsta

Angelina Faye recently added a new member to her family and I’m happy to share her photos of this darling little smushed face girl.  While I think all my future dogs will be adults when I get them, I can’t deny that puppies are adorable!  If you are looking for a puppy of your own remember that  many shelters have puppies of all shapes and sizes this time of year.  

© Angelina Faye Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Minneapolis-pet-lifestyle-photography, #FrenchtonFrom Angela:  “Cookie Monsta is Frenchton puppy (Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix).   She is 5 months now but was just a little over 8 weeks in these pictures and they were taken the weekend we brought her home and her meeting her new sister, Candy, the Boston Terrier.   I’ve been obsessed with smushy faced dogs and had been wanting another one for a while before we brought Cookie home.”

© Angelina Faye Photography | Daily Dog Tag |Frenchton-puppy-Boston-Terrier© Angelina Faye Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Minneapolis-pet-lifestyle-photography, puppy-love © Angelina Faye Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Minneapolis-dog-photographer, puppy-running-in-grass © Angelina Faye Photography | Daily Dog Tag | French-Bulldog/Boston-Terrier- puppy- climbing-stairs © Angelina Faye Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Minneapolis-puppy-lifestyle-photographer

You can see more photos of Cookie Monsta on Angelina’s blog.  To see updates of Cookie and some other adorable dogs, follow Angelina Faye Photography on Facebook.

About Angelina Faye Photography:  Based in Minneapolis, MN, Angelina  is a lifestyle and portrait photographer specializing in dogs, children, families, and couples.

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Engaging Tails: Lucille and Stanley

Although technically it is still summer, I can’t deny that I’m a little bit excited that it is starting to feel like fall.  There is a coolness in the morning and evening that just whispers autumn is on its way.  As you might have guessed, fall is my favorite season so I was super happy that Julia Jane Studios  decided to send this save-the-date session my way.

© Julia Jane Studios | Daily Dog Tag | Fall-engagement-session-in-woods-with-dogsFrom Julia:  “Emily and Chris are an amazing couple who have a true love for each other (and their two dogs!)   So it felt only natural to include Lucy and Stanley in the shoot.   We even had some fun creating a save the date with frisbees.   Lucy & Stanley just wanted to play, but we did get them to sit NEXT to the frisbees (even if they really didn’t want to hold them and pose!  Dogs will be dogs.   Chris also plays the guitar so we let Lucy & Stanley hang out while we took some shots of just Emily and Chris.   He played her some music and we got some super sweet images of them hanging out on their picnic blanket.   And because it was October and the air was a little chilly, we also wrapped them in the blanket to make sure they stayed warm in between shots!”

© Julia Jane Studios | Daily Dog Tag | Fall-engagement-session-in-woods, lab-can't-wait-for-frisbeeFrom Emily:   “Lucy is our black Boxer Lab mix that we rescued from a neighbor who couldn’t care for her properly when she was born in 2007.   She’s 7 years old but still has the energy of a puppy, her favorite toy is her Frisbee (which is why we included it as a prop for our engagement shoot) and she could chase after it until she drops.  

© Julia Jane Studios | Daily Dog Tag | Happy-Black-Lab-Boxer-mixStanley is our Husky, Lab, Pit mix that we got from a shelter my brother (the vet) used to work for in New York State,  Port Jervis Humane Society.   The woman who owned the shelter came across a black lab pit mix that she didn’t know was pregnant until Stanley popped out in the backseat of her car a little over a year ago.   She asked my brother if he knew anyone looking to adopt.   We decided to take the gorgeous white pup and he was instantly a mama’s boy!  

© Julia Jane Studios | Daily Dog Tag | Handsome-White-Husky-MixStanley loves annoying Lucy, his favorite toy is anything Lucy plays with, he loves running like there’s no tomorrow (also fond of the sneaky get-a-away run in the neighborhood), and he can jump about 6 feet in the air.   We call him our little monster man because he’s such a ball of energy and even though he gets himself into trouble, we can’t stay mad at him for too long because he’s just too much of a ham!

Gaydos_ChrisPomante_Julia_Jane_Studios_JJG4350b_low © Julia Jane Studios | Daily Dog Tag | Save-the-date-dogs-frisbees © Julia Jane Studios | Daily Dog Tag | Engagement-photos-with-dogs © Julia Jane Studios | Daily Dog Tag | Fall-engagement-session-in-woods© Julia Jane Studios Lucy and Stanley bring so much love and laughter to everyone who meets them, I hope your readers will enjoy them as much as my fiance and I do.”

© Julia Jane Studios | Daily Dog Tag | Fall-engagement-session-in-woods

You can see more of Julia’s photography by following Julia Jane Studios on Facebook.

 About Julia Jane Studios:  Based in  Fairfield County, CT, Julia  specializes in Kids, Families, and Weddings.


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Lionel’s Legacy: Adoptable Senior Dogs

I always love to see a submission from Terran Bayer from Westway Studio, she is so talented and generous with her time.  Terran volunteers photographing homeless dog to help them find homes.  All of these senior dogs are adoptable from Lionel’s Legacy.   

After adopting Theo, I’m not sure I will ever get a puppy again.   There are many reasons to adopt an adult dog  including:

* Most are house trained.  

* They have outgrown the chewing phase meaning your shoes and your furniture are likely to be safe.

* Their personalities are developed so you can find one that easily matches your lifestyle.

* They have usually mastered simple commands.

*Old souls are the sweetest!

* All dogs from Lionel’s Legacy are up to date on vaccinations and neutered.    

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-Legacy Charlie is an adorable and happy go lucky Parsons Russell Terrier mix.   He loves everyone and for an older dog has pep in his step.  Charlie is approximately 10 years old and would be happy playing with canine and feline friends or going for walks with a human or two.   He is incredibly healthy, has had a dental, but is a bit hard of hearing.

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-LegacyHe absolutely adores kids!   This little boy will make a fantastic first time pet or could very easily join a pack of pups as he’s very easy going.   He’s up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and housetrained.

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-LegacyHe even knows how to use a doggy door, he’s such a smart boy!

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-Legacy

 Cocker Spaniel,Twinkie, is an AMAZING old boy!  He just had dental surgery and a cyst removed and is recovering nicely!   Twinkie loves everyone as you can see!   He also gets along with every dog he meets.   He was left at a Los Angeles shelter because they couldn’t care for his surgery.   We couldn’t let this boy be put down because of that so we scooped him up and he is getting stronger every day.   In fact, his appetite is so ravenous that he tries to eat everyone else’s food too!

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-Legacy He’s currently being fostered in a home with 3 other dogs both big and small and all he wants to do is be your best mate.    Twinkie is approximately 12 yrs old and is read to be your new BFF!

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-Legacy Hank is approximately 17 years old and came to us when his owner had required assistance with her own health. Hank had been with her since he was a pup.   She has since passed away but Hank is now in our loving care.   He is now in a FOREVER FOSTER with a wonderful family who will love and care for him for the rest of his life.   He gets to spend his days exploring the yard with his fur friends.   Hank is doing so well for his age and acts more like a 13 or 14 year old! Go Hank!

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-Legacy© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-LegacyWillie is a Dandie Dinmont Terrier/Terrier Dog estimated age is 6 years 3 months.  Although not technically a senior, Willie has considerable life experience.   Willie is an OAS survivor!  This poor boy has been through the worst of the worst and has come out the other side ready to live life to the fullest.   Willie has received extensive rehabilitation including a technique known as “flooding” to help him get over years of neglect and abuse.   He’s look for a quite family who will love and cherish this sweet little boy.   He adores attention, wants to be your little angel, and will be forever grateful if you add him to your family.   He’s good with other dogs and cats but is a bit timid around larger dogs. 

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-LegacyHe is one smart boy and will show you how ready he is to work for you too.   Although he’s come a long way and is good with some children we feel it’s best he go to a home with older kids 14+.

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-Legacy

Sweet little old Abuelita is an awesome gal.   Formerly known as Shadow, this petite Chow Chow came from the Oceanside Humane Society where they nursed her back to health.   Today she is thriving in a foster home with multiple other doggies and has a great time playing and lounging in the sun.   

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-Legacy © Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-LegacyWe think Abuelita has no idea of her age (13 years), she seems to think she’s still in her prime.   She has some mild stiffness in her back legs but has a great record of health for her age.   This girl has character, personality, and spunk.  She was named Shadow because she will follow you around all day, but her foster mom calls her Abuelita which means “Little Grandmother.”   Just make sure you leave a spot for her on the couch or bed because she loves to cuddle!

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-LegacyKing Charles is a beautiful boy who loves everyone.   He’s approximately10 years old at the most and a pretty happy go lucky boy!   He loves having animal companions and easily fits right into any pack.   He loves exploring and going for walks.   KC is up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and house trained.

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-Legacy

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-LegacyLucille is quite a hoot!   She has been a momma a few times over and is great with everyone.   However, she does have a few issues with mobility and ideally needs to be in a  single story house where she has easy access to a backyard or gets frequent walks. Lucille was deemed rescue only due to xrays showing Spondylosis and considerable joint degeneration and arthritis.   Its not known how her condition became so severe at her age but it appears like she has had it for quite some time.   She is one of the happiest girls we’ve ever met and the name Lucy fits her perfectly as she likes to talk to you and get your attention.   Lucy will put her paw up at you and then roll over for belly rubs.   ALL THIS GIRL WANTS IS TO BE LOVED!!!!!!  Contact us today to find out more about this low energy easy going girl.   She’s looking for a family who’s going to love her for who she in on the inside. With her adoption comes 2 months supply of any medications.   She’s currently on glucosamine,tramadol and truprofen (generic for Rimadyl) which is fairly inexpensive through Costco.

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-Legacy

Sweet Sadie is the most wonderful old gal we’ve met.   She hasn’t been given much love in hr life by her humans before coming to us but nonetheless she is ever so grateful and incredibly perfect in every way.   Oh how we love this well balanced, happy go lucky girl.   This beautiful Yellow Lab loves other dogs, is good with cats, and she really loves every human she meets, especially kids!   We adore Sadie and will give her the best life she can imagine while waiting for the right furever home to take over.  Sadie’s estimated age is 1o years, 3 months.

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-Legacy

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-Legacy
Lefty is a Corgi who is estimated to be around 8 years old.  Lefty recently had her eye removed due to Glaucoma but doesn’t let that get in her way.  She’s a frequent visitor at dog beach and loves to hang out with her foster buddies who are all triple her size and weight.   Lefty loves to play, be active for a small dog, and would worm her way into your heart very quickly.

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-Legacy© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-Legacy Oh my goodness is this girl smart.   Kayla is her real name.   She was relinquished by her owners to the South Los Angeles shelter.   She was an outdoor dog and they said they had no time for her.   Kayla is approximately 8 yrs old at the most and loves to go for walks.   In fact, an added bonus is that she will keep you fit and healthy.   This girl wants to please so badly.   She’s fantastic with dogs she has had time to meet appropriately and her foster started training with her on day 1.   She knows heal, sit, down already and loves training for cheese whiz on a spoon.   Kayla is an active girl who has many typical great German Shepherd qualities.   Kayla is under our care and now that shes on a great diet and thyroid meds she is a really balanced and happy girl.© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-Legacy© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-Legacy Bonkers is around ten years old.  He is new to Lionel’s Legacy.  Judging by his name, I think this guy has an energetic personality and looking into those eyes, I think he must be about the sweetest guy ever.  

© Westway Studio | Daily Dog Tag | Adoptable-senior-dog-Lionel's-Legacy

If you are interested in adopting one of these sweeties, please fill an adoption application.   Of course, not every one can adopt a dog, but it is possible to help specific senior dogs at Lionel Legacy by sponsoring one.   Sharing on social media is free and it works!     Stay connected with Westway Studio on Facebook as well as Lionel’s Legacy.

If you are considering  adopting a senior dog or already have one, you’ll want to read  Senior Dog Essentials Checklist.

About Westway Studio: Westway Studio is owned by professional photographer and graphic designer, Terran Bayer, and is based in San Diego, California.   Terran specializes in capturing the heart and soul of our four-legged family members.   Their time with us goes by so quickly and she takes pride in being able to provide families with lasting memories that celebrate every pet’s individual personality.

Please follow the link below to see and share more adoptable animals!  The blog hop is hosted by Dogs N Pawz and Talking Dogs.

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As a second shooter for Alice G Patterson, I have been to a lot of gorgeous and fun weddings.  I knew that Meryn and Joel were awesome and  I was looking forward to their wedding.  Once I met their dogs and incredible families and officiant, it became one of the best days ever!  It isn’t often that I cry while photographing, but I had streams of happy tears that day.  

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Daily Dog Tag | wedding-dogs, #JRT, #Basset-hound

Like Alice G Patterson Photography on Facebook to see her latest work.

About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Syracuse, NY, Alice is a bi-coastal portrait photographer specializing in high school seniors, dogs and small business owners.  Alice has 3 dogs of her own, Lulu, Franny and Darla.

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This video is pawsitively amazing!

Upcoming Events

August 14-17 Spay/Neuter Conference, Austin, TX

August 16 500 Festival of Pugs, Lebanon, IN

August 16 Summer Adopt-A-Thon, Dearborn, MI

August 16 Elderdog Jubilee , Felton South, Nova Scotia

August 23 Bark For Life, Kansas City, Missouri

August 24 Old Spitalfields Paw Pageant 2014, London UK

September 19  Glow In the Park, St Louis, MO

September 19-22 Zoomies Pet Photography Workshop, Brisbane,  QLD, AU

October 18 Wags to Wishes Benefit Kildeer, IL

Strutt Your Mutt various dates and locations.

If you have a dog event that you would like to be listed here, please email rescue (at) dailydogtag (dot)com.

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Happy Tails: Maggie and Chloe

I don’t usually participate in Throwback Thursday, but I love this session so much, I couldn’t resist sharing it again.

“A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.” ~ Brigitte Bardot

This photo is one of my all time favorites.  If I ran a museum of dog art, it would be hung in a place of honor for everyone to see.  There is something so magical about it.   I was thrilled when Els Sipkes of Nuance Pet Photos sent it to me to share!

© Nuance Pet Photos | Daily Dog Tag | Golden-Retriever and Westie-walking-on-beachThis pet photography session was a Christmas surprise for one of their owners.  I know he was happy to receive framed prints of Maggie and Chloe.

© Nuance Pet Photos | Daily Dog Tag | Westie, dog-photographyChloe, the Westie, is a young thing, around two years old.  She’s so adorable!

© Nuance Pet Photos | Daily Dog Tag | Westie on the water's edge

© Nuance Pet Photos | Daily Dog Tag | Westie-walking-on-beach

© Nuance Pet Photos | Daily Dog Tag |senior- Golden-Retriever on beach

Thirteen year old Maggie is the apple of her dad’s eye.

© Nuance Pet Photos | Daily Dog Tag | Golden Retriever on beach, dog-tennis-ball© Nuance Pet Photos | Daily Dog Tag | Golden Retriever on beach

© Nuance Pet Photos | Daily Dog Tag | Golden-Retriever walking-on-boardwalk

Like most Golden Retrievers, Maggie loves her tennis ball! Life goes by so fast, its wonderful when people take the time to preserve the “everyday” moments.   You can see more of this dynamic duo on the Nuance Pet Photos blog.

About Nuance Pet Photos:  Based in Charleston, SC, Els Sipkes is a graphic designer as well as photographer.  She specializes in  on location pet photography and has a yellow Lab, Cooper.

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