Happy weekend!  It is not always easy to get everyone looking in the right direction for a family photo, even harder when its a family photo with dogs.  I’m so impressed with Jen Montgomery for getting this great family shot of herself, her husband, Pepper and Luna with the use of a tripod.  (That’s right, the ultimate old fashioned selfie!)

© Jen Montgomery Photography | Luna & Pepper,  Family photo with dogs, MN family pet lifestyle photographyFrom Jen:  “Luna, on the right, is our most recent addition.  Luna was rescued by the Animal Humane Society from a puppy mill down south.   She is a mixed breed of German shepherd, cattle dog and black lab.”

You can see the rest of these  family photos with dogs on Jen’s blog.  To see more of Jen’s images, follow Jen Montgomery Photograpy on Facebook.

I think Luna looks a lot like Willow.

About Jen Montgomery Photography:  Based in Ankoa, Minnesota, Jen is a portrait and wedding photographer.  She has two dogs, Pepper and Luna.

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Digging This Style: Valentine’s Day For The Kids

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days!  The excitement of school parties, 20 + Valentine’s Day cards from my classmates and a box of candy from my Dad made for a very special day.  We’ve gathered up some of our favorite ideas for  Valentine’s Day for the kids and fur kids to make Valentine’s Day extra special this year.

Valentine Gifts for kids and dogs, Valentine's Day for the kids, personalized charm, card, rope toy, dog bed, candy, girls' heart sweatshirt, personalized pillow, dog bowl

Personalized Charm * Valentine’s Day Card *Dog Bed *  Candy *  Heart Rope Toy * Personalized Pillow * Girls Sweatshirt * Dog Bowl

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Happy Tails: Holli Berri

I’m always happy when I get to photograph dogs with my sister, Alice Patterson.  Holli Berri belongs to a very good friend of the family.  It was a pleasure to photograph her sweet Holli Berri a while back in Arlington, Virginia.

© Alice G Patterson Photography | on location dog photography, Syracuse dog portraits, VA dog photographerFrom Nanci:  “At seven years Holli Berri was one of seven dogs surrendered by a hoarder to a Maryland kill shelter.  She was not given much attention by her owner.  When she was turned in her coat was so matted that the shelter staff could not tell that she had a docked tail.  After Holli got a bath and haircut they found an adorable little white dog.  Homeward Trails Animal Rescue decided that she had to be given a chance at a better life.  Holli is a very sweet girl Terrier mix.

© Alice G Patterson Photography |Arlington, VA lifestyle dog photography

Before I adopted Holli, she spent quality time at a foster home.   It is important that more people consider fostering dogs and cats.  One of the joys for me as part of the Rural Shelter Transport is realizing that there are people who are willing to love these animals until they can find a home.  We need more people to foster!

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Arlington pet photography, on location dog portraits

Holli’s fosters are wonderful people.  They were responsible for helping Holli acclimate to humans before I chose her.  Every once in awhile I send a photo to them and plan to send one of Alice’s photo’s to them.  They really loved Holli but were glad that I adopted her.  

© Alice G Patterson Photography | dog rescued from hoarder

I adopted Holli in November 2012. Years of isolation left her shy and skittish around people. She prefers women and gets along with men if they approach slowly.  She is very good with other dogs.  She loves the company of other dogs and follows their lead on how to interact with humans.  She is a wonderful addition to my family of dogs, Harry the seven year old Maltese and my most recent rescue, Violet. 

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Arlington pet photography, on location dog portraits

Holli has dozens of toys and she loves to play with them.  In the morning Holli has an adorable habit.  She carefully selects my bedtime shirt and takes it to the community shared doggy bed and contentedly lays on the shirt.  She has strong preference for shirts and only wants shirts that have been worn.  

She waits patiently for me to take her for a walk every day.  Her favorite pastime is to “hunt” for squirrels.  She has a wonderful time finding them, and getting into the “point” position, and then when the time is right giving chase.  Of course, with her human in tow, Holli is never successful in capturing anyone.  The best she can do is follow them to the tree and then move on for the next hunt. 

Holly and Nanci Bowers© Alice G Patterson Photography |  Arlington VA lifestyle dog photography

I have had the joy of watching Holli develop into a dog who realizes that humans are okay.  She remains cautious but she is getting more confident.  She found her voice and is very vocal in welcoming me home on my return.    

She is a trooper and quickly accepts visiting dogs that find their way to my home for overnight stays on their way to no-kill shelters located in New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and Connecticut.  She allows me to welcome, care and love her temporary dog visitors.  I can tell that she is happy when they leave and I give her, her step brother and sister quality time. 

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Lifestyle dog photography© Alice G Patterson Photography | Lifestyle dog photography

I hope Holli Berri’s story will encourage others to consider adopting a rescue dog!  Their are many young, teen and senior dogs available and waiting for a forever home.  They are all capable of providing companionship and joy to humans.  I am so glad that I found Holli Berri she is a joy.”

If you are ever discouraged about the state of humankind, look around for the Nancies of the world.  Nanci gives of herself to others in need.  She is a passionate volunteer for animal and humans.  Nanci is best friends with another of my sisters.  Recently Nanci has relocated temporarily to help take care of  our dad who has terminal cancer. I can never thank her enough for all the kindness she has shown him and the rest of our family!

To see more great dogs follow Alice G Patterson Photography on Facebook.

About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Central New York, Alice offers on location and studio photography for small businesses, high school seniors, dogs and the people who love them.  Alice loves to travel and is happy to photograph dogs where ever she goes!

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In Loving Memory: Harley

It is a sad fact that dogs just don’t live long enough.  The luckiest ones spend their lives being loved and loving all of the people in their family.  Handsome Yellow Labrador Retriever, Harley, was both loving and well loved.  Last year he the focus of this family lifestyle photography session with Laura Matthews.

© Laura Matthews Photography | Senior Yellow Labrador, Family-pet-lifestyle-photography

From Laura:  “Harley, like most labs, had a heart full of love.   At age four, he was diagnosed with lymphoma and successfully treated with chemotherapy for many years.   He remained in remission until his mom, Heather, found swollen lymph nodes in his neck again.   At 10 years old, she decided to care for him the best she can for the remainder of his life without further treatment.  Dogs are such special souls; loving, obedient, and faithfully devoted to their families.  Harley is so very loved by his brother Tyler, and sister, Hope.

© Laura Matthews Photography | Lifestyle-dog-kids-photographyLosing a pet is never easy and it’s heartbreaking they can’t remain with us for many more years. Celebrating the ones we love most while they are with us is so, so important. Heather and her kids will have these amazing images to look back on and comfort them for the years to come.

© Laura Matthews Photography | Loyal friends,  family lifestyle photography session © Laura Matthews Photography | family lifestyle photography session © Laura Matthews Photography | Lifestyle-family-dog-photography© Laura Matthews Photography | Handsome yellow Lab, senior dog © Laura Matthews Photography

Harley loved the snow, so it was perfectly fitting to do a session with him after a winter storm. It was very cold, but sunshine and love kept us warm.”

 © Laura Matthews Photography

To see more of Laura’s images, follow Laura Matthews Photography on Facebook.  If you haven’t had your dog photographed recently, please consider giving yourself that gift!

About Laura Matthews Photography:  Based in Glen Allen, Virginia, Laura is a wedding and portrait photographer.

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Puppy Love: Brinkley

Happy Monday!  I’m starting the week off with a smile thanks to these photos by Andie Freeman of adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, Brinkley.

© Andie Freeman Photography | Blenheim King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppy photos

From Andie:  “Brinkley is about the cutest dog I have ever seen in my life.  And admittedly, I am not much of a dog fan.  My passion lies with their feline counterparts.  Love my kitties.  But Brinkley is just so stinking cute!  I am sure that if I ever got a dog, it would be a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel without doubt.  So when Bekah, his mom, made a joke on Instagram that Brinkley needed to come and see Aunt Andie for a newborn session (I am know for my newborn sessions in the area), it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.  

© Andie Freeman Photography | King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppy, black white lifestyle pet portraits© Andie Freeman Photography | Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, studio pet photographyBekah and her husband Chris are both die hard Georgia Bulldog and Atlanta Falcons fans, so it was a no brainer that we had to do setups with those particular teams.  So I literally pulled out all of my newborn props to use!!

© Andie Freeman Photography | Atlanta Falcons #1 puppy fan© Andie Freeman Photography | King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppy photos, Georgia  Bulldog puppy fanAnd of course, we couldn’t leave out a Christmas setup!  

© Andie Freeman Photography |King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppy photos, newborn shoot for puppy, puppy in stocking © Andie Freeman Photography |Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy photos, puppy in stockingI can’t say that it is something I will do all the time, but certain animals for certain clients is definitely a possibility!  Bekah and I had so much fun with this session!”

You can see more of Brinkley on Andie’s blog,  Follow Andie Freeman Photography on Facebook to see her latest photos.

About Andie Freeman Photography:  Andie Freeman Photography is a boutique photography business located in Athens, Georgia.  Andie Freeman Photography specializes in wedding and portrait photography.

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