Spotlight: Noble Friends & Exclusive Offer

I am so excited and when you read this post you will be too!  As of today, Carolyn Lemke, an incredible illustrator, (my) web designer, and all around awesome human being has launched Noble Friends Shop!  Read all about this wonderful new shop and see our exclusive discount code for Daily Dog Tag readers!  All photos are by Alice G Patterson Photography.

© Alice G Patterson Photography |Noble Friends- Custom Pet Portraits Illustrations and Products Carolynn will create an amazing custom pet portrait of all of your furry friends and that is just the beginning.

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Syracuse-pet-product -photography, custom-pet-portraits

Now when you purchase a custom illustration you can also buy awesome home accessories, stationery items and even tote bags and iphone cases so you can share your amazing custom pet illustrations with friends, family and even random strangers!

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Syracuse-product-photography, Noble-Friends-Custom-Pet-Portraits-Illustrations© Alice G Patterson Photography| product photography, Noble-Friends-Custom-Pet-Portraits-Illustrations-stationery

Can you imagine how much more fun it will be to write your list or send a greeting card with your pet’s face on it?

© Alice G Patterson Photography | product-photography, Noble-Friends-Custom-Pet-Portraits-Illustrations-

From Carolynn:  “I have been doing pet illustrations for about 5 years.   It all started when I had a client that wanted a portrait drawn of her cat  for her bio page. I used a technique in illustrating back in college that I  never really applied to any of my designs or art work before and I started  to use this technique in my pet illustrations.  I love adding the eyes and the finishing touches, like crazy extra fur around the ears.  These are the parts that really capture the pets  personality for me.   I feel like a little hair out of place or a look in the eyes really tell a story about who your pet is.

© Alice G Patterson Photography |custom-pet-illustrations, throw pillow

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Syracuse product-photographer, Noble-Friends-Custom-Pet-Portraits-Illustrations-personalized-mug© Alice G Patterson Photography, product-photography, Noble-Friends-Custom-Pet-Portraits-Illustrations-I’ve always LOVED art and creating fun things but I never knew I wanted to be an artist until I literally was going to college. I actually even applied to a nursing program at first but something just didn’t feel right  to me. In highschool I had a huge passion for photography but never  considered I could make a living at doing something I has a passion for.   The world has come so far for artists it is really incredible to think  about!

© Alice G Patterson Photography | customized-blankets, stationery with personalized pet illustrations

These products are created with LOVE. I  love that someone is either gifting this to themselves or to a loved one  FOR someone one else they love their pets! Its a couture piece of art with  a modern look that you can hang in your home or stick on pillow, write a  note in, share with all your other loved ones that makes you feel good when you look at it.”

Alice-G-Patterson-Photography, product-photography, Noble-Friends-Custom-Pet-Portraits-Illustrations-

I am so in love with my tote bag!  Now I can bring Theo with me everywhere!

© Alice G Patterson Photography | product photography, Noble-Friends-Custom-Pet-Portraits-Illustrations-personalized key chain

© Alice G Patterson Photography | product photography, dog-i-phone-case My  favorite is the iphone case, because you can show off your pets anywhere and everywhere without even trying!  And let’s face it, we all want to show the world just how adorable our pets are!

© Alice G Patterson Photography |custom made wrapping paper, wrapping paper with pet illustrations

 The wrapping paper is awesome, but I might be jumping up and collecting the paper after the gift was opened!

Remember Mother’s Day is just around the corner, a custom pet portrait would be the PERFECT gift!

© Noble Friends Shop | Custom Pet  Illustrations, horse-cat


Order by April 7, 2015 and use the code DOGTAG15 for 15% off on your order!

You should follow Noble Friends on Facebook and Instagram because you need more smiles in your day!

About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Central New York, Alice is a pet, product and small business photographer.  She has 3 dogs of her own.

Disclosure: Daily Dog Tag only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.  I received a tote bag as a gift from Noble Friends Shop, but I’m sharing Noble Friends Shop on my blog because I’m the biggest fan of Noble Friends Shop!  


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Engaging Tails: Kobi and Pepper

When planning a wedding, the possibilities are endless and it can be daunting to start. Engagement session have the same sort of blank canvas to start, and I love seeing where people choose to get their engagement photographs taken.  Centennial Park proved the perfect location for Nicole and Joe’s (and their dogs) engagement session by Brooke Tyson Photography.  Of course, engagement photos with dogs are my favorite kind regardless of the location.

© Brooke Tyson Photography | Park Engagement session dogs, engagement-photos-with-dogsFrom Brooke:  “Nicole and Joe got engaged last summer, and right away, these two started planning their 2016 wedding.   Nicole and Joe are both in their last year of pharmacy school at the University of Maryland, and they are just as eager to begin their careers as they are to celebrate their upcoming wedding.   Nicole and Joe brought their pups, Pepper and Kobi, to join in their engagement shoot, which I loved!!   I have three dogs of my own, so it was a lot of fun to photograph these two with their adorable dogs.  Nicole, Joe, and I had such a good time talking about their wedding plans and exploring Centennial Park during their engagement session!”

©  Brooke Tyson Photography | Beagle, lifestyle dog photography

From Nicole:  “Pepper is a quiet and sweet Beagle that was adopted from Animal Advocates of Howard County in 2012.

©  Brooke Tyson Photography | Australian shepherd Rottweiler mix, Kobi is a fun-loving, goofy Australian Shepherd and Rottweiler Mix that was adopted from Pennsylvania SPCA in 2014.    When Joe proposed to me in June, 2014, we were walking my dog Pepper (the Beagle) in the forest behind my neighborhood.

©  Brooke Tyson Photography | engagement-photos-dog, beautiful woman, beagle He stopped in the middle of our walk, called Pepper, and turned her collar to show me the ring that Pepper had been carrying all along. (I had no idea!)  

©  Brooke Tyson Photography | dogs-engagement-sessionHe told me – after I said yes – that he had other ideas for the proposal but he definitely wanted Pepper to be a part of it.   I agreed that there would not have been a better way to propose to me.

©  Brooke Tyson Photography | on location engagement photos with pups, lifestyle-dog-photographyIt was only natural for us to include Pepper and Joe’s dog Kobi (who was adopted shortly after the proposal) in our engagement photo session.

©  Brooke Tyson Photography | dog-photography, Beagle, Rottie-Aussie mix at parkKeeping Kobi and Pepper sitting still next to us was quite challenging as they wanted to chase after other dogs at the park and kept distracting us.

©  Brooke Tyson Photography | park engagement session with dogs, engagement portraits with dogsFortunately, my sister had come along to help, and she did a great job making weird noises and holding up treats behind the photographer to grab the dogs’ attention!

©  Brooke Tyson Photography | engagement pictures with dogs, Beagle, Rottweiler-mix At the end, our dogs, Joe, and I were all cuddling and got some amazing family photos taken. We made so many memories that day!

View More: can see more of Nicole and Joe’s engagement session on Brooke’s blog.   Nicole and Joe made sure to include their dogs in their engagement photos, but Brooke also got some really romantic photos (without the dogs).   Nicole painted some really cute portraits of their dogs and you can see them on Brooke’s blog as well.

Follow Brooke Tyson Photography on Facebook to see more of her work.

About Brooke Tyson Photography:  Based in Maryland, Brooke specializes in senior portraits and wedding photography.  She has three rescue dogs.


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Puppy Love: Hasell

Happy Monday!  It may be gray and yucky here, but I have some of the cutest Vizsla puppy portraits to brighten your day!  This cutie pie rocked her studio photography session with J Catherine Photography.  These puppy photos run the gamut from fun to absolutely stunning.

© J Catherine Photography | Vizsla-puppy-studio-portraits

From Jennifer:  “Meet Hasell, pronounced like Hazel, but with an ‘s’.  She was named after the street her mom and dad lived on in Charleston, SC. Hasell is a  Hungarian Vizsla.   When Hasell came in for her session she was only 14 weeks old and so funny.  

© J Catherine Photography | studio-photography, Vizsla-puppy-white-background© J Catherine Photography | Vizsla-puppy-in-studio She sniffed all around the studio, but wouldn’t get too far from her mom.  

© J Catherine Photography | Vizsla Puppy, studio-pet-photography© J Catherine Photography | studio-puppy-portraits, She’s a total velcro dog.   

© J Catherine Photography | Vizsla-puppy-studio-photography© J Catherine Photography | studio-dog-pictures, black-background-Vizsla-puppy© J Catherine Photography | studio-pet-photography, Vizsla-puppy-black-backgroundWhen I asked her mom to describe Hasell in three words she said, ‘Spunky, Loyal and Goofy’.   She also said her favorite thing about Hasell, ‘Her  unconditional love for us.

© J Catherine Photography | studio-pet-photography, Vizsla-puppy-velcro-dog,

 No matter how stressful our days can be we  always know when we get home, she is there waiting to put a smile on our  faces.’

© J Catherine Photography |studio-pet-photography, Vizsla-puppy-wearing-hat

At home she competes with Steve (Hasell’s older cat brother) to see who can be the bigger cuddlebug.   Her favorite place to relax at home is in her mom and dad’s lap.”

© J Catherine Photography | studio-pet-photography, Vizsla puppy-, black-white-photos

You can see more of Hasell’s studio session on Jennifer’s blog.  Follow J Catherine Photography on Facebook to see her latest images.

About J Catherine Photography:  Based in Greenville, South Carolina, Jennifer Wakefield specializes in newborn, children and pet portrait photography.  She has a dog of her own, Maddox.  You can see lots of photos of him by following Jennifer on Instagram.



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Establishing A Routine for #Perfectweight

This post is sponsored by Hill’s. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight 10 Week Turnaround, but  Daily Dog Tag only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

More than 50% of cats and dogs are overweight.  If you aren’t sure if your pet is in the 50% population of overweight dogs, use this weight checker guide from Hill’s.   One of the keys to successful weight loss is a plan and healthy routine to help reach the perfect weight.

Start with good nutrition and portion control.  There are a lot of dog foods on the market. And while I’m not a dog nutritionist, the people at Hill’s are and they say  Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight dry dog food provides breakthrough nutrition formulated to help your dog achieve a healthy weight.  Since nearly 40 % of dogs are toy and small breeds, Hills has introduced Hills Science Diet Perfect Weight Small & Toy Breed  formulated just for small and toy breed dogs to help them reach a healthy weight and improve quality of life.  

© Hill's Pet Nutrition, Perfect-Weight

    • 70% of cats and dogs who used Science Diet Perfect Weight lost weight within 10 weeks.
    • Breakthrough blend of natural ingredients (chicken is #1 ingredient)
    • Healthy weight adds to quality of life and life expectancy
    • Prebiotic fibers for gentle digestion (derived from beets)
    • 100% precisely balanced nutrition

    You can purchase Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight from your vet, favorite specialty store or Pet 360 with a discount for auto-ship.

 To help you make a plan, download the free printable calendar 10 Week Turnaround Calendar from Hills.


I like this idea because it gives you a visual (you can track your dog’s weight on the right) as well as a way to hold yourself accountable.  If you actively plan to manage your dog’s weight (through food and exercise) you are more likely to have success.   Pay attention to your dog and take your cues from him.  Is he feeling more energetic?  You can increase his activity.  Losing weight takes some time and it is hard to see the changes on a daily basis, but if you take photos and track your pet’s weight, you’ll be able to see the progress.  

Our daily routine varies but this winter it is as follows.

Wake-up, outside for 5-15 minutes (varies with weather.)

Back inside:  Nelly and Theo play chase, Sophie watches, sometimes jumps around and plays on her own.

About an hour after waking up it is breakfast time:  I measure their food so I don’t over feed them.  We use toys and puzzles to help make mealtime last a little longer for them as well as give them some mental stimulation. 

© Alice G Patterson Photography | DiY-treat-dispenser, Syracuse-dog-photographer

After breakfast:  Neighborhood watch time:   they watch the neighborhood, I do my stuff.   Between 10 and 11, Theo will start trying to convince me to give him his dental treat.  They go in their crates for that and stay there for a short time.  

Back outside for a few minutes and then we are back inside for about 2 hours.  Since it has been so cold, we aren’t outside for very long at all.  Although our yard has a big fenced in section, I rarely leave them out there alone.

Exercise is an important part of being healthy.  In the non snowy months, my dogs and I enjoy going for walks. But I’m too afraid of falling and breaking something to venture out in the snow and ice with my dogs in tow.

We’ve found some other ways to help stay active in the winter.

© Daily Dog Tag | Puggle-playing-tug-with-diy-toyTug of war is Theo’s favorite game.  He brings a toy to me throughout day and he usually wins, runs away and chews happily on his prize.

© Daily Dog Tag | Puggle-with-diy-chew-toy, healthy-weight-for-dogs Occasionally I win, but then I throw the toy.  He plays fetch too, but tug is favorite.  I have tried to incorporate a few of these great suggestions from Puppy Leaks to mix things up.  When the kids come home from school, Theo goes a little crazy with happiness and does his Puggle wiggle.  They play with him and make his day.

The dogs go back outside after the kids get home from school.  After that, Theo claims his spot with the kids while Nelly and Sophie hang out with me. 

We feed them dinner around 5-6, (just before we eat.)  We let them out after dinner and two more times before I go to bed.

As soon as the snow melts, I’m getting back into the walk after dinner routine.  

Because being healthy is more than just being a healthy weight, you can keep track of other things with this calendar, like play dates, set aside time to groom your pets, preventative treatments (for fleas, ticks and heartworms) as well as training sessions.  If you give your dogs high caloric treats, be mindful of that when figuring how much food to feed them.  

In just ten weeks, you can turn your dog’s health around.  This could be the second best thing you do for your pets (the first is sharing your life with them.)   It isn’t a gimmick, fad or a race.  Follow the steps outlined (proper nutrition, exercise and tracking weight) and make a difference in your dog’s health!



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Happy Tails: Hailey

I love all the dogs that I feature, but Hailey is killing me with her cuteness.  I mean the perfect little teeth, the beard, the salt and pepper coat… she’s just too perfect!  Thanks to April Ziegler Photography for this perfect maternity session including a very special furbaby.

© April Ziegler Photography | Hailey, maternity shoot with dog, Lab, Terrier mixed breed, bearded ladyFrom April:  “Caitlyn and Andy  really wanted to include their dog, Hailey (they call her Hailey the bearded lady, which I think is so funny!).  Hailey is 2 (she’ll be 3 in June), and was adopted from Almost Home Rescue in Doylestown, PA.   They’re not completely sure of her breed, but they call her a lab/terrier mix.   I shot this session at the end of November and the couple welcomed their baby boy in January.”

© April Ziegler Photography | maternity-session-with-dog, on-location-Philly-pet-photographer

From Caitlyin and Andy:  “Hailey is our crazy little bearded lady.   She was the baby of our four legged crew before Mason got here.

© April Ziegler Photography |  autumn-maternity-session-with dog, Lab-Terrier-mixed-breed, black-gray-scruffy-dog She also has terrible separation anxiety so we take her with us almost everywhere.

© April Ziegler Photography | gorgeous maternity session with dog, on-location-dog-family-portraits© April Ziegler Photography | beareded dog in front of woodpile, adorable-mutt© April Ziegler Photography | adorable-mutt-head-tiltSo it only seemed fitting to have our baby and our side kick Miss Hailey be there with us to celebrate that we’d be welcoming a new baby into our lives.

© April Ziegler Photography |  maternity shoot with dog,  bearded-lady-dog© April Ziegler Photography | medium-shaggy-dog, gorgeous pictures of pregnant woman and dog© April Ziegler Photography | black-gray-dog,  on-hind-legs

Plus she’s far too cute to miss out in some camera time!”

© April Ziegler Photography | black-white-pet-photography, Lab/Terrier mixed breed, bearded dog, cuteness-overload

You can see more of this beautiful maternity session on April’s blog.  Follow April Ziegler Photography on Facebook to see her latest work.

About April Ziegler Photography: Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April is a portrait and pet photographer.   She photographs newborns, children, families, engagements, and pets.   She has been voted Philadelphia’s best pet photographer.

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