Happy Tails: Kosmo and a Giveaway!

With Halloween and Thanksgiving on the horizon, we thought we should join the pumpkin bandwagon and give away a few Fruitable pumpkin treats.   Thanks to Alice G Patterson for taking the photos and to Joanne DelBalso for bringing Kosmo in for a modeling session.

© Alice G Patterson, Syracuse dog photography, Chihuahua and pumpkin

From Joanne:  “Kosmo is approximately 2 1/2 years old.  I got him from Helping Hounds Dog Rescue in Dewitt, New York.  He was part of their efforts to relocate rescue dogs from Irving, Texas.  I adopted him back in May, 2014.

© Alice G Patterson, | Daily Dog Tag | Halloween Dogs - Pumpkin Treats For Dogs

He comes to work with me at No Fuss Accounting everyday!  If I have to go out to a client’s he stays and mans the phones with my assistant.   If people want more of Kosmo, my instagram is full of him.”

© Alice G Patterson, Syracuse dog photography, Chihuahua , Pumpkin Treats For Dogs

Kosmo knows how good pumpkins are for dogs and people!  But since the pumpkin is bigger than Kosmo, we got him to do some tricks for treats!

© Alice G Patterson, Syracuse dog photography, Chihuahua© Alice G Patterson, Syracuse-dog-photographer, Fruitables-review-giveaway

Fruitables pumpkin skinny minis are made with fruits and vegetables like pumpkin, sweet potato, mangoes and blueberries.   My dogs love them!  One of my favorite things about Fruitables is  they originate and are made in the USA.   

© Alice G Patterson,  Pumpkin Treats For Dogs GiveawayThe pumpkin mango are chewy, smell good (which is super important to my human kids) and low in calories.  Fruitables also make crunchy treats including pumpkin banana and pumpkin blueberry.  All of the Fruitables treats are perfect for training.

© Alice G Patterson,  CNY-dog photograher, Halloween Dogs - Pumpkin Treats For Dogs

It is exhausting being adorable!

Enter for your chance to win a bag of Fruitables!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Syracuse, NY, Alice specializes in dog photography, senior portraits and portraits for small business owners.  Alice is available for travel and has three dogs of her own.

This post is sponsored by Fruitables.   I received free samples of Fruitables for review, but all the opinions are my own.  At Daily Dog Tag we only feature products that we would use with our own dogs.

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Happy Tails: Stanley

Anna Smith sent me this session of handsome Stanley who has it made!  When Stanley’s original human companion became homeless, things might have seemed bleak for him.   But luckily Stanley, a handsome Pyrenees/Border Collie mix, met the perfect person and he is far from homeless now.

© Anna Smith Photography | Daily Dog Tag |Austin, Texas pet photography

From Anna:  “Stanley  is a rescue pup around 6-7 years old that Annarae adopted.  He was abandoned by his previous owner due to the owner becoming homeless.”

© Anna Smith Photography | Daily Dog Tag |Handsome Pyrenees/Border Collie mix

From Annarae:  “Georgetown Animal Shelter in Texas held him for 3 months.   He had tested positive for Heartworms.   He is Border Collie and Great Pyrenees.   He loves to fish.  Stanley loves his daily runs to the ranch along side me while I’m on my motorcycle or horse.  

© Anna Smith Photography | Daily Dog Tag |Handsome Pyrenees/Border Collie mix, dog-photography His love of water encouraged me build his very own pond in the backyard.  

© Anna Smith Photography | Daily Dog Tag | dog-in-pond-inspired by himHe has been with me at my side for 2 years as my partner always watching out for my safety.  Best dog I’ve ever had.  

© Anna Smith Photography | Daily Dog Tag |Handsome Pyrenees/Border Collie mix, Texas dog photography© Anna Smith Photography | Daily Dog Tag |Handsome Pyrenees/Border Collie mix, Dallas-Austin-dog-photographer Glad that the previous owners gave him up so that I’d have the opportunity to enjoy him.”

© Anna Smith Photography | Daily Dog Tag |Handsome Pyrenees/Border Collie mix-tail, dog-tails

Follow Anna Smith Photography on Facebook.

About Anna Smith Photography:  Based in Dallas, Texas, Anna is a lifestyle photographer specializing in wedding, engagement, and family portraits.

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Adopt Me: Pippa

Teri Pozniak from  Tpoz Photography is fostering a sweet little girl named Pippa.  I hope that you will share her and help her find a forever home.   Pippa is an adorable, adoptable, small Pit bull mix from  BARCS (Baltimore Animal and Rescue Care Shelter.)

© tPoz Photography | adorable adoptable small Pit bull from BARCS

From Teri:  “Pippa is our 12th foster dog, and we are thrilled to have her as a houseguest! She was petrified at the shelter, so after meeting her, I decided to bring her home to let her decompress out of stressful shelter life. She has opened up tremendously to us, and absolutely loves our dog Holly!

© tPoz Photography | adopt Pippa from Baltimore Animal Rescue  & Care Shelter (BARCS)

Pippa (also listed as Tulip on the BARCS site) is 1 year old, 30 pounds, housetrained, food motivated, and doesn’t mind her crate.   She is very low energy, mostly lying around the house all day, but she gets spurts of energy and plays well, and is submissive when appropriate.

© tPoz Photography | adopt Pippa from Baltimore Animal Rescue Canine Shelter (BARCS) She is still scared of new people, and loud noises, but we are working on exposing her to new and different things.  She doesn’t really like to go for walks, so if you are looking for a running partner – she’s not your girl.  

adopt Pippa from Baltimore Animal Rescue Canine Shelter (BARCS)If you are looking for the cutest couch snuggler, or a tiny pup to share your office chair – Pippa is the real deal!  She would really do best in a home with another dog who can be her guardian angel/guiding light to show her that things aren’t as scary as they seem!

© tPoz Photography | photographer's foster dog up for adoption  Pippa would prefer not to share her home with small kids.  She’s up to date on her shots, and she has been spayed already!

© tPoz Photography | adorable adoptable small  mixed breed from BARCS

If you would like to show Pippa that you can be loving and patient, she’d love to meet you!”

Contact Foster Mama – Teri @ teripoz@gmail.com to meet Pippa!

Every Tuesday Dogs N Pawz and Talking Dogs co-host a blog hop titled Tuesday’s Tails that is near and dear to my heart.  Any blogger can join, it isn’t limited to pet bloggers.  Simply feature an adoptable animal on your blog and add your post to the blog list.

Be sure to follow tPoz Photography on Facebook.

About tPoz Photography:  Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Teri is a lifestyle and wedding photographer.  She volunteers photographing and fostering dogs.  Teri and her husband have one dog.

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Happy Tails: Porter and Stout

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! These portraits from Jessica Cobb Pet Photography are simply perfect for chasing away the Monday blues.  Two handsome dogs (both once homeless) have found their way into a world filled with clear skies and soft landings!

© Jessica Cobb Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Handsome-dog, Flying Ace
From Jessica:  “I first met Porter at the SPCA of Luzerne County shelter when I took his adoptable dog photo, where he was only known as ‘stray’, one of the many.   A few weeks after that, I received a contact e-mail from my pet-sitting website, as that is my full-time job, asking for info on services as this couple was thinking about adopting a dog from the SPCA but first wanted to make sure all of their ducks were in a row and they were able to provide the care and necessary things for this new dog before making that decision.   Fast forward to a about a week after that first inquiry, I get an e-mail to set up a pet-sitting consult with them and their new pup, who they have now named Porter.

© Jessica Cobb Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Handsome-dog, lifestyle-dog-photographyIt is always so rewarding to see one of the shelter dogs with their new family in a warm and safe home environment. Porter was very skinny when they brought him home, but as the weeks went on, he began to fill out, settle in and we got to know each other very well as I walked him every day, Monday-Friday.   Porter LOVED laying on the couch and all things comfort and I also found out that he was a fantastic photography model!   I would bring my camera to the visits sometimes and just play around with taking pictures of him in glasses, with things on his head, having him pose on the front steps, etc.

© Jessica Cobb Photography | Daily Dog Tag | sepia-toned-dog-pilot-photo  He is a born model and it went this way for almost a year until Stout came into the picture.

Enter Stout; a goofy, big headed, slobbery lovebug of a pup who still hasn’t grown into his body or his fur.   Jesse and Colleen found out about him from a friend of a friend who had found him wandering around as a stray.   He was also extremely skinny, but the person who found him couldn’t keep him because they already had dogs, and while Stout got along well with their dogs, they didn’t have enough room and were going to take Stout to a local shelter.

© Jessica Cobb Photography | Daily Dog Tag |handsome-dogJesse and Colleen found out about it and just decided to bring him home and see what happened.   Well, Porter was none too happy about it and Stout was none too happy with Porter, so I ended up getting a phone call from Colleen and her words were,”Jess, we did something stupid…”   I told her I would come over and see if I would be able to help them work with the dogs and evaluate the situation.   After an hour or so of working with both of them, we could all see that it was possible, but would take some time and effort on their part, but I knew if anyone was willing to put in that effort, it was these two as they had already fallen in love with Stout.

© Jessica Cobb Photography | Daily Dog Tag |lifestyle-dog-photography-with-plane© Jessica Cobb Photography | Daily Dog Tag | handsome-dog-on-wing-of-small-plane

 It has only been about a month now and both dogs are behaving themselves about 90% of the time and are getting along much better. These stray, starving pooches could not have ended up in a better home with owners who are 100% dedicated to doing what is best for them and putting the time, work and oh so much love into them and I have enjoyed every minute of being on this journey with them.”

© Jessica Cobb Photography | Daily Dog Tag |family-portrait-with-dogs-and-plane

From Colleen:  “Porter was a stray that we adopted from the SPCA in November 2013. When first meeting him, he was extremely underweight and a little apprehensive of people.  After just a few weeks of some good food and TLC, he became the lovable pooch that he is today.   Porter was our first pet and was treated like an only child. We always pictured ourselves as a two dog family but had trouble finding the time to visit the local shelters and rescues.   Animals, however, have a funny way of finding you.

© Jessica Cobb Photography | Daily Dog Tag |handsome-dog-orange-background© Jessica Cobb Photography | Daily Dog Tag |girl-and-her-dog

 Stout was also a stray that wandered into our lives unexpectedly in August 2014.   We have no knowledge of his previous life, but as soon as we saw his soft eyes and warm face we knew he was home.   Porter was not happy but seems to be adjusting.   Stout is an absolute doll and wants nothing more than to be loved.  

© Jessica Cobb Photography | Daily Dog Tag |lifestyle-dog-portraits© Jessica Cobb Photography | Daily Dog Tag | GA-PA-pet-photographerWe look forward to the future with these two pups.  We like to say, “Who rescued who?”

Follow Jessica Cobb Pet Photography on Facebook to see more awesome dogs and her upcoming events!

About Jessica Cobb Pet Photography: Jessica has recently relocated from Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania to Atlanta, Georgia.   Jessica is a lifestyle pet photographer.   Jessica regularly volunteers her time photographing dogs up for adoption.  She has three dogs of her own.

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Happy Friday! I can’t resist sharing Russell, the adorable pumpkin by Samantha Ong Photography again!  I don’t usually dress my dogs up for Halloween, but I get a kick out if seeing what other people do.  If you dress your dog up, remember safety and comfort come first.  We’d love to see your pets in costumes.  Feel free to post them on our Facebook page.

© Samantha Ong Photography | Daily Dog Tag |Frenchie-wearing-pumpkin-costume

About Samantha Ong Photography:  Based in Toronto, ON, Samantha is a wedding, lifestyle and event photographer.

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Upcoming Events

October 17 1st Annual Halloween Party, Portland, OR

October 18 Wags to Wishes Benefit Kildeer, IL

October 18 Goodness Gracious Run For Rescue, Marblehead, MA

October 23-26 Best Friends National Conference, Las Vegas, NV

October 25 Ties and Tails Gala, Charlotte, NC

October 25 Pittie Pride Parade and Festival, Austin, TX

November 1 Paws2Care Inaugural 5K Family Fun Run/Walk, Arlington, VA

November 1 SENA Animal Rescue 5-K9 Run/Walk, San Diego, CA

November 8 The Diamond Ball, Dana Point, CA

November 9 K9K Pet Cancer Awareness Walk, Long Beach, CA

December 14 Gaslamp Holiday Pet Parade, San Diego, CA

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