Happy Tails: Chewie

Chances are if you are into interior design, you already know Chewie.  I am so pleased to share these photos that were taken by Bethany Nauert,  for Apartment Therapy.   If you recognize his face, but can’t quite place this handsome dog, Chewie is Antonio Ballatore’s sidekick.

© Bethany Nauert | handsome English bulldog, Chewie, dogs on furniture, Antonio Ballatore, dogs on furniture© Bethany Nauert | handsome English bulldog, Chewie, Antonio Ballatore, man's best friend© Bethany Nauert | handsome English bulldog, Chewie, dogs on furniture, Antonio Ballatore, English Bulldog, interior design photographerBethany Nauert Antonio Ballatore, English Bulldog, interior design photographer, lifestyle dog portraits© Bethany Nauert | Antonio Ballatore, dogs on furniture, English Bulldog, interior design photography© Bethany Nauert Antonio Ballatore, Chewie, dogs on furniture, English Bulldog, little dog, interior design photographer© Bethany Nuaert | Chewie and Antonio Ballatore

You can see more of Chewie by following Antonio Ballatore on Instagram.

If you are like me and love seeing beautiful homes and the dogs who live there, you definitely should follow Bethany Nauert on Instagram!

Bethany is a regular contributor for Apartment Therapy.

About Bethany Nauert Photography:  Based in Los Angeles, Bethany is a lifestyle and interior photographer.  Her work has been featured in dozens of publications including Martha Stewart Living, Los Angeles Times, Town & Country and Design Sponge.

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Engaging Tails: Yeager

I think every couple should have an engagement session for a couple of reasons.  The first it is an exciting period of your life that goes by too quickly.  It is easy to get so caught up in the planning of the big day, that you forget to enjoy the little things.  Engagement sessions are perfect to build your trust in your photographer and to relax and enjoy your fiance’s company.  After you’ve been married for a while, those photos helps you remember those days.  If you’ve included your dog, it is even better!  This Williamsburg, Virginia engagement session from Imagine It Photography is a perfect moment of Yeager’s, Daniel’s and Hannah’s lives.

© Imagine It Photography | engagement-photos-dog, Williamsburg-engagement-session-withdog

From  Stephanie:  “Daniel is an Air Force officer that was stationed in Oklahoma in flight school. One day neighbors had seen a car pull up and dump a beautiful black dog onto their street.  The neighbors played  with and fed him, hoping that someone would eventually come back. Finally after several days, they thought they would have to take him to the pound.  Dreading it, one the girls contacted Daniel, knowing he was single and had a house with a big yard, she thought he would be able to take the dog.  Daniel of course fell in love with him when he quickly jumped into his truck.  They really were made for each other.  Daniel named him Yeager (after Chuck Yeager, the WWII pilot that first broke the sound barrier). There couldn’t be a better dog for him.  Yeager loves traveling and running with Daniel and has been such wonderful company.  Daniel and  Hannah will be married  this fall.”

© Imagine It Photography © Imagine It Photography | engagement photos, dog, bike© Imagine It Photography | dog looking through bike wheel, engagement pictures with dog© Imagine It Photography | engaged couple with dog on gravel path, vintage bike, sunflowers, dog, engagement photos© Imagine It Photography | engagement photos, couple walking dog down gravel path, golden hour photography, engagement pics with dog

The rest of their engagement photos can be seen here.  You can more of Stephanie’s photos by following Imagine It Photography on Facebook.

About Imagine It Photography:  Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Imagine It Photography specializes in romantic wedding photography and stylish senior portraits.



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Pawsitively Amazing: Hope

These photos from Jessica Cobb Pet Photography caught my eye because they are simply gorgeous, but when I read the story, I knew that I had to share. Spoiler alert: it has the happiest of endings!  Many photographers volunteer their time and talent to help save dogs, and Jessica Cobb is one of them.  However, there are a couple of photos she wasn’t expecting to take that made all the difference for one puppy.  

© Jessica Cobb Pet Photography | Gorgeous on location photos of rescued brown and white pit bull, photographer saves puppy

From Jessica:  “As I was leaving a pet-sitting client’s house a couple months ago, I just happened to turn right out of their drive and down the road instead of the normal route I would have taken which would have had me turning left and I would never have seen her. There she was……a very small puppy curled up in a tiny ball, not moving on an abandoned couch in front of an abandoned house. I had no idea what to do but knew I couldn’t possibly just continue driving like I had never seen her in the first place. I approached her to take a couple of pictures to see if I could get some assistance and as I approached, it was all she could do to let out a small, weak growl…..her last means of protection. She was skin and bones, had a rectal prolapse and honestly……I wasn’t sure how long she would live. I immediately posted her pictures and a plea for help on one of our local FB pages and an amazing woman named Marie immediately messaged me. We were able to speak briefly and she rushed over to pick up the puppy and take her to the vet’s office. It was uncertain whether or not she would even make it in her weakened and malnourished condition. But….she did. She has pulled through and after weeks of TLC, a surgery for her prolapse, days of passing couch stuffing (it must have been how she was existing) and much love and care……meet Hope!

© Jessica Cobb Pet Photography | Lifestyle-dog-photography, Griffin, GA pet photographer, inspiration for dog portraitsMarie had planned on adopting her out once she was well but ended up falling in love instead. After seeing Hope once again today, I can totally see why. She is such a calm and sweet little lovebug. She is currently 7 months old and because she was so malnourished at a young age, she only weighs 23 pounds as opposed to the 40 something that she should weigh and will always be a small pittie.

© Jessica Cobb Pet Photography |on-location-pit-bull-photography, pit bull in plants, gorgeous dog photosSmall package, big personality. This shoot is very near to my heart and I’m so glad to have played a small part in her now amazing life and so so thankful for people like Marie who don’t think twice about helping an animal in need.”

Jessica Cobb Photography- Lifestyle-dog-photography-8 © Jessica Cobb Pet Photography | Lifestyle-dog-photographer, dog on boardwalk, heartwarming dog photos © Jessica Cobb Pet Photography | beautiful pit bull photos, dog sitting on porch in front of old blue door- Lifestyle-dog-photography-12 © Jessica Cobb Pet Photography- dog sitting in abandoned house, on location pet photography © Jessica Cobb Pet Photography | pit bull and woman in garden, on location dog photography, Lifestyle-dog-photography-3 © Jessica Cobb Pet Photography | Lifestyle-dog-photography, girl and her dog, woman and dog in vegetable garden
I shudder to think what would have happened to Hope if Jessica hadn’t turned right instead of left that day.  Thankfully Jessica is who she is, and stopped her car and made a decision that I’m sure saved Hope’s life.

I think Hope has several heroes in her life:  Jessica, Marie and the vet team that treated her.

You can see more photos of Hope (including her photos when Jessica found her) on Jessica Cobb Pet Photography  on Facebook  including this post.

About Jessica Cobb Pet Photography:  Based in Griffin, Georgia, Jessica Cobb specializes in on location dog photography.  Jessica volunteers her time and talent photographing adoptable dogs for Dolly Goodpuppy Society. In addition to photography, Jessica also owns and operates Zoomies pet-sitting & dog walking.  She has three dogs of her own.



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Engaging Tails: Cooper

I hope you had a good weekend!   The end of August is always bittersweet for me, I love having my kids home for the summer, but fall is my favorite season.   I’m happy to share these delightful fall engagement photos with puppy, Cooper, from Emily Katharine Photography

© Emily Katherine Photography | Fall Engagement Session, Phillipe Park, Golden Retriever Puppy, Fall engagement photos with puppy

From Emily Katharine:  “Knee deep into their wedding planning, Meghan and Mike incorporated the sweetest Golden Retriever, Cooper, into their lives. Cooper is adorable, playful, and still growing into himself.

© Emily Katherine Photography | engagement photos with puppy, on location Phillipe Park engagement picturesHis legs run ahead while his body tries to keep up. So adorable. When Meghan mentioned that she wanted to bring Cooper to their engagement session at Philippe Park I was so excited! 

© Emily Katherine Photography | Golden Retriever puppy in leaves, on location pet photographyWe had the best time spending an afternoon with all three of them.”

© Emily Katherine Photography | Phillipe Park engagement photos with puppy, puppy in engagement photoshoot

From Meghan:  “Getting Cooper was one of the best decisions we have ever made! He truly is one of the most loving, sweet, and laid-back puppies in the world and we feel so lucky to have him in our lives. Since the day we brought Cooper home, he has fit right in… almost like he was tailor-made just for our family.

© Emily Katherine Photography | Fall Engagement Session, man and Golden Retriever puppy, on location pet photographer© Emily Katherine Photography | puppy, engagement ring© Emily Katherine Photography Fall Engagement Session, cradling puppy like baby, engagement photos with puppy © Emily Katherine Photography | Autumn engagement photos with puppy, cradling puppy, kissing puppy He brings so much joy to our lives… we only hope we can make him as happy as he makes us!

You can read more about Meghan, Mike and Cooper and see more of their engagement session at Phillipe Park on Emily Katherine’s blog.

To see more of Emily’s work, follow Emily Katharine Photography on Facebook.

About Emily Katharine Photography:  Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Emily Katharine is a wedding photographer who loves to travel.  She has 2 dogs of her own.


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I am hoping this will be a really great weekend for my sister.  Her dog, Oliver, has been very sick with pancreatitis for the past week, spending much of at the vet’s.  Yesterday he suffered a seizure, but I think he is coming home tonight.  

© Noble Friends Custom dog portrait, Pomeranian, American Eskimo, Pomimo

He is a very sweet and loving boy. I’d appreciate it if you would send him healing thoughts, prayers, etc.   Oliver is from the same litter as my Sophie, a Pomeranian and American Eskimo mix  and is only 6 years old.  

This portrait is from the awesome Carolynn from Noble Friends

About Noble Friends:  Carolyn Lemke is the artist who creates the wonderful portraits for Noble Friends.  In addition to custom portraits, she also offers a variety of personalized products including:  tote bags, i phone cases, wrapping paper and more.


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