Spotlight: Frosted Faces Foundation

Happy Thanksgiving!  I have many things to be grateful for and even though I’ll be missing some special people this year, I am very thankful that I have them in my life.

While Thanksgiving might have been created by people, I know that dogs can be grateful as well.  I can’t imagine a group of dogs happier to be home for the holidays than these ones.  I am honored to to celebrate  Adopt A Senior Pet Month (November) by  sharing these photos by Robyn Pope from RDP PhoDOGraphy.  Be forewarned, as you look at these photos you might be in tears, but they will be happy tears. All of these dogs were adopted in their golden years thanks to Frosted Faces Foundation.  Frosted Faces Foundation finds homes for senior dogs that are in shelters, as well as  provide food, medicine and veterinary care for the rest of the dog’s life.  I’m sure that all of these dogs and their new families are feeling very grateful for having found each other.  Robyn has included their “before” photos from the shelters where applicable.

© RDP PhoDOGraphy Eddie |Daily Dog Tag | Frosted Faces FoundationFrom Robyn:  “RDP PhoDOGraphy has partnered with Frosted Faces Foundation in a documentary ‘Freedom Project‘ to show the rescue transformation of senior dogs whose love and lives are left behind in the shelter system.

© RDP PhoDOGraphy  | Daily Dog Tag | Frosted Faces Foundation, adorable senior Chihuahua© RDP PhoDOGraphy | Daily Dog Tag | 14 year young dog adopted from high kill shelter © RDP PhoDOGraphy | 11 year old dog adopted from high kill shelter thanks to Frosted Faces Foundation RDP PhoDOGraphyPappy Frosted Faces Foundation saves senior dogs who are abandoned in shelters, whose most certain fate would otherwise be euthanasia. 

© RDP PhoDOGraphy | Daily Dog Tag | dog with wheels adopted as a senior, saved from euthanasia

Text on photo:  This patient is not adoptable pet.  Patient should be humanely euthanized once stray hold is released if owner doesn’t come forward.

© RDP PhoDOGraphy | Daily Dog Tag | happy senior dog was adopted at 13 years young Seniors are often deemed less adoptable and are the first to be put to sleep when the shelter needs more space to accommodate incoming dogs.  Upon rescue, Frosted Faces promptly provides extensive veterinary screenings and care, in an effort to make the dogs more comfortable and improve their quality of life.

RDP PhoDOGraphyVixen RDP PhoDOGraphyPumpkin

Designated Families who have opened up their hearts to a senior dog then welcome the dogs into their homes while the Foundation continues it’s ongoing support by providing food and medical care for the lifetime of the dog.  Since its inception in July of this year, Frosted Faces Foundation has rescued over 40 dogs.  The Foundation is completely funded by donations, grants, and fundraisers and does not have adoption fees.”

To see more of Robyn’s dog photography follow RDP PhoDOGraphy on Facebook.  Like Frosted Faces Foundation on Facebook to see other amazing senior dogs.

Many senior dogs in shelters still could have years of good living left.  If you would like to become a family for a senior dog via Frosted Faces Foundation, fill out a family agreement. While Frosted Faces Foundation is based in San Diego, you need not live in San Diego to become a Frosted Faces Foundation family.

About RDP PhoDOGraphy:   Based in San Diego, California, Robyn specializes in dog photography.  She offers discounted sessions for dogs who are seniors or are suffering from a terminal illness.  RDP PhoDOGraphy operates under one simple philosophy: dogs are family too!  She offers lifestyle pet photography sessions in the San Diego area to clients who love their dogs like they were kids.  It’s family photography ~ unleashed.  Robyn has 3 rescue dogs of her own.


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Spotlight: Julie Clegg | Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer

I have long admired Julie Clegg Photography.  When I saw her  Dog A Day for Canine Cancer project was finished, I jumped at the chance to share it.  Julie is donating 10% of the proceeds of her net proceeds to the National Canine Cancer Foundation.

© Julie Clegg | Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer e-book

From Julie:  After photographing pets for a few years, I noticed many people were commissioning me to photograph their dogs because they had been recently diagnosed, or were losing their battle with cancer.  It saddens me to think of how few years we actually get with our pups, they shouldn’t have to spend any of those days battling such a horrible disease.

© Julie Clegg | Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer

One out of every three dogs will get cancer.   Fifty percent of those dogs will die from cancer.   Some breeds get hit a lot harder with 75% dying from the disease.*   I can’t do much to fix cancer, but I can help raise awareness and money to help fight canine cancer.

© Julie Clegg | Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer

For one year, I made it a point to share with at least one person every day about canine cancer and photograph their dog.  This book is a collection of photographs and a little story about each of the 366 dogs that I met during that time.

© Julie Clegg | Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer

I met some amazing people and dogs all over the greater Puget Sound area.   Some from seeing their gorgeous dog at the park or on their walk.   Some were dogs that were being fostered and needed pictures for adoption.   Some were from fundraisers we held for Canine Cancer.  And all of my clients that year made it into the book.

© Julie Clegg | Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer© Julie Clegg | Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer© Julie Clegg | Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer© Julie Clegg | Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer© Julie Clegg | Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer © Julie Clegg | Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer © Julie Clegg | Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer © Julie Clegg | Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer

Many of dogs in this book have lost their battle with Canine Cancer, and to them and their owners, a special thank you for allowing me to photograph a small part of your life.   May your dog rest in peace.

* National Canine Cancer Foundation

Julie Clegg’s Dog A Day for Canine Cancer project is also available on itunes and as a Blurb book and hopefully will be available from Amazon in the future.

© Julie Clegg | Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer © Julie Clegg | Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer

Follow Bailey and Banjo on Facebook to see some fun dog videos and dog news. Follow Julie Clegg Photography on Facebook to see more of Julie’s images.

About Julie Clegg Photography:  Julie is an editorial and commercial photographer based in the Pacific Northwest. She has won numerous awards for her dog photography and loves the joy she sees between dogs and their humans.  When not photographing dogs, she enjoys time with her husband, young son and her two lovable labs, Bailey & Banjo.  She is available for commercial and commissioned work.

Disclosure:  Daily Dog Tag is Dog A Day for Canine Cancer affiliate.  We only feature products and companies that we think are high quality and relevant to our readers.  

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Engaging Tails: Daisy

A few weeks ago I shared a sneak peek of Daisy the Wonder Dog in a superhero themed engagement session from  Jules Photography.  I am happy to share the rest of this fun photo shoot of Daisy and her family.

© Jules Photography | superhero themed engagement  session

From Diana:  “I got Daisy back in 2002 from a friend of a friend that couldn’t handle her as their family was growing.  They had actually found her in a ditch on the side of the road. She was a year old when I got her and was constantly barking and chewed up everything.   I remember thinking ‘What have I done?’ when I took her in.

© Jules Photography | Daily Dog Tag | lifestyle-dog-photography

 After a week of obedience school in 2003, Daisy has been a completely different dog. Smartest dog I’ve ever met.  She is a diva and will tell you when she’s hungry, gotta go out, bedtime, etc and you better do as she says immediately. She is a mutt, possibly a Jack Russell and Dalmatian mix. I tell people she’s 25lbs and can jump has high as your head. Even at 13 years old, she’s still so active and unstoppable. She has been by my side through my divorce from my first marriage, deaths of family members, a miscarriage, accomplishments of goals, career changes, even 4 horrible dog fights she shouldn’t have survived and did, etc.  Many ups and many downs.  She’s my rock, my best friend.

© Jules Photography | superheroes:   a girl and her dog© Jules Photography | Daily Dog Tag |Girl and her dog, dynamic duo

Aug 5th, I noticed Daisy wasn’t acting quite right. She couldn’t poo. I took her for a walk which made her feel even worse. When I brought her back inside, she quickly laid down and couldn’t pick her head back up off the floor. This alarmed me as I’ve never seen her so out of it.   My fiance and I quickly took her to the ER and they took x-rays.  They found a mass on her lungs and sent us to a specialist.  They ran their tests and detected there is cancer in her lungs and fluid building.  They only gave her 30 days to live.  This news was delivered to me on the same day my brother died of cancer in 2001, 14 yrs ago.  Cancer can go F itself.  Cancer has taken away so many people I love and are so close to me.  Not car accidents, not drug overdoses, effing Cancer. WTF.   Well, there’s a silver lining- the deaths aren’t sudden so I can appreciate the time we have left together.

© Jules Photography | Superhero themed engagement photos with dog in Wonder Woman Costume© Jules Photography | dog wearing Wonder Woman costume© Jules Photography | small white dog fighting canine cancer © Jules Photography | Daily Dog Tag | dog in superhero themed engagement photos

 It’s almost been 90 days since her diagnosis and she is continuing to show me who’s boss.   I appreciate the extra time I’ve been given to cherish with my crazy Daisy.   I can’t imagine my life without her but this time also gives me the opportunity to TRY to cope with losing her instead of experiencing a loss so sudden and fight through the thoughts of the unknown.  Things could always be worse.   I used this same philosophy through my brother’s illness.  Cherish the moments you know you get to have.   It’s much easier to do when you know the end is near.

© Jules Photography | Daily Dog Tag | happy dog, Superhero engagement pictures We take so much for granted when we don’t know and we miss our chance- that makes loss of a loved one so much harder.”

My heart goes out to Daisy and all those that love her.  I hope they have more good days ahead of them.  I know Diana and her husband will always treasure these photos with her.

You can see more photos of this superhero themed engagement session on Bitchless Bride as well as their superhero wedding photos. (no photos of Daisy though.)

About Jules Photography:  Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Julie specializes in off-beat, non-traditional wedding and portrait photography.  She has one dog of her own.


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Puppy Love: Chama

Personally I think adding a dog (at any age) is a momentous occasion and should be celebrated with portraits by a professional pet photographer.  I love these puppy portraits by Caitlin Elizabeth Photography.  Chama is a Labrador Retriever puppy.  She was about 8 weeks old when these photos were taken.

© Caitlin Elizabeth Photography | Silver Labrador Retriever Puppy Portraits, Santa Fe, New Mexico lifestyle photography

From Caitlin:  “I would love to invite everyone to meet little Chama!  Chama is a 8 week old  Labrador Retriever who was recently made part of the family by Marcy and Brian.  Chama was named after the city in New Mexico where Marcy and Brian had just attended a wedding the day before picking her up.  She fits right into the family pack with Marcy and Brian and their four other dogs in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Welcome Home Chama!”

© Caitlin Elizabeth Photography | Daily Dog Tag | puppy love, silver Labrador Retriever puppy, tired puppy yawning © Caitlin Elizabeth Photography | Daily Dog Tag |cute Labrador puppy,  on-location-dog-photography, Santa Fe photography © Caitlin Elizabeth Photography | Daily Dog Tag | lifestyle-dog-photography, puppy photos © Caitlin Elizabeth Photography | Daily Dog Tag | adorable Silver Labrador Retriever puppy, NM dog  photographer © Caitlin Elizabeth Photography | Daily Dog Tag | lifestyle pet photographer

Follow Caitlin Elizabeth Photography on Facebook to sees her latest images. You can see more of Chama  by visiting Caitlin Elizabeth Photography blog.

With the holidays fast approaching, now could be the perfect time to schedule a portrait session as either as a gift or to commemorate everyone getting together!  Most photographers and artists offer gift certificates.

About Caitlin Elizabeth Photography:  Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Caitlin is a portrait photographer specializing in families with pets.

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Happy Friday!  It is definitely the season for coats and sweaters around here.  Teddy was a big part of  Danielle and Wade’s engagement session with Nicole Zohar from EXO Photography.

EXO Photography | engagement session with dog, Engagement pictures in meat packing districtFrom Nicole:  “Danielle and Wade had an adorable engagement session with their equally adorable 4-year old canine companion Teddy at the Meat Packing District in New York. It was a little chilly, so they all came prepared with sweaters or jackets – even Teddy had a jacket on for some of the photos! At one point he was even bundled up in Danielle’s stylish scarf. Of course, the shoot wasn’t all about Teddy. Danielle and Wade got some awesome, romantic photos of just themselves, although they did include Teddy in quite a lot of the shots as well. It was a fantastic session and it really shows how they all care for each other.”

You can see more photos of Teddy, Danielle and Wade on the EXO Photography blog.

 About EXO Photography:  Based in Long Island New York, EXO Photography specializes in event and family photography and cinematography.

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