Happy  National Mutt Day!   Since it is Friday, I hope you won’t mind if I indulge in a Flash Back Friday post as well.  I first featured Daly more than a year ago, but she’s never far from my mind.   Allison Shamrell captured this beautiful image.  As a puppy Daly was in a high kill shelter and was scheduled for euthanasia before being pulled by Scruffy Dog Rescue.

© Allison Shamrell Photography, on-location-pet-photography, mutt, mixed breed, adorable Heinz 57 dog

I always want to believe that it is only the sick or very aggressive dogs that get put down in animal shelters, but the truth is, all ages and breeds are at risk of euthanasia in a kill shelter.   Please make sure your pets aren’t contributing to the overpopulation problem!  If you are looking to add a dog to your family, please check the shelters first or contact an ethical breeder!

About Allison Shamrell Pet Photography: Located to San Diego, California, Allison specializes in natural, playful & soulful pet photography, both in-studio and on-location. Her studio is located in Normal Heights, and areas of service include San Diego, Coronado, La Jolla, Del Mar & Poway.


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Happy Tails: Luka

It is bittersweet whenever I receive a Devoted Hearts Session from Paw Prints | Pet Portraits by Charlene.   Charlene does such a beautiful job at capturing the happiness and beauty of  the human-dog relationship.  I know that her clients will treasure their photos long after their pet is gone. While I hope Luka has many good days still to come, I am glad that her family chose to get these photos when they did.  Luka is a beautiful Doberman with a heart full of love, but has a rare disease which impacts her health.

© Paw Prints - Custom Pet Portraits by Charlene |  On location dog photography, beautiful Doberman

From Charlene:  “Luka was an absolute joy to work with. This was a Devoted Hearts session, because at just a year old, Luka suffers from a very rare disease called Congenital Renal Dysplasia, which leaves her kidneys virtually ineffective. You’d never guess it by meeting her, as she’s got a great quality of life with her wonderful momma, but this sweet girl won’t be with us for nearly as long as she should be.”

© Paw Prints - Custom Pet Portraits by Charlene  | Doberman with congenital renal dysplasia © Paw Prints - Custom Pet Portraits by Charlene  | doberman on grass, lifestyle dog portraits © Paw Prints - Custom Pet Portraits by Charlene | on location pet photography, Doberman in tall grass © Paw Prints - Custom Pet Portraits by Charlene  | Doberman, on-location-pet-photography, Dobie © Paw Prints - Custom Pet Portraits by Charlene | on location pet photography, Western PA dog photographer, Doberman© Paw Prints - Custom Pet Portraits by Charlene |  a-girl-and-her-dog, celebrating a dog, on location pet photographer © Paw Prints - Custom Pet Portraits by Charlene  | Doberman and woman, lifestyle-dog-human-photography © Paw Prints - Custom Pet Portraits by Charlene | loving bond between human and dog, devoted hearts, black-white-pet-photography © Paw Prints - Custom Pet Portraits by Charlene | on-location-dog-family-portraits © Paw Prints - Custom Pet Portraits by Charlene | lifestyle-family-pet-photography © Paw Prints - Custom Pet Portraits by Charlene  | Doberman, beautiful black white dog photograph, on location dog photography

Follow Paw Prints-Pet Portraits by Charlene on Facebook to see lots of great dogs! 

About Paw Prints Pet Portraits by Charlene:  Based in Pittsburgh, Paw Prints is a sub division of Custom Portraits by Charlene and offers on location portrait services.  Charlene is  a member of  PPA and Area Coordinator/Affiliate Photographer for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.  She has a B.S. in Early Childhood Development and Education from The Ohio State University and is a self-taught photographer.  Charlene lives in a suburb of Pittsburgh with her Great Dane, Emmet and his kitten, Sophie. 


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Happy Tails: Maddi and Nova

When Dave wanted to get some great photos of his family and his business, he called one of his best friends, Syracuse wedding photographer Meghan Thomas.   

© Meghan Thomas Photography | beautiful Chocolate Labrador Retriever, lifestyle dog photography From Dave:  Maddi was 8 years old in these photos.  She is a chocolate lab that we rescued from Safe Harbor Lab Rescue in Colorado.  

© Meghan Thomas Photography | Chocolate Lab, on location pet photography © Meghan Thomas Photography | well trained Lab © Meghan Thomas Photography | young Belgian Malinois Nova is a Belgian Malinois that I rescued from Florida.  She was not at an organization, but had gone through 3 homes by the time I got her at 4 months.  Nova was one when these photos were taken.

© Meghan Thomas Photography | Family photos with Labrador Retriever and Belgian Malinois© Meghan Thomas Photography |  Maternity session, chocolate lab, on location pet photography© Meghan Thomas Photography | well trained dogs, Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Belgian Malinois

Like Meghan Thomas Photography on Facebook to see more of her work.

About Meghan Thomas Photography:  Based in Phoenix, New York, Meghan specializes in wedding photography.  She has a very handsome Lab named Hunter.



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Happy Tails: Alfie

I’m positively enamored with these photos of  Alfie by Lebolo Pet Photography.  Alfie’s human won a free portrait session in the Dereham Times competition.  I’m pretty sure she considers herself quite lucky because not only did she win this great pet photography session, she gets to see this wonderful dog every day!  I’ve never seen a dog quite like Alfie, but I am a fan of the scruffy dog look! 

© Lebolo Pet Photography| on-location-lifestyle-dog-photography, lurcher-terrier-cross, scruffy dog,

From Matthew:  “Alfie is a Lurcher cross terrier and thought to be 11  or 12 years old.  He was adopted from Dogs Trust.  Alfie was a start, posing like the best of them.

© Lebolo Pet Photography| on location dog photography, Norfolk, UK, Terrier-Lurcher-mix, handsome dogWe had a great photo session, however, Alfie did end up chasing a ball into a muddy pond undoing the owners hard work preparing him for the session.  

© Lebolo Pet Photography| action dog photography, dog running, UK-on-location-pet-photography© Lebolo Pet Photography| UK lifestyle-dog-photography, dog jumping with ball, dog in yellow bandanna, sighthound-terrier-mix © Lebolo Photography | senior dog chewing treat, big scruffy dog, muddy dog © Lebolo Pet Photography | on-location-lifestyle-dog-photography, handsome senior dog, scruffy dog in yellow bandanna, Terrier/Lurcher mixed breed© Lebolo Pet Photography | Dogs Trust, UK dog rescue bandanna, on location pet photography © Lebolo Pet Photography | Alfie, Lifestyle Dog Photography, Lurcher cross nose, Lurcher cross breed sniffing ground© Lebolo Pet Photography |Norfolk dog photography, lifestyle dog photography, Lurcher crossHe had a lot of energy and you wouldn’t had known he was 11, let alone had a hard life before being rescued by his forever family.”

© Lebolo Pet Photography | on-location-lifestyle-dog-photography, lurcher-terrier-cross, muddy dog

Don’t you just love this last photo?  Look at all the mud on his legs and beard!  It cracks me up!  He doesn’t look the least bit sorry.

A full blog write up about the session can be found here.  Be sure to like Lebolo Pet Photography on Facebook to see his latest photos.

About Lebolo Photography:   Based in Norfolk, United Kingdom, Matthew specializes in lifestyle pet photography, but is also available for other types of photography.


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Engaging Tails: Pasha and Eli

The only thing better than a day at the beach is a day at the beach with dogs!  Melinda Harstad from Enduring Impressions spent some time with this foursome for a fun beach engagement photography session.

© Enduring Impressions Photography| Pug, terrier mix, beach engagement session From Melinda:  “Pasha the terrier and Eli the pug didn’t know how good they’d have it when they were added into their forever homes by Jamie and Charlie. Now their humans are tying the knot and their engagement session wouldn’t be complete without including the fur babies.  Pasha is a lively terrier mix who likes to dig her nose in the sand. She came ready for her cameo with a fancy turquoise flower embellishment on her collar. Eli is a dapper dude with his plaid bow tie. Eli is always ready to pose for pictures with a big tongue lolling grin. Jamie and Charlie plan to tie the knot in November and are working on incorporating Pasha and Eli into the ceremony.”

© Enduring Impressions Photography | terrier mix wearing flower embellishment, Florida pet photography, beach engagement photos with dog

From Jamie:  “Pasha is about 5 yrs old. She is our cuddly, sweet little brown mutt dog. She was found in the desert in Palmdale, CA by my sister. She had her for a few months before finding out that she would be moving to Switzerland. Neither one of us could bear the thought of her feeling rejected by another person like that. So I bought her a plane ticket to west palm beach. That was May 2011 and the best purchase I have ever made.

© Enduring Impressions Photography |mixed breed dog on beach, dog with flower embellishment on collar, beach engagement shoot with dogsPasha is now in a very loving home and has a little brother named Eli. Pasha is Jamie’s dog Eli is a 4 year old black Pug.

© Enduring Impressions Photography | Black Pug on Florida beachHe is a funny, playful puppy who likes nothing more than snuggling to someone or his sister Pasha. Unlike most Pugs, Eli isn’t very good driven isn’t very food driven and will throughly “inspect” any food that you give him. He has a great personality and gets along with everyone, children adults and other dogs.

© Enduring Impressions Photography | Black Pug, including dogs in  beach engagement photos The day after our first date with my now fiancé I drove to Orlando to meet the breeder and picked up my new puppy. Those were my two favorite days! Eli is Charlie’s dog.  And now they are our dogs and we couldn’t be happier.

© Enduring Impressions Photography | beach-dogs, engagement photos with dogs on beach, beach engagement photography We have a beautiful blended family!”

© Enduring Impressions Photography | engagement photo session at beach with dogs

You can see more of Melinda’s work by liking Enduring Impressions Photography on Facebook.  

About Enduring Impressions Photography:  Based in Jupiter, Florida, Enduring Impressions Photography specializes in wedding and event photography.  They are available for travel.

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