Happy Tails: Nigel

I love this dreamy session from Kirstie Marie Photography.  It seems like something from a book: gorgeous countryside,  a lovely young woman, handsome dog  and a white horse.

© Kirstie Marie Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Lifestyle-Pet-Photography

From Kirstie:  This session took place outside of Portland, Oregon on a cold foggy morning with  Aidan – the beautiful human, Carson – the handsome steed and  Nigel “Bark”er – the barn pup.

© Kirstie Marie Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Handsome Dog

From Aiden: “Nigel loves his horses, almost as much as he loves his people.   He can be careless, taking naps behind heir back legs but luckily the horses like him so it is alright.   We aren’t sure what breed he is – our best guess is a mix between Saint Bernard and Australian Shepard.   Carson will always be my baby. He is a barn-favorite for his “diva-ness”, his silliness and his easy going personality.   I would definitely say Carson and Nigel are friends. They share a lot in common:  like food and love of people.”

© Kirstie Marie Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Handsome-dog, horse-and-girl© Kirstie Marie Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Lifestyle-Pet-Photography© Kirstie Marie Photography | Daily Dog Tag | girl-and-her-horse© Kirstie Marie Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Digital-and-Film-Pet-Photographer© Kirstie Marie Photography | Daily Dog Tag |Lifestyle-pet-photography© Kirstie Marie Photography | Daily Dog Tag |Lifestyle-Pet-Photography

Follow Kirstie Marie Photography on Facebook.  Check out her blog for more gorgeous portraits.

About Kirstie Marie Photography:   Based in Dallas, TX, Kirstie is a fine art equine and portrait photographer.  She uses both film and digital cameras.

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Pawsitively Amazing: Renee

Normally I write about the dogs, but sometimes I come across a story that shows an extraordinary human.  Renee is one of those people.  I discovered her while on Jessica Painter’s blog.  This photo of Renee working with a senior dog at the shelter caught my eye.   

© Jessica Painter Photography | Daily Dog Tag | shelter-dog-and-volunteer

From Jessica:  “Renee has been involved with rescue for a very long time.  She has been with Regional Animal Shelter since January 2012.  She is their treasurer, Adoption Coordinator and Media & PR liaison.  But she is so much more than that.  She works tirelessly with their dogs, helping to prepare them for their forever families.

© Jessica Painter Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Awesome-Shelter-Volunteer

I’ve known Renee for about a year now, and I can’t say enough good things about her.  She gives her all, and not just to her shelter dogs, her own dogs, her friends and family but to pretty much anyone.  She is truly selfless in every way possible.  Just being around her makes you smile.”

© Jessica Painter Photography | Daily Dog Tag | girl-and-her-dogs

From Renee:  “My story is pretty simple really.   I’ve always been an animal lover.   My first dog on my own was a shelter dog and was my best friend for 13 years.   He was the reason for my love of pit bulls that exists to this day. But it wasn’t until I adopted my dog Oliver that I began to actively do rescue work.   He was abandoned and left to die.   He was thankfully found by animal control.   One look at his sad face, his emaciated bony body and I knew that I had to do more to help the other dogs like him that were not so lucky to be adopted so quickly.

© Jessica Painter Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Handsome-Pit-bull, On-location-pet-photography Oliver was the catalyst and I tell him and Redmond (my other dog) everyday that I do all of this for dogs like them…the ones that were once alone and scared.   Experts say dogs don’t understand but I like to think my boys know.

© Jessica Painter Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Handsome-Pittie-with-tongue-out © Jessica Painter Photography | Daily Dog Tag |Tan-Pit-bull-mix, Albany-pet-photographers

Working at the shelter is by far the most challenging work I have ever done. Its also the most rewarding. Every dog that comes into the shelter captures a piece of my heart and when they get adopted, they stay in my heart forever.  The shelter is an extension of my home and many days I feel like I live there.   However if given the choice to do it over again, I would.   Every shelter dog is special to me.   Each one I treat like my own.  I had a special connection with Suzie (in the top photo).

© Jessica Painter Photography | Daily Dog Tag |Pet-photography© Jessica Painter Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Girl-and-her-dog-dynamic-duo© Jessica Painter Photography | Daily Dog Tag | On-location-dog-family-photography

There are thousands of dogs like Suzie and Oliver out there that never get rescued. They never get to know safety and love and hope. I know I can’t save them all but the dogs that do cross my path will continue on their journey knowing what its like to be loved and be a part of me forever.”

© Jessica Painter Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Woman-dogs-woods

You can read more about Renee on Jessica’s blog.  Follow Jessica Painter Photography on Facebook to see adoptable dogs, beautiful weddings and more!

Thanks to Renee and the thousands of other volunteers who do so much to help homeless dogs and cats!  I’m joining Blog the Change for Animals today.  I hope you’ll visit the other blogs and see how others are helping animals.

About Jessica Painter Photography:  Based in Albany, New York, Jessica Painter and her husband are wedding, portrait and special event photographers available to travel.


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Theo Is A #HillsPet Success

I started Theo on Hill’s® Science Diet® Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution several months ago.  When we started the plan my goal was for him to lose weight without turning into a hungry monster.  Alice G Patterson documented Theo’s weight loss.

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Overweight-Dog

Theo has been on Hills Prescription Science Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution dry food  for three months and has averaged  over a  pound  per month loss.  He was doing great on his weight loss program until the mysterious “bun incident.”  A week ago we had a lovely get together with my family.  As I was cleaning up, I found an empty hamburger bun wrapper.  I thought there were 6 buns left.  I can’t help but think Theo helped himself, especially when I noticed his waist line isn’t quite as slim as it was.   However this is an isolated incident of helping himself and I feel like it the buns were simply too good of an opportunity to ignore as opposed to Theo’s counter surfing days.  

Hills Diet Food-Theos After Pictures



Despite the set back, I am confident that Theo will reach his goal weight .   It has been very easy on Theo and therefore on me, because Theo is happy and seems content with the food.  There is a huge difference between Theo on a diet and Theo now who is losing weight, but  not feeling hungry.

The Daily Dog Tag | Dog-Weight-Loss, #HillsPet

We haven’t had to do anything extra to help Theo lose the weight, except change the way we fed him.

 Little things we’ve noticed since starting Hills Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution: 

  •            We can feel Theo’s ribs now.
  •            He has more energy.
  •            He seems more comfortable in the heat.
  •            His temperament is much improved from the last time we tried to help him lose  
  •              weight. 

We adopted Theo almost exactly one year ago and he’s filled my heart so completely.  I can’ t put into words how much I love this dog.  It makes me feel awesome that I did something good and life changing for him besides adopting him.   Obesity presents a large range of health problems and I’m relieved to know that Theo is now out of danger for those health risks.

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Daily Dog Tag |Syracuse Dog Photographer

Theo: one year ago

If your dog or cat is overweight, I hope you’ll talk to your vet to see if Hills Prescription Diet is right for your pet.   The thought of losing Theo to something completely preventable like a weight related health condition is heart breaking.  

About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Syracuse, New York, Alice is a bi-coastal portrait, event and pet photographer.  She has three dogs of her own, Lulu, Franny and Darla.  

This post is sponsored by Hill’s and the Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Food, but Daily Dog Tag only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article. 

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Focus: Sam

Its hard to find anything sweeter than two best buds growing up together.  Virginia pet photographer Melissa Arlena is one lucky girl since she lives with these two cuties.   These photos are taken from two different sessions three months apart.  You can see how fast Sam the Golden Retriever is growing!

© Melissa Arlena Pet Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Lifestyle-Pet-Photography, boy and his-dog

From Melissa:  “Sam was born two weeks after our oldest son Will.   He was 3 months old when we got him and we loved that he will grow up alongside our son.   Since the boys are so close in age I thought it would be fun to do their photos together.  I just set them both on my king size bed and let them do their thing. Will loves Sam and Sam is incredibly patient with him.   

© Melissa Arlena Pet Photography | Daily Dog Tag | puppy-baby-first-year © Melissa Arlena Pet Photography | Daily Dog Tag | 3 month-old-puppy-and-baby © Melissa Arlena Pet Photography | Daily Dog Tag |best-buddies, puppy-baby© Melissa Arlena Pet Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Family-Pet-Lifestyle-Photography© Melissa Arlena Pet Photography | Daily Dog Tag |VA-DC-Lifestyle-dog-children-portraits © Melissa Arlena Pet Photography | Daily Dog Tag |Lifestyle-dog-portraits

We love to watch them interact!   Our older dog Sadie Mae is in the last photo, she isn’t too keen on the baby and she puts up with the puppy so a few photos was all I was going to get!”

© Melissa Arlena Pet Photography | Daily Dog Tag |Lifestyle-dog-photographer

If you have a puppy  in your life, I hope you are able to get photos to remember the incredibly fast growth of its first year!

You  can see more of Melissa’s photography and her growing family by following  Melissa Arlena Photography on Facebook.

About Melissa Arlena Photography:  Melissa  is a Virginia pet photographer.   She photographs dogs and cats all over Virginia, DC and Maryland.   She and her husband love to sail and you will frequently find them out on the water with their dogs and kids in tow!   Sadie is their 8 year old yellow lab and Sammy is the newest addition, a golden retriever puppy.

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With less than 24 hours to go I wanted to remind everyone to enter to win a copy of Charlotte Reeves’  e book Dog Shots.   Charlotte shares technical know how and handy tips to help you take great photos like this one.

© Charlotte Reeves Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Improve-Your-Pet-Photography

We hope you have  a great weekend!

About Charlotte Reeves Photography:  Charlotte Reeves is a Brisbane pet photographer creating natural candid pet photography portraits, specializing in dog photography. Charlotte is  a member of HeARTs Speak, a non-profit organization that connects artists and rescues in order to improve pet adoption.

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