Happy Howl-O-Ween!

Happy Howl-O-Ween!  I’ll be the first to admit, we don’t really celebrate Howl-O-Ween at my house, we celebrate Halloween!  My dogs don’t wear costumes and they stay in their crates while my kids and husband dress up and try to scare the trick or treaters.  My husband builds animatronics for fun and we are “that house” in our neighborhood.   I would never venture down the long dark driveway with my own kids if I didn’t know what surprises lay ahead.  (We are not gory or threatening, but usually have lots of surprises.)  However, I love dogs that happily wear costumes like Miss M and Mr. B and I thought I’d share a couple of Howl-O-Ween sessions today.   Marlin the Labrador/Sebastian the crab and his girl were photographed by Marianne Barta from Black Box Photography.

© Black Box Photography | Little Mermaid costumes, dog-in-crab-costume© Black Box Photography | Howl-O-Ween, dog-wearing-costume

From Marianne:  “Marlin is a 2 year old chocolate lab that likes to dress up. This year he and his mom decided to recreate the Little Mermaid, with mom being the mermaid and Marlin Sebastian the crab. It was a beautiful day on the shores of Lake Erie to create the perfect backdrop just for this type of shoot. Marlin was pretty cooperative considering all the distractions. And the outcome was just what we wanted, a little Halloween fun!”

About Black Box Photography:  Based in Northeast Ohio, Black Box Photography specializes in wedding photography.

Spud is a Cairn Terrier that is a regular at ME Photo & Design.

© ME Photo & Design | Cairn Terrier bowlerFrom Megan:  “Spud is an amazing Cairn Terrier that we have had the absolute honor of photographing for his mom, Laura.  Spud is currently around 8 years old and every time he is in the studio he has another fantastic costume.  From superhero to knight to a bowler, Spud is always playful and energetic.  His mommy has taught him well.

© ME Photo & Design © ME Photo & Design  | dog-superhero

About ME Photo & Design:  ME Photo & Design LLC is a boutique photography and design studio specializing in creative portraiture, documentary wedding photography and eclectic art.

For more Howl-O-Ween ideas, check out our Howl-O-Ween Pinterest board.

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Adopt Me: Zeevah

Like most of us, Connecticut dog photographer Kathryn Schauer has a soft spot for rescue dogs. Kathryn is remarkably talented and I love featuring her photos.  I know I’m not the only one who often wants to kidnap the dogs featured on the Daily Dog Tag.  We are in luck today, sweet Zeevah is not only beautiful, friendly and smart, she’s also looking for a new home.   Zeevah is still a under a year old and will probably be less than 40 pounds when full grown.

  © Kathryn Schauer | Adoptable Puppy New Haven| Adorable Zeevah is as sharp as a tack, as sweet as cherry pie and cute as a button!  Miss Zeevah knows all of her basic obedience, is eager to learn and would make a superstar agility or dog sports partner.  We are hoping for a home dedicated to training so this special girl can reach her full potential! Zeevah is energetic but easily focused, potty trained and ready for a bright new future!

From Kathryn:  “Zeevah has landed herself a cushy spot at A Dog’s Life in New Haven, and is currently accepting applications for a forever family.   She attends the day care at A Dog’s Life which means she’s great with other dogs.  I’m told she learns new things in 1-3 days. She loves playing and particularly loves snuggling with men!  She is fully vetted and the staff at A Dog’s Life can tell you all about her.  I personally thought she was very bright and sweet, willing to do whatever we asked while maintaining her pleasant demeanor.   I think she had better screen her applications carefully!   She needs a fabulous family who will allow her to reach her full potential!”

  © Kathryn Schauer | Connecticut dog photographer

From Amy:  This is my first foster dog and I’m very excited to play a part in finding her a ‘furever’ home.  I had contacted Michele Houston of CT Pit Bull Project to help me find the right foster dog for my needs.  I run a dog daycare, so the same rules that apply to my customer’s dogs needed to apply to the foster…(dog friendly/people friendly, spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and healthy).  A week later she told me she found the perfect dog, enter Zeevah.  This is the description Michelle came up with for her:

 ‘Adorable Zeevah is as sharp as a tack, as sweet as cherry pie and cute as a button!  Miss Zeevah knows all of her basic obedience, is eager to learn and would make a superstar agility or dog sports partner.  We are hoping for a home dedicated to training so this special girl can reach her full potential!   Zeevah is energetic but easily focused, potty trained and ready for a bright new future! She is adoptable from Mobile Veterinary Clinic.’

  © Kathryn Schauer Photography | Adoptable Pit-bull, New Haven, CT. lifestyle-dog-photography

Zeevah has been with us for over two weeks now.   She is super playful with dogs of all sizes in daycare and as shown no aggression to any dog that has not wanted to play with her.   She has a ton of energy and learns things super quick.  Like any smart dog she needs structure, rules and training otherwise she will rule the house.  I can easily see her wrapping her new owners around her little white paw!!

  © Kathryn Schauer Photography | lifestyle-dog-photographer, adoptable-white-Pittie-puppy

 I have two rescues of my own, so I know fostering plays an important part in keeping these dogs adoptable.  Kathryn was so wonderful about coming out asap to get Zeevah some glamour shots.  I would like you to note she is smaller in person that she appears in Kathryn’s images. I think the term might be pocket pit, because I don’t think she will weigh more than 40 lbs when full grown.  

  © Kathryn Schauer Photography | lifestyle-pet-photographer-volunteers-helping-rescue-dogs  © Kathryn Schauer Photography | white-tipped-tail,It is my hope that Zeevah get’s her holiday wish of finding a great home with dedicated owners before the holidays.   That way she can start 2015 off on the right paw.”

 The gorgeous Miss Zeevah is being fostered at ADL for Mobile Veterinary Clinic.  Call 203-261-9228 for more information about adopting her. **PLEASE SHARE**

You can see more photos of Zeevah on Kathryn Schauer’s blog.  For more great dog (and people) photography by follow Kathryn Schauer Photography on Facebook.

About Kathryn Schauer Photography:  Based in Guilford, Connecticut, Kathryn is a  portrait photographer specializing in pets and their families.   Kathryn is a member of HeARTs Speak and is a founding member of  Project Underdog.


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Spotlight: WingedWorld Etsy Shop

I was looking for a vintage copy of Harry the Dirty Dog for a gift when I found something more appropriate for my friend, Harry painted on a library card.  I was delighted to discover WingedWorld and read about the process from shop owner/artist Vickie Moore of her library card art.

© WingedWorld |Harry The Dog, dog painting on library card art

From Vickie:  “When I was visiting a local library a few years ago, I noticed obsolete library card catalog cards being used as scratch paper, then tossed into garbage or recycling bins.   Somehow it felt wrong to me that these little pieces of history were being tossed away.   (As a little girl, I lived one block from a library and spent many a summer day there.   I’m quite sure that I read every horse book on the shelves.)

I asked the librarians if I could have some of the cards, and they graciously let me pick some out from a single cardboard box they had in a back room.   That was all they had left out of the thousands upon thousands of cards that used to be in the library.

I decided to start painting imagery on the cards inspired by the titles, subjects or authors listed on each card. When I posted some of the painted cards in my Etsy shop, sales took off.   In today’s fast-paced, digital world, I think people have a real sense of nostalgia for library card catalogs and library cards.   Since then, I’ve shipped library card art to almost every state in America, as well as Canada, Europe and Australia.CallofTheWildEasel

I start each library card painting by sifting through my collection — which has now grown to a few thousand cards — and choosing one that inspires me that day. I then research imagery and select something that fits the card.   I’m always careful not to paint over important words on the card, such as titles or author names.  Sometimes I feel like painting a character on a card for a classic children’s book, and sometimes I want to try something new and completely fresh.
© WingedWorld  | Where The Red Fern Grows print on library card catalog card
Libraries, the way we read books and the world will continue to change, but a good book will always be priceless.   My library card art is my way of showing how much I will always love books.”

Those 3 books are favorites from my childhood.  (Although I sincerely doubt I will read Where the Red Fern Grows again.)

WingedWorld is currently running a few specials and has a variety of subjects.  I think these would be cute framed on the wall or sitting on the small easel on a mantle, bookcase or shelf.


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Adopt Me: Star

Melissa and Kristen from Tangled Lilac Photography photographed this beauty and sent me Star’s story.  I think my pet blogging friends might agree that Star Bright resembles  Shiner from Pawsitively Pets.  Star is a 6 year old adoptable American Bulldog mix who is ready for her forever home.

© Tangled Lilac Photography  | Adoptable-Pit-Bull-Arizona

From Melissa:  “Some dogs find themselves homeless through no fault of their own, and Star Bright is a perfect example.  As a puppy, Star was found as a stray and turned into the Yavapai Humane Society.   She was soon adopted and enjoyed a short life with a family.   But then,  Animal Control found here again as a stray and Star was once again a resident of the shelter.   Star was adopted again shortly after her second stay at the shelter, but then the unimaginable happened-Star’s family moved away and left her all alone in the back yard.   A kind neighbor fed her and gave her water for two weeks until it was evident that her neighbors were not returning for Star, so once again, Star found herself back in the shelter.

© Tangled Lilac Photography | adoptable American bulldog

Star lived in the shelter for many months, but no one ever picked her.   As someone who has spent many hours in shelters volunteering, being the dog never picked takes it’s toll on the animal.   Imagine being in a cage for all hours of the day, and seeing your neighbors getting out to visit with a family, and sometimes going home forever.   That never happened for Star.   She waited and waited, but no one came for her.   Star was starting to shut down emotionally until a volunteer chose her to be her partner in the Blue Ribbon Training Program.   Star was shining with her new found friend and her personality blossomed learning basic obedience skills, leash walking and working very hard to overcome her shyness of strangers learning to trust again.   However, all her hard work was in vain.   Star soon found herself on the euthanasia list.


A kind individual, who volunteers for many animal organizations, met Star during her various stays at the shelter and instantly fell in love.   She couldn’t bear the thought of poor Star being euthanized.   She made some phone calls and found boarding for Star and so Star spent the next few months at a kennel.   While it was a solution to keep her alive and healthy, the stress was taking a toll on Star, she was getting depressed.   A proper foster parent had to be found.   Once again, this wonderful woman, Vikki, came to Star’s aid.  Through networking, she’s found Star a foster home where she can get the stimulation, comfort and love needed to cheer up this sweet dog.

© Tangled Lilac Photography | Photographers helping rescue dog

But while a foster home is wonderful, Star needs and, more importantly, deserves a home and family of her own.

After following Star’s history on Facebook, I contacted Vikki to see if we could photograph Star as part of our Adorable Adoptable program.  I was thrilled that we were granted this opportunity.  Vikki was kind enough to drive from Chino Valley all the way to our Flagstaff office for this photo session.  We were elated to be able to meet them both.

© Tangled Lilac Photography  | Adoptable-dog-with-tongue-out

When I heard of Star’s history, I imagined a broken animal coming to the studio.   Having the history of being returned and/or abandoned many times, I assumed she must have physical and/or behavioral problems.  But what walked into our studio was anything but a broken dog.

Star truly was a perfect dog.

© Tangled Lilac Photography  | Adoptable-American-Bulldog-in-Arizona, dog-photography

Star is a big American Bulldog mix and is six years old who has impeccable house manners, with no food or toy resource guarding.  Star knows not only voice command, but also some sign language. She is fully house broken and has even been trained to eliminate on command. She loves to walk, and is wonderful on a leash. She’s active and loves hiking and swimming but is just as content to cuddle with you on the couch. Not once did she bark on our photo session outside. She knows all the basic commands and her intellect is ready to learn more. She’s wonderful with children and adores being with them. Her foster mom is currently working with her to see how she reacts with other dogs and smaller animals.   At six years old, Star is ready to settle down and find her best friend.

This dog, who’s been thrown away so many times in her life, deserves better.   She deserves a chance.   She wants what all of us want, someone to love her.  And, she wants a forever home.

© Tangled Lilac Photography | Lifestyle-dog-photography

If you, or someone you know, would like to meet Star, please contact Vikki McLaughlin at 954.292.9740 or ez2beme61az@aol.com.   She can make the arrangements for a meeting and tell you more about this sweet dog.

Thank you for reading and sharing Star’s story.”

You can see more of Star on the Tangled Lilac Photography blog.  Like Tangled Lilac Photography on Facebook to see more of their work.

About Tangled Lilac Photography:  Melissa and Kristen are wedding and portrait photographers serving Flagstaff, Sedona and the greater Phoenix, Arizona area.

Every week Dogs N Pawz and Talking Dogs co-host a blog hop titled Tuesday’s Tails that is near and dear to my heart.  Anyone can join, it isn’t limited to pet bloggers.  Simply feature an adoptable animal on your blog and add your post to the blog list.  I hope you’ll take a few minutes and look through the list.  You never know when you’re going to see your next best friend or the perfect companion for someone you love.  Sharing is caring.

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Engaging Tails: Amelia and Fiona

Engagement photos with dogs are the best in my book!   I was  happy to see this cute engagement session from Brittany Anderson Photography.

© Brittany Anderson Photography, Engagement-photos-with-Bulldogs

From Brittany:  “Dan and Leigh Anne are newlyweds. They weren’t able to bring their dogs to the wedding so instead they  chose to include them in their engagement session.   Amelia is the 2.5 year old English Bulldog. The small black and white dog is Fiona.  She’s a 1.5 year old French Bulldog.   Leigh Anne always wanted a English BullDog so it was Dan’s first big gift to her.  They decided they needed another dog with a little more energy to balance out the English Bulldog breed.   Dan had always wanted a French BullDdg.  That’s where Fiona came into the picture. 

© Brittany Anderson Photography, engagement photos with dogs

As you can see in the photos these are Dan and Leigh Anne’s children.   They love and spoil their dogs as if they were their children.   They would probably argue that they most certainly are their children.  Photos were taken at Oglebay Park in Wheeling, WV and at their home.”

© Brittany Anderson Photography  | Daily Dog Tag | W VA Lifestyle Engagement and Dog Photography© Brittany Anderson Photography | Daily Dog Tag | French Bulldog puppy

From Dan:  “Amelia is a shark, and not a pool shark.   She circles anything that moves or looks the way she doesn’t want it to,  from the kitchen cart to the vacuum.   If it doesn’t involve food, she’s not involved.   She’s big boned and she doesn’t care.   Her favorite place to be is wherever is most comfortable, and most of the time that involves a pillow.

© Brittany Anderson Photography | English Bulldog playing pool© Brittany Anderson Photography | Girl and her dog, French BulldogFiona is a people pleaser. Her goal in life is to make you happy and loves everyone more than anything. We always say she’s the nicest dog you’ll ever meet.   She’s more like cat in a sense that she climbs the back of the couch and snuggles up nearly anywhere.   She is wherever you are at all times.

© Brittany Anderson Photography | Lifestyle engagement portraits with dogs

Our girls are just about as opposite as you can get, but we love them both the same.   Amelia’s attitude mixed with Fiona’s heart makes for the perfect combination.”

Follow Brittany Anderson Photography on Facebook.

About Brittany Anderson Photography:  Based in Morgantown, West Virginia, Brittany is a wedding and lifestyle photographer available for travel.


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