Happy Tails: Beemer

Beemer is a handsome Airedale that I feel like I know thanks to Facebook and our local photography meet up group (PUG) where I met Stacy Claire.  My sister,  Alice G Patterson, had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Beemer.

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Syracuse-dog-photographer, Airedale From Stacy:  “​Beemer is the best wedding gift we ever received!  My parents gift to us was to find our perfect furbaby and till this day I get teary eyed when I think about how much he means in our life.  He represents the beginning of our married life together and helped us create a family from the get go.  ​I love this dog.  He is our first baby, even now as we have one year old twin boys I joke that the boys will not be able to fight over who’s #1 because the dog has that spot!

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Daily Dog Tag|Airedale-with-soccer-ball Beemer Boyd is an 8 year old active and energetic Airedale Terrier (King of the Terriers), full of personality and still acts like a puppy. He is quite independent, ambitious and strong willed guy.  Gentle and loyal, he loves to run, barks at everything, needs to be the center of attention, has to greet you with a toy, loves to walk thru your legs (lots of kids have been knocked down because he doesn’t discriminate age) and is quite stuck in his ways (probably a Type A personality).  After all, he was an only child for 7 years.  He lets us know when we need to walk him, is beyond obsessed with ice cream, prefers to play soccer by himself and gets more attention than our twin baby boys have (honestly, my husband and I tally up the comments we get when we’re out as a family – Beemer has always won by a landslide!).  That’s okay – he is pretty cool .  He is so good with our twins – protective of his family for sure!

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Daily Dog Tag| On-location-dog-photography, Handsome-dog My husband and I love talking about fancy cars and knew we wanted to name our first pet after a vehicle – and since we couldn’t afford the real thing, this guy right here is our BMW!  (I have to say though it feels like the maintenance with Beemer over the years is comparable to what a BMW might be…ha!) Kids have the darndest things to say about this dog because he’s not your average looking dog.  Most recently, a little girl at the park said, ‘whoa!  now that is a family dog, who wouldn’t want that cuteness part of their family.’ The boy next to her said, ‘he has too much hair.’   Beemer has been mistaken for a goat, often gets likened to the dog in the movie Firehouse Dog, and one kid called him a dinosaur dog.

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Daily Dog Tag| Airedale, Liverpool-dog-photography, on-location-pet-portraitsAiredales (or Dales) were bred to hunt small game and have some neat features.  They have hound in them so in order to get the ears to look like a dale, we had them glued when he was a pup, in hindsight we wouldn’t do that again but it left us with Beemer’s signature look – we call it the bum ear (it didn’t quite form right so it swings out a bit).  They have hair, not fur, so often they are considered hypoallergenic.  The standard breed cut is quite suave and sharp looking – very demure.  Here, he has his middle growth – which is so handsome and sweet.  Then his fluffy stage, well he looks like a teddy bear (which is where he gets his middle name from).    We think its pretty cool he has a beard – though we wish we would have trained him to wipe it after drinking water.  Not usually a guest favorite when he greets you after satisfying his thirst!  Also, because they would hunt foxes into holes, their tails are built such that you can pull them out by their tail without hurting them.  We have on occasion had to employ this feature when he was misbehaving and wouldn’t move.  It is amazing it doesn’t hurt them.  We like that he has a trotting gait like a horse when we walks…sometimes like he’s prancing.  

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Daily Dog Tag| Airedale,  CNY-lifestyle-dog-photography© Alice G Patterson Photography | Daily Dog Tag| Handsome-Airedale, Syracuse-dog-photographer

Well, I could go on and on about this guy.  He’s such fun and a joy to figure out.  We are grateful he came into our lives – we had our pick of 2 male dogs from the breeder.  The one pup (whom we would have called Bauer) came running right into my lap and snuggled me and kissed me all over.  Beemer, on the other hand, came out of the pen, peed on the steps, chewed up the poop shovel, and pounced on Bauer and wouldn’t sit still for a moment.  I looked at my husband who was laughing.  Luckily, he has continued to make us laugh all these years later.  Love ya Beem!

© Alice G Patterson Photography | Daily Dog Tag|  girl and her dog, BFFs Like Alice G Patterson Photography on Facebook to see more of her work.

About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Syracuse, Alice is a bi-coastal portrait photographer.  She specializes in portraits for pets, high school seniors and small business owners.   Alice has three dogs of her own, Franny, Lulu and Darla.

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Happy Tails: Ellie

I have never been to Guilford Connecticut, but I definitely want to visit.  Thanks to Kathryn Schauer Photography who makes it look beautiful any time of the year!   And oh yes, it also has a gorgeous dog population, meet Ellie the yellow Labrador Retriever.

© Kathryn Schauer Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Yellow-Lab, outdoor-pet-photographyFrom Jane:  “We had a great shoot with Kathryn.  We got Ellie at 8 weeks old and she is currently 10 months.   She has a lot of energy - always interested in playing fetch & romping around.

© Kathryn Schauer Photography | Daily Dog Tag | On-location-dog-portraits, spring-dog-photo © Kathryn Schauer Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Yellow-Lab-pretty-in-pink © Kathryn Schauer Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Yellow-Lab-tennis-ball, dogwood-trees She often wags her tail so much that her whole body wiggles when we come home or she meets a new friend.  Ellie is also incredibly affectionate and loves to snuggle on the couch at the end of the day with anyone who wil let her try to fit in their lap!

© Kathryn Schauer Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Yellow-Lab, CT-on-location-dog-photographer © Kathryn Schauer Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Yellow-Lab-waiting-for-bubble

Ellie is our first dog together, though I had Labradors growing up.  It is wonderful to see how much she has won over Andy, who would not have previously considered himself a “dog person” - Ellie can be such a ‘daddy’s girl!’

© Kathryn Schauer Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Yellow-Lab, CT-Lifestyle-Pet-Photography© Kathryn Schauer Photography | Daily Dog Tag | CT-family-pet-photography

We had a great shoot with Kathryn and love our photos!”

Now if you thinking, “of course its beautiful, its spring time in these photos”, you need to check out Kathryn’s website and blog and see what she does in winter!   Follow Kathryn Schauer Photography on Facebook to see all kinds of amazing dogs and the cutest lovey project!

About Kathryn Schauer Photography:  Based in Guilford, Connecticut, Kathryn is a  portrait photographer specializing in pets and their families.   Kathryn is a member of HeARTs Speak and is a founding member of  Project Underdog.

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 Happy Christmas in July!   Heather Rickleman from HMK Photography sent me this photo of her Golden Retriever enjoying a snowy day. 

© HMK Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Golden-Retriever

“Luna is a 1 1/2 year old Golden Retriever.  She loves playing with fetch (and chase) with her balls, any type of water, and will eat everything under the sun except for lettuce.   She is super intelligent (house broken in one week!) and loves snuggling on the couch.   She whimpers like a little puppy any time someone she loves comes to see her (basically anyone she’s ever met) and enjoys chasing around our two cats!”

You can see more of Luna enjoying the big snow in North Carolina on Heather’s blog.  

About HMK Photography:  Heather Rickelman  is a wedding photographer local to the Charlotte, NC area but available for travel worldwide.

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Engaging Tails: Rico

Lots of love, awesome locations and a little pup named Rico made the perfect combination for this engagement session from Katrina Jayne Photography.

© Katrina Jayne | Daily Dog Tag | engagement-photos-with-dog

From Katrina:  This engagement session took place at Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory.   Daniel & Evelyn love their pup, Rico, so it only made sense to include him in their photos.  

© Katrina Jayne | Daily Dog Tag | Family-pet-lifestyle-photography © Katrina Jayne | Daily Dog Tag |Griffith-Park-dog-photography

From Evelyn:  “I rescued FederRico (Rico) in March of 2011 from a pet store in Burbank called Pet Mania.  Pet Mania is a unique pet store because all of the available pets are rescues.  They took in Rico, a Chihuahua/Min Pin mix, as a surrender one month before I met him. I adopted Rico days before my grandmother passed away.  I’ll always feel like he was a blessing in disguise because even though he’s a very energetic dog, he senses when i’m sad and at that moment in my life, he knew exactly what to do to comfort me.   At this time, I was also beginning a relationship with my soon to be husband, Daniel.  

© Katrina Jayne | Daily Dog Tag | Chihuaha-Min-Pin-mixed-breed Rico has been everything to us and we spoil him tremendously. Today, Rico is 4 years old and extremely energetic!   He loves the outdoors, dog parks in particular, long hikes, long walks.  

© Katrina Jayne | Daily Dog Tag | LA-lifestyle-photography, dog-portraits© Katrina Jayne | Daily Dog Tag | Griffith-Park-engagement-photos-with-dog He’s very social and everyone loves him.   After a long day of fun, Rico loves to cuddle and burrow under covers as well as laying out in the sun, wherever he can find it.”

You can see more of this beautiful engagement session on Katrina’s blog.  Follow Katrina Jayne Photography on Facebook to see more of her work.

About Katrina Jayne Photography:  Based in Los Angeles, California, Katrina is a wedding and portrait photographer.   Katrina donates 5% of her photography package proceeds to a charitable cause chosen by the client.  Katrina has an adorable dog named Dozer.

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Happy Tails: Bear

One of the best things about blogging is discovering  new-to-me photographers.   I was thrilled when I saw these photos from D Lillian Photography.   Not only is the location gorgeous, Bear is a regal subject and  I love Danielle’s compositions.

© D Lillian Photography | Daily Dog Tag |  Westie-at-Golden-Gate-Park From Danielle:  “My parents came to visit me in San Francisco recently, and brought their dog, Bear, along for the ride. I decided to take them to Golden Gate Park, and at the last minute, decided to bring my camera along for some fun pet portraiture.”

© D Lillian Photography | Daily Dog Tag | San-Francisco-Portrait-PhotographyFrom  Mary:  “If you asked my kids they would say there is no way I can keep it short when it comes to Bear. (I personally think they are a tad bit jealous!) I will start with the basics.   Bear was born on February 15, 2011 so he is a little over three years old.  He is our second Westie. We had to put our first one down about five years ago at the age of 16.   As empty nesters Bear is our baby. 

© D Lillian Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Westie-Golden-Gate-Park© D Lillian Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Zen-moment © D Lillian Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Westie© D Lillian Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Westie-at-pond © D Lillian Photography | Daily Dog Tag | SF-lifestyle-dog-photography © D Lillian Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Handsome-Westie © D Lillian Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Handsome-Westie, Golden-Gate-Park © D Lillian Photography | Daily Dog Tag | woman-and-her-Westie We belong to a Westie Meet-Up Group that gets together once a month at a different dog park in the Sacramento area.  The person that organizes the group is with Westie Rescue of Ca.

© D Lillian Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Adorable-Westie, SF-Lifestyle-Photography © D Lillian Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Handsome-Westie, SF-lifestyle-photography

Bear has been so much fun we decided to get a sister for him!  Her name is Bunny.”

Here’s hoping that Danielle sends me some photos of Bear and Bunny!  In the meantime, check out D. Lillian Photography on Facebook.  If you are a fan of  unique wedding, family and engagement sessions, you should stop by Danielle Lillian’s blog.

About D. Lillian Photography:  Based in San Francisco, Danielle Lillian is a wedding and lifestyle photographer who loves to travel.

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