Digging This Style: Campfire Essentials

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There are few things as relaxing as sitting around a campfire with your favorite people and furry friends.  While we only go camping once or twice each summer, our summers have plenty of smores, campfires, and sadly, mosquitos.   Early fall is a perfect time to have a campfire since there are fewer mosquitos than during the summer!  When the temperatures start to dip, go ahead and light that fire.  Wrap up in a soft blanket, pour a mug of your favorite hot beverage and be mesmerized by the flames.   One thing I’ve found in my lifetime is that a  campfire always seems to draw us closer to each other.  

We’re rounded up a few essentials to make your next campfire more fun for you and your dog! Of course, your dog probably just wants your company, but, chances are, she’d love a comfy spot and some treats too!  Please use common sense and always err on the side of safety!  


t-shirt * organic popcorn * popcorn popper * dog bandana portable dog water bowl * smores dog treats  * outdoor dog bed * buffalo check throw * thermos * mug * garden flag


In case you are wondering, it is more than okay to share organic, air popped popcorn with your dog!

Check out my Campfire Essentials Board on Wayfair.  

Wayfair carries a lot of pet supplies as well as furnishings and household items.  

What do you love most about campfires?  


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Engaging Tails: Zoe the Retriever Mix

I haven’t been to British Columbia, but it is on my bucket list.  This engagement session from Nunn Other Photography makes me want to get there sooner than later!  Zoe is a gorgeous Retriever mix who makes every day a little bit brighter.

couple holding hands over Retriever mix on rocks, fall engagement photos with dog

From Cassidy:  “Tasha and Conrad are just one of the couples who brought their lovely dog along for their engagement session.  Many of my wedding clients are dog lovers, just like me, and I always encourage them to bring their four-legged best friends along to the engagement session. Tasha and Conrad’s dog is Zoe, a Labrador Retriever mix who they adopted from the SPCA when she was just three months old.  

lab-mix-engagement-photos-7retriever mix standing on hind legsShe had a broken leg, and the couple did all the rehab with her.  Zoe has an adorable underbite.


From Tasha:   “Zoe thinks she’s a human and is a social butterfly when she is around other dogs.  She is  also  a cuddle monster.”

lab-mix-engagement-photos lab-mix-engagement-photos-3 lab-mix-engagement-photos-4 Retriever mix and couple walking couple kissing dog, Retriever mix, rescue dogcouple standing on path with Retriever mix couple holding hands walking with dog

You can see more of Cassidy’s work by following Nunn Other Photography on Instagram.

About Nunn Other Photography:  Based in beautiful Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, Cassidy Nunn is a wedding and portrait photographer.

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Engaging Tails: English Bulldogs Murph & Grace

I have probably mentioned this before, but as far as I’m concerned, the only thing better than an engagement session with a dog is one with two dogs! English Bulldogs Murph and Grace joined their humans for this fun session with Michele Ashley Photography.  

English Bulldogs sitting on stoop, Boston engagement photos

From Michele:  “Matt and Molly had their engagement session in their South Boston neighborhood. They included their 3-year old English Bulldog, Murph, and their newest addition Grace.”

couple sitting with English Bulldogs on bench

From Molly:  “Murph and Grace are two English Bulldogs. Murph is three years and Grace at the time of photos was four months.

English Bulldog, lifestyle dog photographyEnglish Bulldog, lifestyle dog photographyWe got Murph right when we moved to South Boston and a couple of years later thought he was ready to be an older brother so we got Grace so he would always have a friend. Murph loves playing soccer and chasing tennis balls.

Adorable English Bulldog puppy with eyepatchGrace enjoys asking everyone she meets for belly rubs and chewing everything in sight.” English Bulldogs on a walk, Boston engagement pictures

You can follow them on Instagram @murphthebostonbulldog and @gracethebostonbulldog.  If you would like to see more of this Boston engagement session, check out Michele’s blog post.

Follow Michele Ashley Photography on Instagram too!

About Michele Ashley Photography:  Based in Worcester, Massachusetts, Michele specializes in wedding and engagement photography.  

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Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Angels Rest

The Annual Blessing at Best Friends will take place on September 29, 2016, at Angels Rest in the Sanctuary.   I can’t think of a better place to honor animals.


Photo Credit: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

 I visited Best Friends Animal Sanctuary last spring as part of a media tour.

We drove past the gates to Angels Rest on our way to a hike.  One of our hosts said we could visit Angels Rest if we wanted on our way back.  My brain screamed “NO!”  I thought that was the last place I wanted to go, but I kept that thought to myself.

Photo Credit: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

After an amazing hike, we ended up in Angels Rest.  I told myself that I wouldn’t cry.  I even believed it.  Our guide, Cyrus Mejia, explained that many of the animals who came to the Sanctuary had never known love or respect in their lifetimes.  Early on, the  Best Friends founders created Angels Rest, a place where these animals would be respected, loved and honored for the beautiful souls that they are with a marker and a special placement.  Companion pets that were not adopted from Best Friends may also be placed here. 

Angels Rest is peaceful, sacred, full of love, and oddly, hope.

In addition to the markers, there are wind chimes everywhere representing lost and loved companions.   As we walked around, I noticed small niches that held stones, figurines, and various reminders of well-loved friends.  Although I didn’t have a camera, I was taking mental notes and maintaining my composure.    When I noticed a small sun bleached leather collar and tags, just like the one my dog Polly used to wear.  It hit me like a ton of bricks. Polly came into our lives when I was 8 or 9; she left this world when I was 25.  Even though it has been many years since she died, the tears were streaming down my face before I knew it.

All of the dogs I’ve ever loved pushed to the surface of my mind, as well as the overwhelming statistic that 9,000 companion animals die needlessly in shelters each day.  And I started down the path to that deep, dark place of suffocating grief that terrifies me.  

Just as suddenly, the air filled with beautiful music from the wind chimes.  Although I didn’t notice a change in the breeze. The chimes were mysterious, magical and comforting. I understand that this sounds crazy, but it felt like angels moved those chimes instead of the wind.  

wind-chimes Angels Rest, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Photo Credit: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

I looked at my companions and realized they were having a similar experience.  They had been crying but were now being comforted by the wind chimes.  It was as if all those souls were saying “It’s okay, we are fine, and you will be too.”  And my sorrow was replaced with peacefulness and hope.  

I believe in Best Friends.  Their motto “Save Them All” is working.  So this September, I’m asking for Polly to be included.  The love she brought into this world isn’t lost or forgotten. Dogs have made my world better, and I want to make the world better for them.   I hope you’ll consider donating to Best Friends or another rescue to honor your pets as well! 

You can memorialize a pet with wind chimes at Angels Rest or for yourself.   

The next time you are looking to add a new family member, please adopt!

Follow Best Friends on Facebook.


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Engaging Tails: Charlie the Golden Retriever

It seems like love is always in the air when you’re a dog lover!  Everywhere I look, I see people who adore their dogs.  Eileen K Photography got some great engagement photos of Chelsie and David, but of course, my favorites are the ones that include handsome Golden Retriever, Charlie.

Golden Retriever sitting between engaged couple.

From Eileen:  “Chelsie and David included their dog, Charlie for their engagement photo shoot on Lake Minnetonka in Wayzata, MN.  Charlie is a Golden Retriever mix that Chelsie adopted as a puppy.  Charlie joined us at the end of their photo shoot and was happy to have his picture taken!”

Golden Retriever sitting between people on curb, engagement photos with dogs From Chelsie:  “He has a quirky personality and can put a smile on anyone’s face.  Charlie’s primary goal in life is to make everyone love him.  Without a doubt, and he has stolen our hearts. “

couple kissing at park, Golden Retriever sitting by their feet Engagement photos with dog

About Eileen K Photography:  Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Eileen specializes in wedding photography and family portraits.
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