Happy Friday!  I’m so in love with this photo by Todd Laffler!

© Laffler Photography |Best-dog-in-wedding, wedding-with-dog

About Laffler Photography:  Based in New Jersey Laffler Photography specializes in wedding photography and is available for destination weddings.  If you are a photographer looking to hone your skills, check out Todd’s critique sessions or Fearless in Romania.

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Did you see this year’s Pawscars Nominees?

Please share:   Macbeth Has Been Waiting 11 Months.  If you love snaggletooth dogs (and who doesn’t!) you have to see his photos!


Just watch this video:  you deserve a smile!


Upcoming Events

February 28 St. Petersburg Walkathon, Petersburg, FL

February 28 Idita Trail & Winter Challenge, Lewisburg, PA

March 1 San Diego K9 Cancer Walk, San Diego, CA

March 7 Doggy Day  And Cats Too, South Pasadena, CA

March 8 Rescue Rock Off, Willoughby, OH

March 19 Visit CNYSPCA at the CNY Home & Garden Show, Syracuse, NY

March 21 Navy’s 2nd Annual Woof Walk, San Diego, CA

March 28 Southeastern Guide Dogs Walkathon, Orlando, FL

March 28 heART At The Barn, Streamwood, IL

March 28 Florida Wiener Dog Derby, Sanford, FL

March 29 RescueFest 2015, Hollywood, FL

If you have an event you’d like to see listed here, please email rescue(at)dailydogtag(dot)com.


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Focus: Max

As a large part of the United States is having a rare snow day, it seemed like the perfect day to share these fun photos of  Max by Michele Ashley Photography.  If you are snowed in today, I hope you can have some fun (and maybe take photos) with your dog!

© Michele Ashley Photography | handsome dog loves snow, lifestyle-dog-photography, fox-dog

From Michele:  “Max is a shepherd/chow mix, and we rescued him from the Sterling Shelter in Sterling, MA about 1.5 years ago. He is just over two years old.  Max is about 55 pounds of pure love.  He is an avid runner and does trail running with his human dad.   Max is often mistaken for a fox (and some of the local kids sing that ‘What does the fox say?‘ song when they see him!)   These photos show off his quirky personality and love for the snow.”

© Michele Ashley Photography | winter-pet-photography, snow-dog, Shepherd-Chow-mix, fox-dog © Michele Ashley Photography | handsome-dog-in-snow, Chow-Shepherd-mix, snow-day-with-dogs © Michele Ashley Photography | dog-photography, snow-dog, fine-art-dog-portraits© Michele Ashley Photography | Worcester photography, winter-dog-pictures, wind-blowing-dog's fur, handsome-snowy-dog© Michele Ashley Photography | dog-photography, winter-dog, tongue-out, dog-in-snow

You can see more of Michele’s photography by liking Michele Ashley Photography on Facebook. You can see more photos of Max by following Michele Ashley Photography on instagram, or by searching #Maxthefoxdog.

About Michele Ashley Photography:  Based in Worcester, Massachusetts, Michele specializes in wedding and engagement photography.


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And The Nominees Are… Part 2 2015

And now for the second round of Nominees for the 2015 Pawscars!

Best Supporting Dog

Best Supporting Dog-2015 Nominees, dogs,best friends, support, companion, loyal friends, kids and dogs, therapy dog

53-Ro-Alice G Patterson Photography 54 Sam-Melissa Arlena Photography 55 Jack-Good Doggy Photography 56 Tank, Rex & Sadie- Custom by Nicole Photography 57 Miles-Lauren Weeks Photography 58 Tottee & Gree - Jenny Karlsson Photography 59 Honey-Maggie Winters 60 Callie-Westway Studio 61-Blythe- Beth T Photography 62 Patriot Rovers-  Simon Photographic

Best Dog In A Wedding

dogs-in-wedding, Pawscar nominations, bride, groom and their dogs

63 Abby & Chase-Limelight Photography 64 Kuda- Caridad Photography 65 Spike & Betsy-Alice G Patterson Photography  66 Randy- Creations Photo 68 Nash-Paw Prints |Pet Portraits by Charlene

Most Dynamic Duo

Most Dynamic Dog Duo dog best-friends, dog-siblings, dog-photography

69 Rufus & Molly- Loblee Photography 70 Harrison & Gizmo - Kira DeDecker Photography 71 Hannah & IzzoFetchlight Photography 72 Calie & Clay- Emilee Fuss Photography 73 Tucker & Bailey - Westway Studio 74 Velvet & Mason- Fido Photography

Most Suspenseful 

Representing approximately 7 million companion pets that are in the shelters each year hoping to find a forever home!

Adoptable dogs, #opttoadopt

75 Pilot & CourageJessica Painter Photography  76  Willie & Bonkers- Westway Studio  77 Zeevah- Kathryn Schauer Photography

Golden Oldies

Golden Oldies, senior dogs

78 Timber-Alice G Patterson Photography 79 Lefty- Westway Studio 80 Allie Bea- City Dog Photography 81 Browning- Paw Prints | Pet Portraits by Charlene 82 Eddie- RDP PhoDOGraphy 83 Mozart-Carley Rehberg Photography

Most Gorgeous Girl

Most Gorgeous Girl 2015

84-Leotie- Two Red Dogs Photography 85 Darla- Kayla Capture  86-Jeni- Fur Kids By Purple Tree Photography 87- Heidi-Fetchlight Photography 88 Chloe- Melissa Tuck Photography 89-Griffie- Ashah Photography 90 Talia-Emilee Fuss Photography 91 Tasha- Melanie Bennett Photography  92-Cupcake -Caitlin Elizabeth Photography 93- Cotton- Kayla Faye Photography

Most Handsome Dog

Most Handsome 2015

94-Michael- Shutter Hound Pet Photography 95-Cluny-Katherine Miles Jones Photography 96 Nigel-Kristie Marie Photography 97 Goku-Irrelephant 98 Marley- Paw Prints | Pet Portraits by Charlene 99 Fynn-StudioFido 100 Bear- D Lillian Photography 101 Clyde-Gayle Driver Photography 102 Bonz- Frame Your Pet  103 Guilly- Kathryn Schauer Photography 104-Harley- Vivian Sachs Photography 105 Brooks-Elizabeth Henson Photography

In Loving Memory 

This is of course the part we hate, but we are so glad that these dogs were well loved, even if it was only for a short time like Pax and we hope their memories will continue to bring joy to people who loved them best.

In Loving Memory 2015

105 Soda-Petal Photography 106 Oliver- Brianna Noelle Photography 107-Joe-Andrea Takeoka Photography 108 Harley-Laura Matthews Photography 109 Falkor-Paw Prints | Pet Portraits by Charlene 110 PaxRDP PhoDOGraphy 111 Bean-McGraw Photography 112 Lucy- Kelly Smallman Photography

What categories would you like to see next year?



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And The Nominees Are….2015

Once again we’ve undertaken the huge task of trying to keep up with Oscar fever and choose a few favorites from the canine categories.  As always, we love all the photographers and dog combinations we feature, so this is an extremely difficult task and just for fun!  Without further ado, meet the Nominees for the 2015 Pawscars.  If you want to read more about the dogs, click on their names in the credits.  To visit the photographer’s website, click on the photographer’s name.

Most Adorable Puppy 

Puppy Love 2015 Nominees for Pawscars

Nala-Marci Yochum Photography 2 Mya-  Moondance Photography 3-Gracie- Cavin Elizabeth Photography  4-Butler- Chewbone Studio  5 Blaziken-Brianna Noelle Photography 6 Brinkley- Andie Freeman Photography 7- Blue- Paw Prints Pet Portraits by Charlene 8 Shasta-Sierra Luna Photography 9 GrahamChewbone Studio, 10 Cookie Monsta-Angelina Faye Photography 11-Samara- Chocolate Moose Photography, 12- Guinness-Caitlin Elizabeth Photography 13- Josie-Paw Prints Pet Portraits by Charlene


Pawsitively Amazing

While every dog is amazing, these dogs have wonderful stories to tell!  From cheering up a fallen village,  serving as a therapy dogs, spreading cheer while fighting cancer, being a true friend to someone in need,  or being a breed ambassador, all these dogs have made the world a better place.

Pawsitively Amazing dogs: cancer survivor, homeless, pit bull ambassadors, therapy dogs,

14 Guinness- Furtography  15 Ginger- Jessica Newman Photography  16 Gus- Jenny Karlsson Photography 17 Daisy- Jules Photography 18 Paws4Lifeline Project- Norah Levine Photography 19 Aria and Daisy-Alice G Patterson Photography 20 Suzie Project-Jessica Painter Photography 21-Pax and Kimber-RDP PhoDOGraphy 22 Ginger-Sweet Rocket Photography 23 George- 100 Loyal Faces

Best Ride 

Best Ride: dogs and helicopter, dogs and small plane, dogs in cars, dog with wheels, dog on boat

24- Military Working Dog- G Dhiman Photography 25 Porter & Scout- Jessica Cobb Pet Photography 26 Spotlight:  The Dogist-The Dogist 27 Emma-Barnwood & Brick  28  Ellie & Bailey - J.Ro Photos 29 Thor- McGraw Photography 30 Ruby- Melissa Jill Photography

Best Stuntdog 

Best Stuntdog nominees: action-shots-of dogs, dogs jumping, playing, swimming, playing fetch


31 Abby-Pup & Co 32 Pepper-Charlotte Reeves Photography 33 Matty-Right Start Productions 34 Eden-Alice G Patterson Photography 35 Dallas- TiltaWhirl Photography 36 Big Red- Lupine Lens 37  Harry-Eye Wander Photo 38 Tucker- Kathryn Schauer Photography

Biggest Scene Stealer

Funny Dog photos, Pawscar Scene stealers

39 Chief-Taylor Whitham Photography 40-Louie- Sit, Stay Pet Photography  41 Teddy- Origin Photo 42 Jersey-Robyn Icks Photography 43 Raeley- Denver Paws Photography 44 Lucy & ChloeApril Ziegler Photography 45 Amelia-Brittany Anderson Photography 46 Rocco-Catharine Noble Photography 47-Sulo- Toast Photography 48- Holli Berri- Alice G Patterson Photography 49- Izzy- Katherine Miles Jones Photography 50-Marley- Lebolo Photography  51 Molly- J Catherine Photography 52 Hogwarts & Clementine- Genevieve Elaine Photography

Be sure to check our part 2 tomorrow!  We have lots of great categories left and feel free to leave a comment!

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Caturday: Shirow

Happy Caturday!  Collectively photographers are a terrific group, and are very generous with their time and talents.  Of course, I’m biased towards the ones who photograph shelter pets to help the pets adopted.  I especially love the stories of a photographer who brings one home, like Chantal Levesque did.   Cat photography can be tricky, but Chantal and her cat Shirow have it down to an art!

© Chantal Levesque Photo | Montreal Pet photographer, lifestyle cat photographyFrom Chantal: “Meet Shirow the cat. He is a rescue from the Montreal SPCA.  He is now 10 months old.  I am a Montreal Based photographer and I donate my time to photograph pets up for adoption and events for the shelter.  I could not help myself and had to bring this little guy home.   He was just 5 months old and had been born in a schoolyard.  

© Chantal Levesque Photo | Montreal Pet photography, cat under cover © Chantal Levesque Photo | lifestyle Montreal Pet photography, Caturday, cat peering out from brick wall He was not used to human presence; he was very scared and nervous but we took him home, gave him lots of love and now he is king of the castle!”

© Chantal Levesque Photo | Montreal Pet photography, cat-top-of-cat-tree © Chantal Levesque Photo | Montreal cat photography, laughing cat © Chantal Levesque Photo | Montreal Pet photography, laughing cat, funny cat pictures

Shirow seems to have a great sense of humor! I am pretty sure he is laughing.

© Chantal Levesque Photo | Montreal Pet photography, #tongueout, cat-sticking-tongue-out© Chantal Levesque Photo  | Montreal Pet photography © Chantal Levesque Photo | handsome kitten, Montreal Pet photography © Chantal Levesque Photo | kitten playing, on location Montreal Pet photography© Chantal Levesque Photo | lifestyle-cat-photos. cat and toy mouse© Chantal Levesque Photo | Montreal Pet photography, kitten playing© Chantal Levesque Photo | Montreal Pet photography, cat playing on his back © Chantal Levesque Photo | Montreal Pet photography, lifestyle-cat-portraits
If you’re like me and need more Shirow in your life, be sure to follow him on Instagram.   Follow Chantal Levesque Photo on Facebook to see more pet photography!

About Chantal Levesque Photo:  Based in Montreal, Quebec, Chantal is a photojournalist specializing in pet photography and portraits related to the music industry.


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