In Loving Memory: Lulu My Favorite Pug

My favorite Pug, Lulu, passed away on Saturday.  Lulu was  my sister’s heart dog for 15 years.  Although we are so sad to have lost her, the joy she created is what we will remember. All photos are by Alice G Patterson Photography unless otherwise noted.

Lifeguard Pug, ©Alice G Patterson Photography

From Alice:  “Just four days shy of celebrating her 15th Gotcha Day, my sweet Lulu is gone. She was three months old when I brought her home. I tried crate training her, but it wasn’t long before she was sleeping in the bed with me.  I would tell her at least a hundred times a day how cute she was and how much I loved her. For the first seven years, it was just the two of us.

Photo by Sonia Lovewell, young woman holding Pug, girl and her dog

Photo by Sonia Lovewell

We lived in California, and she shared almost every adventure with me. She loved to ride on the center console of my Honda, on what felt like hundreds of road trips in California. As a puppy, she was adventurous and climbed rocks on camping trips.  There was even a tree she could climb in Alamo Square Park (San Francisco).

In LA, we found ourselves on the same exercise schedule as Bob Barker walking up Runyon Canyon.  I remember trying to urge Lulu to not stop and smell everything because I found it entirely humiliating that Bob Barker (who had to be in his eighties at this point) was passing us on the trail!  She would go crazy on the California beaches, running as fast as she could, digging holes in the sand, and looking for anything to get into.  For Halloween, Lulu inspired me to make homemade Pug costumes for my then boyfriend, his daughter, and me. We were all Pugs and took Lulu along for trick or treating.

At seven years old, she gave Franny (my rescue dog) the cold shoulder for a month.  One day I came home, and they were sleeping side by side, and they were best friends ever since.

The next year we moved to Central New York, and I added a Pomeranian to the family.

Large mixed breed, Pug, black Pomeranian on settee, dogs on furniture ©Alice G Patterson Photography I would get lots of comments when I walked all three of my dogs together, which I did at least a couple of times a day.  Then it became apparent that Lulu wasn’t able to go on walks anymore because of her arthritis . So slowly the walks came to an end because I didn’t have the heart to leave her behind.

Yoda-Pug, Lulu in the breeze, ©Alice G Patterson Photography

Despite having several major health issues, including cancer, she loved life right up until the very end.  Just the day before she passed, Lulu was heading the pack in formation behind me as I chopped carrots (her favorite snack).

Syracuse dog photographer, Pug in a blanket, I think it must have been a stroke, but Saturday morning she gave a bark, wheezed, and collapsed into my arms when I picked her up.  I cradled her for four hours before we went to the vet’s office.  It was clear that it was her time.  I’m so thankful I was with her and that she did not suffer much.  I held her in my arms and her passing couldn’t have been more peaceful.  Lulu was always friendly and never forgot a person or a place. For everyone that knew her, loved her, helped me take care of her, or gave her a treat, I want to thank you.

senior Pug in blanket, Syracuse dog photographer My heart is heavy but also so full of thanks for that little dog that made me laugh a million times, snuggled with me when I was sad and taught me what true devotion is.   Forever in my heart.  Rest in peace my little co-pilot.”

Lulu Noble Friends Portrait-600

Lulu’s custom pet portrait is from Noble Friends.  

Thank you, Lulu, for making our lives funnier and happier!  I will miss your curly tail, big bright eyes, and sweet soul.   There has never been a better dog than you.

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About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Syracuse, New York, Alice specializes in dog photography, senior portraits, and commercial photography.

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Puppy Love: Darwin the Marvelous Mutt

With proper supervision, puppies and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly.    I know from personal experience that both dogs and children grow up too fast.  It is a bit sobering to realize a teenager and a senior dog are looking back at you.  While we can’t make time stand still, it is possible to preserve the precious memories.

terrier mix puppy licking toddler boy's face, puppy love

This family had the foresight to hire Devon John to capture these fleeting moments of their newly adopted puppy and small children.

blond terrier mix puppy and toddler

 From Nikki:  “We’re not sure what kind of dog Darwin is because we adopted him as a mutt at eight weeks old.  But that hasn’t stopped him from quickly finding a place in this family!  

little girl giving treat to puppy, toddler dressed as pirate watching mixed breed pup

We adopted from Wags Rescue & Referral in Feasterville, Pennsylvania because we had recently lost our beloved family pet.  We were hoping to complete our family- and provide a loving home to a puppy that needed a home with TONS of love, kisses, and I will admit a few too many treats.  Our children were five and two at the time we adopted him.

lifestyle puppy photos, mixed breed puppy sitting on rugsmall mutt puppy lying on rug

The shelter told us that Darwin was a Lab when we first saw him.  To be honest,  we didn’t care what he was- we just knew that he had to be ours!

toddler dressed as pirate feeding treats to puppy

As time went by, we realized that Darwin was most certainly NOT a lab!  Although we are still not sure what exactly he is- we think he is a terrier mix.  We are certain Darwin is a loving, funny, sweet little boy- who has definitely completed our family.”

mom, daughter, toddler son on red sofa, puppy on floor mixed breed puppy sleeping on red sofa

About Devon John Photography:  Based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Devon is a photojournalist and documentary photographer.  She is available for weddings, engagements, and family portraits.


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Adopt Me: Jasmine the Terrier/American Staffordshire mix

If you follow the Daily Dog Tag on Facebook  you’re probably already smitten with Jasmine.  She is a beautiful and loving six-year-old Staffordshire/Terrier mix. Jasmine is currently living at the Humane Society of Fairfax County located in Fairfax, Virginia. Unfortunately, she has been there for over one thousand days.  Pet photographer Jeanne Taylor volunteers her time and talent to help homeless pets.  She took these gorgeous photos of  Jasmine  and even helps manage Jasmine’s Facebook Page: Adopt Jasmine!

Adoptable brown, white Staffordshire mix smiling

Although it is a great page, hopefully, they can soon change the name to “Adopted Jasmine!” Looking at her smile, you would never know that she has spent over two and a half years at the shelter.  While another dog might become depressed, Jasmine remains optimistic.   If good things come to those who wait, Jasmine will most certainly be adopted by an awesome person or family!  She is good with all people, even kids.  Jasmine needs to be an only pet, however, she is manageable around other dogs.  

Brown, white Staffordshire mix sitting in grass

From Jeanne:  “Jasmine is smart, affectionate, well-commanded, and does well with humans of all shapes, ages, and sizes. She is active but also settles down easily and appropriately.  Jasmine would do beautifully with a family – and she really deserves LOTS of attention from as many people as she can get after this long living in a kennel.  Her only issue is that she has been undersocialized living in a kennel this long, so she is working on her dog skills.  She has to be adopted out as an only pet, due to the rescue’s requirements.  But any new owner/family who would continue to work with her would likely see amazing results.”

Beautiful brown Staffordshire mix standing in park, adoptable from Humane Society Fairfax County

From the shelter staff:  “You will have to search far and wide to find a pooch who’s as sweet as Jasmine. This American Staffordshire and Boxer mix is a total lover girl. She’s very well behaved, keeps an impeccable kennel and is past the terrible twos, though she still loves a great game of fetch or any other game she can con you into playing.  She would prefer to be the only dog.  Jasmine is not only a sweetie pie, but she’s also very beautiful and has a short coat of brown and white, a black muzzle and dainty white socks. You must meet Jasmine and see exactly why we say, to know her is to love her!”

brown dog sitting in grass centered with picture frame

If you are interested in adopting Jasmine, please fill out an application.


adoptable dog wearing sunglasses- Adopt Jasmine

Jasmine knows she has a bright future ahead.   If you can’t add Jasmine to your family, please share her on the social media channels of your choice!  

As further proof of Jasmine’s loving nature, check out her video created by other awesome HSFC volunteers and staff.  


While Jasmine is getting lots of love in the shelter, I think she would be happier when she finally has a home of her own.

Follow Jeanne Taylor Photography on Facebook!  

About Jeanne Taylor Photography:  Serving Charleston, South Carolina and Northern Virginia, Jeanne specializes in natural setting pet and lifestyle portraits.  She volunteers at various shelters and is a member of HeARTs Speak.  HeARTs Speak is an amazing network of photographers, artists, and advocates who volunteer their professional skills to help animal welfare organizations.

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Engaging Tails: Bruno the Handsome Mixed Breed

Handsome dog Bruno and his family posed for Irving Photography on a beautiful spring day in Colorado.   I love these classic, romantic, and beautiful photos from the country portion of their engagement session.

handsome brown white dog sitting outside spring engagement photos, ColoradoFrom Matthew:  “Margrete and Chris ooze elegance, but in a fun way! Their clothing is well-appointed and fitted, yet not too fussy. They know what they like, but are willing to go with the flow. They have raised one of the most well-behaved dogs we’ve ever seen and seem to think it was no big deal. In two words, these two are cool and classy. They wanted romantic blossoms in their shots, as well as chic downtown scenes. Luckily, Colorado can offer both!”

boxer/Lab mix looking at man woman kissing out in the countryside

From Chris:  “Bruno turned six on July 8.  We adopted him from the Denver Dumb Friends League on July 8, 2012.  We believe (although it’s unconfirmed) that he is a Boxer / Lab mix.  He weighs 62 pounds and has a heart of gold.

on location Colorado engagement photos with dog, brown white dog sitting with woman, man, flowering shrub

Bruno’s favorite past times include cuddling on the floor with mom and dad, and the occasional time spent in his human’s bed.  He enjoys walks to the park and the neighborhood and has started an informal Squirrel Chasing business around our house.  His favorite animals outside of Rabbits and Squirrels are cats, and he wants to be best friends with ALL of them.  Even the ones that hiss and swipe at him.

mixed breed, brown, white dog, woman, man on grass trail, mountains in distance man, woman holding hands looking at dog

Beggin Strips and DentaSticks are his favorite snack, but he also loves the occasional bone.  Chasing the tennis ball and playing fetch is great, but he loses interest after about ten throws.  Bruno loves swimming and the water in general, but he will NOT go near a sprinkler.”

hands and paws, engagement ring, dog paw,

Follow Irving Photography on Instagram.  See more of their work by following Irving Photography on Facebook.

About Irving Photography:  Based in Denver, Colorado, Matthew and Ariel Irving are a husband and wife team specializing in engagement and wedding photography.

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Disclosure:  This post may contain affiliate links.

Happy Weekend!  I’m wishing my sister, Alice G Patterson, a very happy birthday this weekend!  Fifteen years ago, Alice celebrated her birthday by starting the search for the perfect companion.  Lulu the Pug has been a terrific copilot since day one!  


About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Central New York, Alice specializes in senior portraits, dog photography and commercial photography for small businesses.

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