Happy Friday!  It is definitely the season for coats and sweaters around here.  Teddy was a big part of  Danielle and Wade’s engagement session with Nicole Zohar from EXO Photography.

EXO Photography | engagement session with dog, Engagement pictures in meat packing districtFrom Nicole:  “Danielle and Wade had an adorable engagement session with their equally adorable 4-year old canine companion Teddy at the Meat Packing District in New York. It was a little chilly, so they all came prepared with sweaters or jackets – even Teddy had a jacket on for some of the photos! At one point he was even bundled up in Danielle’s stylish scarf. Of course, the shoot wasn’t all about Teddy. Danielle and Wade got some awesome, romantic photos of just themselves, although they did include Teddy in quite a lot of the shots as well. It was a fantastic session and it really shows how they all care for each other.”

You can see more photos of Teddy, Danielle and Wade on the EXO Photography blog.

 About EXO Photography:  Based in Long Island New York, EXO Photography specializes in event and family photography and cinematography.

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Introducing the Newest Pretty Fluffy Family Member:  Emmy

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Happy Tails: Harry

One of my favorite movies is “When Harry Met Sally”.  I wonder when Harry (the dog) met Halley, if he knew his life was about to change in a spectacular way.  Thanks to Aaron Hogan from  Eye Wander Photo for sharing these photos of Harry the fluffy dog and his best girl, Halley.  I’m sure this sweet dog has a lot of funny and touching stories he could tell about their friendship.

© Eye Wander Photo | Handsome, fluffy dog, dog on grass, on location dog photography, rescued dog

From Aaron:  “Halley rescued harry as an adult dog out of the animal shelter 6 months ago.  Harry was found by animal control roaming the streets of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  After these two blondes met, their lives have never been the same.  As you see in this photo shoot their love for one another is adorable.”

© Eye Wander Photo | girl and her dog, adopt don't shop, fluffy dog playing at park © Eye Wander Photo | New Orleans lifestyle dog photography, girl and her dog, tired dog© Eye Wander Photo | funny dog photos, mixed breed dog at park, lifestyle-pet-portraits © Eye Wander Photo | dog and woman on railroad tracks, best friends forever © Eye Wander Photo | black white portrait of dog running © Eye Wander Photo | When Harry Met Halley, best friends dog and woman, touching portrait of a girl and her dog

To see more of Halley and Harry and other pet photography by Aaron visit this post on his blog.   You can see more of Aaron’s photography by liking Eye Wander Photo on Facebook.

About Eye Wander Photo:  Based in Baton Rouge,  Eye Wander Photo is an international wedding and portrait photographer.  Aaron has a dog-ter named Lily.

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Spotlight: Quake Dogs

In February 2011, Christchurch , a city in New Zealand was hit with a deadly earthquake.  Every disaster leads to stories of sadness, bravery, and heroes.  Author Laura Sessions and photographer Craig Bullock teamed up to create Quake Dogs a collection of stories and beautiful photographs that focus on the dogs affected by the earthquakes of Christchurch.  Some of the proceeds from the book go to HUHA, the national organization that works to rescue and re-home animals around New Zealand.  HUHA successfully relocated at least 70 quake dogs.

© Furtography | Quake Dogs

I can only imagine the hope that hearing an USAR (Urbans Search And Rescue) dog bark brought those who were trapped under the rubble.

© Furtography | USAR dog searching earthquake rubble © Furtography  |USAR dog bark, search and rescue dog

Dogs provided comfort to their loved ones, some panicked and ran away. Others were injured and found by strangers who footed the vet bills.  There is a dog who alerts the family to aftershocks before the humans can feel them.  I am allowed to share this excerpt from the Quake Dogs regarding Guinness.

© Furtography  | Handsome Irish Wolfhound, Quake Dog

“Guinness, a six-year-old Irish wolfhound, is named for his “creamy top and big body” rather than his drinking abilities.   However, on Friday afternoons he used to be found at the Carlton Club, where he downed a pint of beer in under a minute.   After his pint, he would lie on a mat by the front door, where everyone who entered had to step over his not insignificant 80-kilogram body.

Guinness’s owner, Sean, describes him as a ‘magnet’, which can be handy for meeting people at the pub on a Friday night.   But for the first five years of Guinness’s life, this magnetic personality was seldom obvious, as he had a daily routine where everyone en route was used to seeing this monster of a dog.

© Furtography  | Irish Wolfhound running on beach, New Zealand dog photography

After February 22, though, when everything in Christchurch was tipped upside down and no one had their “old” routines any longer, Guinness became a source of amusement, distraction and entertainment as he met new people around the city.

Sean and Guinness spent 22 days after February 22 helping residents of the hard-hit eastern suburbs clean up liquefaction and make their homes and roads liveable again. Guinness’s main role was to get residents’ minds off the quakes, because as soon as they saw him, they had something else to talk about.

He gave people a break, a reason to laugh, and for anyone under five years of age, their first-ever dog ride.

© Furtography | New Zealand her dog, Irish Wolfhound hero

Guinness became such an important character in the clean-up that he was delegated as unofficial mascot for the Student Volunteer Army and given the honourable title ‘Earthquake Dog’.   Sean printed his title across the side of his black Jeep so that everyone who saw Guinness with his head sticking out of the back would know who – and what – he was.

Guinness also used his charisma and unusual appearance to help Sean wrangle some free gear to donate to people in the east.   Together they distributed over 800 shovels, 230 wheelbarrows and 1,100 bottles of water.

After the earthquake, Guinness and Sean took a road trip to the North Island to thank everyone for all of the things they donated to Christchurch, and along the way, they also visited schools to talk about the value of volunteering.   The children had few questions about the earthquakes or volunteering, though, because they mostly just wanted to know more about Guinness. 

Shortly after the first anniversary of the February quake, Guinness received a medal for being a local hero, a section of the New Zealander of the Year awards presented annually.   Sean now has a new job at a construction company, and Guinness spends most days snoozing in the back office and enduring the stares and questions of intrigued clients.”

Here are some of the other dogs featured in Quake Dogs, but you’ll have to read the book to learn their stories.

© Furtography  | senior dog © Furtography | dogs survived earthquake © Furtography  | on-location-pet-photography, Christchurch, New Zealand © Furtography  | USAR dog

Be sure to like Furtography on Facebook!  Quake Dogs is also available through Amazon.

About Furtography:  Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Craig Bullock is a pet photographer who is happy to travel.   As a pet photographer, Craig creates lasting memories and beautiful pieces of art that captures the unique personality of his subjects. Craig has recently had his second book, Quake Cats, published.  As an advocate of animal rescue, Craig volunteers his services for K9 Rescue & Rehoming.

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Happy Tails: Ruby, Ripley and Ragan

Now that winter weather is here and we have snow, I am feeling excited about the holidays!  This is the perfect time of year to get family photos taken like this fun session by  Meigan Canfield Photography.  Last winter Megan photographed these happy humans and their dogs having some winter fun!   Ruby, Golden Retriever, 4 months, Ripley, Golden Retriever, 10 months and Ragan a 13 month old a German Shorthaired Pointer.

© Meigan Canfield Photography | Family portrait in snow, CO lifestyle photographer
 From Meigan:  “Holly and I (one of the owners) are good friends.  The shoot was around Christmas-time, and was a low key family photo shoot (which is honestly when I get the best shots).  It was just a perfect, bluebird, sparkling snow kind of day.  Being outside, and playing with the pups and with the snow, and laughing with each other inspired us all and brought them as a family together in such a special way during these Holidays when they were all home.  And that is what I aspire to do as a family photographer!  I want to create a fun environment for families to play and appreciate each other.  It was an amazing day!”
© Meigan Canfield Photography | Golden Retriever puppy in snow © Meigan Canfield Photography | dogs playing in snow © Meigan Canfield Photography | dogs playing in snow © Meigan Canfield Photography | Dogs running in snow, winter fun for dogs
 Nothing says winter fun to me like photos of dogs playing in  snow!

© Meigan Canfield Photography | funny family portraits, dogs playing snow Of  course my favorite shot is this one!

You don’t need dogs (or kids) who are perfectly behaved to get some perfect shots.   I hope you’ll make family photos (pets included) a priority this holiday season!

Check out Meigan Canfield Photography on Facebook.

About Meigan Canfield Photography:  Based in Colorado, Meigan specializes in wedding photography and fun filled family portraits.

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Happy Tails: Gotti and Brutus

I hope you had a great weekend!  Winter arrived in my part of the world too soon.  I’m happy to share this lovely family portrait session with two handsome Pit bulls  from Amanda Nicole Miller Photographer.

© Amanda NicoleMiller Photographer | family portrait session, handsome Pit bulls

From Amanda Nicole: “Josh and Brandi were my clients in North Carolina.  I did an adorable couple’s session with them when we both lived there.  They were a little nervous to bring the dogs along.   After all, it was their first time really having photos taken together… so they passed for the time being.  Fast forward a little… We both lived in South Carolina!   When it came time for updated photos, they definitely decided the dogs should be a part this time. After all, they are a huge part of their family.  They don’t have human children, but these dogs play the role of their children for sure:  just as many dogs do to their caring and loving owners.

© Amanda Nicole Miller -Photographer | Engagement photos with handsome Pit bulls

The Dogs: Gotti and Brutus are both four years old and full blood Pit bulls.  Gotti is the Blue Nose one.  They are the sweetest (and probably most spoiled) pits ever.  Well, aside from my Titan of course.  In fact, Gotti and my boy Titan (also a Blue Nose Pit) are best friends.  Before Josh and Brandi moved to Ohio (sad times), I used to love letting them play.  It melted my heart to see them playing together.  They looked like twins and you could really see their eyes light up when they got to play. 

AmandaNicoleMillerPhotographer_GottiBrutus5© Amanda Nicole Miller -Photographer | Lifestyle family portraits with couple and Pitties© Amanda Nicole Miller -Photographer | Blue nosed Pit bull, couples photo session© Amanda Nicole Miller -Photographer | Engagement Photography Ideas, lifestyle photographer

 It’s really pretty neat.   This family started out as clients of mine.  Often times, I do become good friends  with my clients.  In this case, the dogs especially brought us closer.”

You can see more of this cute family session on Amanda’s blog.  Follow Amanda Nicole Miller-Photographer on Facebook.

About Amanda Nicole Miller-Photographer:  Based in Temecula, California, Amanda specializes in weddings, but she is also available for family and pet portraits.   Amanda offers a discount for military and first responders.


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