This post is sponsored by CANIDAE® Pet Food and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer NetworkTM. I am being compensated to create awareness about the grain-free PURE line of pet food, but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. CANIDAE is not responsible for the content of this article.

My dog Nelly has suffered from food allergies (grain) as well as seasonal allergies and I can tell you when her allergies flare up,  they make us both miserable.  I know first hand that a healthy pet is a happy pet, so I do my best to make sure my dogs are healthy.   Recently I had the chance to let my dogs try CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE  Pet Food.  I was particularly interested in trying the salmon because my vet said that salmon may help Nelly fight  her seasonal allergies (which have started already!)  Special thanks to Alice G Patterson Photography for these photos!

CANIDAE®Grain-Free-Dog-Food-With-Fresh-Salmon-Daily-Dog-Tag, Maltese with fish bowl of dog food
Pet Food Made By Pet People™, the main ingredient in CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE sea is fresh salmon.

CANIDAE®-Grain-Free-Dog-Food-With-Fresh-Salmon-Daily-Dog-Tag, fish shaped dog food and water dishes on aqua backgroundThis dog food is great for Nelly, not only is it grain-free, it didn’t give her any digestive issues. CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE is corn, wheat, and soy free and has probiotics added after cooking to help with healthy digestion.  The small pieces are just the right size for Nelly, Theo, and Sophie.  

happy Maltese standing on deck CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE is a premium dog food with limited ingredients that are sourced in the United States.  The food is made in the United States as well, which is important to me.

CANIDAE®-Grain-Free-Dog-Food-With-Fresh-Salmon-Daily-Dog-Tag-, premium grain-free dog food,

In addition to grain-free PURE sea (salmon), there are several other varieties of grain-free PURE dog food including Land (bison), Sky (duck), Elements (lamb), Fields (chicken) and a special formula for puppies.  CANIDAE ® also makes grain-free PURE food for cats.  You  can find where to buy CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE  Pet Food using this store locator.   Get your coupon for $8.00 off here.

Grain-Free-Dog-Food-With-Fresh-Salmon-Daily-Dog-Tag, Maltese

My grandparents owned and operated a small mom and pop grocery store, my sister is in business for herself, so I appreciate and admire the integrity of small companies.  Although CANIDAE ® is a growing and thriving company, they embrace their small business beginnings.  They understand that pets are family and they take pride in their products.  




CANIDAE-Grain-Free-Dog-Food-With-Fresh-Salmon-Daily-Dog-Tag, dog food in fish bowl, pet product photographyFollow @CanidaePetFood on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Syracuse, NY, Alice specializes in senior portraits, small business and editorial photography and dog photography,  She has three dogs of her own.  Follow Alice on Instagram to see more of Franny, Lulu and Darla. 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Canidae®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Spring Fling Pet Blogger Giveaway

I’m  excited to announce the Spring Fling Pet Blogger Giveaway!  I joined an awesome group of pet bloggers to bring you a chance to win some terrific prizes that are perfect for both dogs and cats!

Spring Fling Vertical Image

These prizes are perfect for dogs and cats (and the people who love them!)
To enter the giveaway, simply follow the steps in the Rafflecopter widget below.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 To increase your odds of winning one of these awesome prizes, visit each of the participating blogs listed below. You’ll be able to enter the giveaway on each of those blogs and remember, the more you enter, the more chances you have to win!



Elizabeth at Chronicles of Cardigan

Amanda at Dog Mom Days

Carol at Fidose of Reality

Kevin & Rachael at My Dog Likes

Christina at The Lazy Pit Bull

Jessica at Beagles and Bargains

Sadie at Her & Her Dogs

Sandra at Dolly the Doxie

Jodi at Kol’s Notes

This contest ends on  Tuesday night, May 3rd, at 11:59pm EST.

One “finalist” will be randomly selected from each of the 10 participating blogs. All of the finalists’ names will go into a drawing, and 3 winners will be randomly selected to receive the prizes listed above. The winners will be announced on our facebook page as well as  The Lazy Pit Bull Facebook page next Friday, Wednesday, May 6th.  Good luck!

About the giveaway:

No purchase necessary. Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents age 18 and older, except where prohibited by law. Giveaway will run from April 27 through May 3, 2016 at 11:59pm EST. Three (3) winners will be randomly selected and notified via email. Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prizes; failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize. Twitter and Pinterest do not sponsor, administer, or endorse this promotion. Participants must read and agree to Rafflecopter’s Privacy Policy before entering and participating in this promotion. By entering this contest, participants grant permission for their email address to be added to The Lazy Pit Bull newsletter list.

Each participating blogger paid an entry fee which will be used to fund the grand prize. The items in the 2nd and 3rd place prize packages were generously donated by the participating brands. Please be sure to visit their websites to see all the amazing pet products they have to offer.


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Happy Tails: Nesbah

Heterochromia iridum is the scientific term for one of my favorite characteristics in a dog:  one blue eye and one brown eye.  I am always intrigued how eye color can change the look of the dog.  This beautiful mixed breed is more than a pretty face, she was chosen to be a model for the Second Chance Animal Rescue and photographed by Melissa Dunstan from Tangled Lilac Photography.

Nesbah-fundraiser calendar for Second Chance Rescue, studio dog photography

From Melissa:  “This is Nesbah, another dog with the Second Chance Center for Animals calendar shoot.

Second Chance Animal Rescue calendar, © Tangled Lilac Photography | Husky/Shepherd mix, studio dog photographyThose eyes!! And what a gorgeous smile!”

white mixed breed, blue eye brown eye, calendar fundraiser for animal shelter

From Dot:  This March 2016, marked one year since I adopted a six-week-old puppy from Second Chance Center for Animals. I named this puppy Nesbah, a traditional Navajo woman’s name.  Nesbah had a long journey to her forever home. She and her litter mates were rescued by the Kayenta Animal Care Center. This is one of the few locally based rescue groups which provide much-needed services on the Navajo Reservation. Dr. Begaye and her staff tended to Nesbah and her litter mates by providing medical care, vaccinations, and spay/neuter surgery.  Second Change Center for Animals then helped these puppies by bringing them to Flagstaff for adoption.

Nesbah-fundraiser calendar for Second Chance Animal Rescue

When I first saw Nesbah, she seemed very dejected and shy for her litter mates had been rapidly adopted days before, leaving her alone.  Aaron Paul, the Second Chance adoption counselor, brought her to me in the adoption meeting room where she became even more confused and shy. Even though Nesbah was not too engaging, I was already in love with her and wanted to bring her home. Aaron was very supportive and explained the options of how to deal with this shyness.   Nesbah is now a joyful and loving companion who has enriched my life and made me a happier and healthier person, with both of us enjoying our daily walks in the Forest. She travels well, and we frequently visit our two legged and four legged friends in Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Tucson.

one year Husky/Shepherd mix

 Nesbah is usually well-behaved and continues to remember the “Grade School” lessons taught us by Second Chance dog trainer Becky Harris. She has also learned to shake hands in response to the Navajo Greeting “Ya’at’ eeh,” which has delighted our Navajo friends.

© Tangled Lilac Photography | Husky/Shepherd mix, studio dog photography

In October 2015, Second Chance had a “Pet Star Calendar Contest.”  Those 12 pets receiving the most votes/donations were given a place on the calendar. With the generosity of family and friends from throughout the US, Nesbah won a spot on the calendar. Then she won another prize by having Melissa, of Tangled Lilac Photography, volunteering to take the calendar photograph. Not only did Melissa take multiple wonderful pictures, but Nesbah liked her so much that she climbed onto her lap at the end of the photo session.

© Tangled Lilac Photography | Husky/Shepherd mix, studio dog photography

A DNA test has revealed Nesbah to be a Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, and Lhasa Apso mix, but with so many other breed combinations in one great grandparent that a DNA marker pattern could not be identified.

© Tangled Lilac Photography | Husky/Shepherd mix, studio dog photography

No day passes, without Nesbah  making me smile.”

Follow Tangled Lilac Photography on Facebook to see more their images, including adoptable dogs.

About Melissa and Kristen are wedding and portrait photographers serving Flagstaff, Sedona, and the greater Phoenix, Arizona area.


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Engaging Tails: Oscar the Welsh Corgi

Queen Elizabeth  II will be celebrating her 90th birthday on April 21, and although it is highly unlikely she’ll spend the day reading my blog, I decided to feature a Welsh Corgi in her honor.  Oscar and his people had their engagement photos taken by April and Bryan Photography.

Welsh Corgi sitting on laps, engagement photos

From April and Bryan:  “These two love birds aren’t just in love with each other, but also with their adorable Welsh Corgi, Oscar. He 100% thought he was the reason for the entire session!”

Welsh Corgi, couple sitting with Corgi on lap, engagement ring and Corgi

From Jenna:  “When I moved to Gettysburg for a job right out of college, I found myself extremely lonely and depressed. I grew up with dogs all my life, so I knew that’s what I was missing. Having a smaller apartment, I needed a smaller dog. My research led me to the Welsh Corgi. I checked the local shelters but was unable to adopt any because I did not have a fenced in yard, which was a requirement.” (Just a reminder, not every rescue requires a fenced in a yard, so please don’t automatically dismiss the idea of adopting a dog based on Jenna’s experience.)  “I found a reputable breeder in my hometown that had a litter of tri-colored Welsh Corgies. I went home for the weekend to visit them, and as soon as she led me to the litter, I spotted the cutest puppy I’ve ever met! All his brothers and sisters were running around the yard, but he ran right up to me a licked my hand. It was love at first sight. The name Oscar came to mind as soon as we met and I took him home that day. He was such a good puppy! House trained within the first week. Slept in my bedroom in a makeshift playpen. As long as he could see me, he was content throughout the night. Oscar quickly grew to like long walks along the battlefields every morning and greeted every single person or animal that we passed along the way. He was my personal therapy dog, and I was so much happier with him by my side. But I still did not like the job I was doing at the time, so I interviewed for a new job in a town I’d never heard of, and we moved as soon as I got the call that I was hired. Oscar adapted very quickly to the change of scenery.

A couple of years after moving to this new town I met Michael. Michael met Oscar soon after we started dating and fell in love with him before he fell in love with me! Sometimes I would joke that he was only dating me to get to Oscar. Oscar has such a big personality, and he makes our little family complete. He is the most talkative dog I’ve ever met in my life. When we come home from work, Oscar greets both of us with howls, hops, and kisses. When we let him in from being outside, he sits by his treat jar and expects one every time. When you’re holding food that Oscar wants he will “sit, shake and roll over” without you having to say anything. That is the order I taught him his first three tricks, and he hasn’t forgotten that that’s what he has to do to get a treat. He has a stuffed hedgehog that he puts in his bed every night then joins later when he gets sleepy. When we have a lot of people in our house, he tries to herd everyone into one spot and will lay down in the middle of the room when he is happy that everyone is together. He is not a cuddly dog by any means unless he is not feeling well or he knows I am not feeling well. Then he won’t leave my lap. I haven’t been alone in the bathroom in the four years I’ve had Oscar because he needs to know where I am at all times.

romantic engagement photography with Corgi, Welsh Corgi wearing harness, blue leashI can’t imagine my life without Oscar or Michael, and I am so happy we all found each other.”

You can see more of Jenna and Mike’s engagement session on April and Bryan’s blog.

About April and Bryan Photography:   Located in Reinholds, Pennsylvania, Bryan and April are a husband and wife team that specialize in portraits and wedding photography.

Although I suspect a lot of you already know these things, I couldn’t resist sharing this video. 


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Engaging Tails: Tanner, Trinity, & Trigger

Photographer Meghan Thomas  and her clients have a knack for finding just the right location and props to make every engagement photography session unique and meaningful to the couple.  When both people are working with animals for a living, the chances are pretty good that they will  include their dogs in their engagement session.  I am happy to say that these clients did not disappoint!  Check out these awesome Save The Date signs with three of the best sign bearers.

Dogs holding save-the-date signs

From Meg:  “From the moment you meet Jonathan and Jessica, you can feel that there is something special about their connection. At three years old Jonathan became very sick and lost his hearing which came at a crucial time for him in his development. He can now hear with the help of hearing aids, and he has become a master lip reader. When I asked Jessica about how this affects their relationship, she said that other couples can just yell to each other from room to room to have a conversation. With the two of them they physically have to be face to face to have a meaningful conversation which in turn makes them closer.  And she says in the mornings she can make as much noise as she wants to without fear of waking him up!  The two met in college in a math class that neither of them was supposed to be in! Coincidence, I think not!!  After graduating college, Jessica eventually moved back to her hometown in Upstate NY.   Jonathan soon followed after realizing that they could not be without each other.

dogs holding save-the-date signs, engagement session with dogs The two both love and work with animals and have rescued 3 of their own. Jonathan works as a vet assistant, and Jessica is a dog trainer. Their first dog that they got together is seven-year-old Tanner, which they think is a Pomeranian, Doxie, Chihuahua mix from the PA Humane Society.

Picnic engagement photos with dogs Then came Trinity which they think is a border collie, pit bull mix about five years old from an animal rescue organization in Syracuse called Helping Hounds. And last but not least is their full of energy Trigger. Trigger is one and half years old and is believed to be a Collie mixed with an Australian cattle dog.  

Picnic Engagement session with dogs, couple holding hands walking with dogsThe two are planning a DIY barn wedding in Upstate NY next June.   Honoring and incorporating their loved ones into their wedding day is very important to them. On this engagement session, we found ways to honor both Jessica and Jonathan’s grandparents. The vintage cooler on the back of the truck was Jessica’s grandparents, and the picnic basket was from Jonathan’s grandparents.”

engagement session with dogs, pick up truck and vintage coolerPicnic Engagement session with dogs,blue pick up and vintage plaid cooler

From Jessica:  “I have three amazing dogs. It was really fun being able to have them in our pictures. I truly believe proper training is the best thing you can do for any dog.  It changes everyone’s life for the better, and you get to enjoy your dogs so much more! 

Picnic Engagement session with dogs-

To see more of Jess and Jon’s engagement session, visit Meghan’s blog.

couple, dogs engagement photos red barn doorYou can see more of Meghan’s photography by following Meghan Thomas Photography on Facebook.

About Meghan Thomas Photography:  Based in Central New York, Meghan specializes in wedding photography.  

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