Focus: Maia the Boxer and Her Best Girl

 “Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, never had a dog.”


 I’m not sure who the author is, but I am in total agreement. I like to start Monday with a smile, and these photos from  Joanna Moore are just perfect.   Joanna’s daughter shares a special bond with their Boxer Maia.

Boxer and little girl in pink dress, cat ears standing outside

From Joanna:  “Maia (8-year-old boxer) and Kiley have been friends since Kiley’s birth in 2013. Their bond is one of my favorite things to capture as a photographer.

Boxer and toddler playing in sandbox, backyard fun dog and toddler, BFFS When Kiley is sick, Maia is there. When Kiley wants to play, Maia is there.

little girl looking through fence, Boxer following preschooler , girl and dog bffs toddler hosing Boxer off, little girl giving dog bath in backyard. little girl reading story to dog, human-dog bond, girl resting on sofa with dog and Mickey Mouse toyI loved my dog like a child before being a mother, and I could not have imagined their bond would be so tight.”

toddler girl and Boxer sleeping on floor

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About Joanna Moore Photography:  Based in Orlando, Florida, Joanna specializes in family and child portraits as well as life event photography.


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Happy Tails: Piper the Beagle

My sister Alice is a very talented photographer who loves helping other creative women achieve their dreams by creating custom portrait, product and location photography for their business websites and social media.   Whenever possible, Alice always includes her clients’ dogs in some of the photos.  Kelly Covert,  an Inner Voice Coach, recently launched a new website and called Alice for some portraits. 

beagle and woman sitting on bed, human-dog bond

Some of my favorite photos are the ones Alice took of Kelly and her dog, Piper.

From Kelly:  “Piper is a beagle and will be two in March.  She is an unusual color mix and small for a beagle, so she gets a lot of comments! 

cute brown Beagle lying on bed


I got her as a mother’s day present after (finally) convincing my husband I needed a baby girl…I have two sons, 10 and 13, and was in desperate need of someone to nurture! He reluctantly gave in, and of course, now he loves Piper as much as we all do! In fact, she’s quite a daddy’s girl.

beagle, woman looking at each other, sitting on bedclose up of Beagle on bed She is very quiet for a beagle.

beagle snuggling next to woman on bed Piper loves to snuggle, lay in front of the fireplace, and go for long walks in the snow.

 She is one of the best things that has ever happened to our family!”

Join Kelly for a 5 Day Journal Challenge starting February 26.

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About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Syracuse, New York, Alice is a lifestyle photographer dedicated to helping women succeed in their small business dreams that also specializes in dog photography.  Alice is taking her pet and commercial photography on the road this year, so be sure to sign up for her email list or send her an inquiry about your business and pet portrait needs.  

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Happy Tails: Chloe the Mini Dachshund

Life is better with friends and family.  I think that also holds true for dogs as well.  Scout has a great life with photographer Connie Meinhardt.   He loves playing with his bestie, Chloe, the doxie.

black tan mini Dachshund in pink collar, lifestyle dog photography

From Connie: “Chloe, the mini dachshund, is my neighbor’s dog. She and Scout, my Spaniel mix, met in our courtyard one day.  It was love at first sight. They are inseparable.

mini doxie and spaniel on bed, dog bffsChloe is often at my place for play dates because Scout is always happier with her around.  She has the sweetest disposition but is possibly the most energetic and fun dog I have ever been around.


black tan mini Dachshund in pink collar, lifestyle dog photography black tan mini Dachshund in pink collar lying on bed close up black tan mini Dachshund black tan mini Dachshund, bone shaped metal tag black white dog photography, Dachshund and toy

However, give her a toy, and she will shred it apart quicker than it took you to buy it!  She plays hard, and she rests hard.

black tan mini Dachshund lying on bed, lifestyle dog photography black tan mini doxie, lifestyle dog photography I love her to pieces!”

If you are looking to add a doxie to your family, please consider adopting one!   Little Paws Dachshund Rescue has some adorable dogs up for adoption. Additionally, Petfinder is a wonderful way to find a dog near you.

Follow Connie Meinhardt Photo on Instagram to see more of her images, including Scout and his  Chloe.  You can also follow her on Facebook.

About Connie Meinhardt Photography:  Based in Dallas, Texas, Connie specializes in kids and baby portraits.  I bet she would also be happy to photograph more dogs!

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Engaging Tails: Max the Yorkie

I  have lived with several breeds of dogs, including Yorkshire Terriers.  I know first hand that they may be small, but their capacity for love is huge. Max the Yorkie is no different than my dogs.  He captured the hearts of people who know him.  As if he isn’t cute enough, Max earned a few extra points with me for the fancy bow tie he wore to an engagement session with Casey Hendrickson Photography.

Yorkie in bow tie, engagement photos with dogFrom Casey:  “Blind dates are always full of awkward moments between two people who have absolutely no idea who the other one is… Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it just doesn’t at all.  For these two, they scored when David’s brother-in-law decided to set him up with Tori! Tori’s eyes are full of light and happiness, and David will do anything for her.  She adored his loving heart full of compassion, and the two truly hit it off.

woman in striped dress, man holding Yorkie, engagement photos at country club

 For their engagement photos, Tori only had one stipulation: her adorable little pup Max HAD to be in some pictures! The family calls him Little Brother since he is like a little brother to Tori and her sister.  He is such a ham, and modeled like a pro for us!  Tori says Max loves short walks, naps, going for car rides, and giving sweet kisses.”

couple with Yorkie at country club, engagement pictures with dog

From Tori:  Max turned 7 in September, and he’s already had such an adventurous life.   My parents bought him for my sister and me for Christmas my last year of High School.

woman in striped dress holding Yorkie in red-blue striped bow tie For the next five years, he was the baby of our family, and I always said that when I left home, I was going to take him with me. I went to college an hour from home, and once I moved into an apartment, I would go home to get Max, and he would stay at college. Everyone loved him, and my roommate would even take him on outings while I was at work.

man holding Yorkie, woman looking at dog, engagement photos with dog

Fast forward to when I got engaged, my family lived in Missouri and my fiance in Lexington, KY. During a visit, my fiance, David, said if I really wanted Max to be with us when we got married he should go ahead and take him for a “trial run.” So, my whole family cried, but Max went with David to Lexington, and he has never left. Max lived with David for a year or so before we were married. Max started as a dog for one family and will be a sweet part as David and I have our own family. He truly means so much to me because he has, in a way, gone through every life transition with me. 

woman holding Yorkie kissing fiance on stone staircase

At home, we call him ‘brother.’ He loves to go on car rides. Throughout my long distance engagement and even before, he traveled all over. He loves to see people working the window at Drive-thru’s, and he knows as soon as you get close to a Mcdonald’s he is going to get to share fries. He is independent but will get down our bed and lay his head on our pillows too. We take him on walks around our community, and everyone knows him by name. We can’t go for too long of a walk, though, or he will just sit down! I use to think because he was MY dog that I was just a little partial, but he truly makes everyone who sees him smile. He brings so much joy to my new husband and me as we start our life together.

smiling blond in striped dress holding cute Yorkie wearing bow tie

Max is my heart, and he makes everyone who sees him so happy. ” 

Follow Casey Hendrickson on Instagram.

About Casey Hendrickson Photography:  Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Casey specializes in wedding and boudoir photography.

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Simple Grain Free Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats

February 20  is Love Your Pet Day.  And while we love our dogs every day, I wanted to celebrate by sharing another dog treat recipe. This one was created with my oldest dog, Nelly, in mind.  Thanks to Alice G Patterson for these photos

Maltese on pink chair with jar of dog treats

Nelly is nearly ten years old and is my shadow.   While all of my dogs are awesome, Nelly has made it clear that I am her special person.  Since this cutie has lots of allergies, including wheat and corn, I always make grain free treats for my crew.  She loves these treats.

homemade peanut butter, banana, beet dog treats

Simple Grain Free Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats



1 banana

1 tbsp water

1 cup oat flour 

1/2 cup oats

2 tbsp natural peanut butter (never give your dog anything with Xylitol)

2 tbsp cooked beets, carrots or other dog safe veggies


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a bowl, mash banana. Add water and flour. Add in other ingredients and stir until well mixed.

Roll into small balls.

Place on cookie sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes.

Store in airtight container, these dog treats can also be served raw.

homemade grain free dog treats

I baked my treats, but you can also serve them uncooked.  If raw, they are perfect for pill pockets.  Store the raw treats in the refrigerator or freezer.   And, thanks to the peanut butter, these treats are tasty to humans.

easy-DIY-jar with stickers. homemade gluten free vegan dog treats Baked or raw, our easy DIY treat jar is perfect for storing them. 

personalized treat jar with homemade grain free treats
I made a few other variations based on the banana beet treat recipe.  

Bakers Gonna Bake tea towel, white tray of grain free dog treats, heart shaped dog treats, DIY Dog The bigger hearts have only the beet dough. The small round cookies are the banana dough with a heart-shaped beet.  Before adding additional ingredients ensure that they are safe for dogs! 

Maltese on pink chair with personalized jar of treats, puppy cut Love Your Pet Day, treats and toy mouse for dog small white dog and cute toy mouse on pink chair, Maltese, dogs on furniture

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How will you show your pets love today?

About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Syracuse, New York, Alice specializes in lifestyle dog portraits, product photography,  and portraits for small business owners.

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