Focus: Winston the Schnoodle

I can’t believe it is already August; this summer is flying by!   I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing dogs play at the beach.  When a wedding photographer self-identifies as “dog mom” on all her social media, I … Continue reading

Puppy Love: Diggory the Boxer Beagle Pup

Hooray for the weekend!  This cutie pie Diggory is probably a Boxer/Beagle mix and he is simply adorable.  Thanks to Megan Rei Photography for these photos. From Megan:  “While I mainly focus on weddings, I tend to attract other dog-loving … Continue reading

Puppy Love: Brody the Bernese Mountain Dog

You know that senior dogs rock.  I’m right there with you, and I adore senior dogs with all my heart.  So I’m sorry, but you are about to have a severe case of puppy love.  However, it is totally worth … Continue reading

Puppy Love: Cooper the Golden Retriever

That first year of puppyhood goes so quickly, and larger breeds go through such a significant transformation.  It makes me happy when photographers capture those fleeting moments of puppyhood. Cooper, the Golden Retriever puppy, was only four months old when Michelle … Continue reading

Puppy Love: Hudson the Goldendoodle

I’m not one to really predict trends.  However, I’ve noticed a dramatic increase of Goldendoodles making their way into photo shoots in the last few months.   Hudson the Goldendoodle was just three months old when modern pet photographer Kat Ku … Continue reading

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