Best Dog: Oliver the Pointer mix

Wolf Trap Animal Rescue alum Oliver is a  handsome Greyhound/Labrador Retriever/ Pointer mix.  Although he lost a leg to canine cancer, he has a lot to smile about!  Thanks to KetaNuva Photography for these beautiful images!

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From Aubrey:  “Barrett really wanted a dog, but we were saving/planning for a wedding at the time, and I didn’t think it would be wise to add that to the mix.  Barrett brought up the possibility of taking care of a foster dog, and that’s how 3-month old Oliver came into our lives.  Within an hour of meeting Oliver, I knew he could not go back, so Barrett and I became ‘foster fails’ in September 2015.  Raising a puppy was hard work and exhausting, but so rewarding! Continue reading

Is A Pet Stroller Right for Your Dog?

This post is sponsored by Wayfair.  All opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that help make Daily Dog Tag possible.  All photos by Alice G Patterson Photography.

Pet strollers are one of those things that I may have discounted when I first saw them.  I mean, I take my dog for a walk for exercise, why would I put her in a stroller?   However, I’ve come to realize that there are a lot of great reasons to have a pet stroller.

Maltese in pet stroller Continue reading

Focus: Inara at the Beach

One of my favorite places to be is an empty beach.  However, if I have to share the beach, I prefer to share it with other dog lovers and their dogs!  Photographer Alisha Sims took a vacation to Florida with her fiance and their dog, Inara. 

small Retriever mix at beach wearing glitter gold collar

From Alisha:  “My fiance Dakota and I both grew up with Golden Retrievers, so when we were planning to get our own dog, the choice was easy! However, at the time we lived in a condo, and they didn’t accept dogs over 30lbs.  Dakota searched high and low and found Inara. She is just 30lbs and looks and acts just like a Golden.  Continue reading

Adoptable Pets| Greenville-Greene County Humane Society

Photographer Lisa Cornwell is one of the countless volunteers who help make a difference for homeless pets.   While many of us are looking forward to celebrating the Fourth of July, these pets are decked out in red, white and blue and hoping to be home for the festivities. A long weekend is a perfect time to adopt a pet. 

From Lisa:  “I run a small photography business and do the profile pictures as well as the dress-up holiday photos for the adoptable animals at Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society. I took most of these just last week to feature some of our adoptables for the Fourth of July.”

Adoptable Shar Pei mix dressed up for Fourth of July, Greenville, TN

Chester is a large Shar-Pei  Mix of only 1 ½ Years. Chester is shy with new people and is a rather laid back, quiet personality. He is extremely loyal once he becomes attached to someone.  Continue reading

Gunner the Shepherd Mix, Ruger the Corgi + Friends

I daydream about having a farm one day, and these photos from K Schulz Photography are just adding fuel to the fire. Gunner the handsome Shepherd mix and  Ruger, the Welsh Pembroke Corgi, are just the start of this animal lover’s dream!

handsome Shepherd mix in front of tree with pink blossoms adorable Corgi in front of tree with fuschia flowers

From Kelly:  “Amy has a farm in Lebanon.  She has six chickens, two dogs, and two horses.  Her dogs are named Ruger and Gunner.

Continue reading

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