Happy Tails: Maddie the English Bulldog

It doesn’t take long for a dog to own your heart.  And once that happens, the dog will be in your heart forever.   Maddie, the English Bulldog, is currently facing a devastating diagnosis, so her family arranged for a photo session with their favorite photographers, Shannon and Christina from P.I.C. Photo.  

English Bulldog at the parkFrom Shannon and Christina:  “We LOVE dogs! Meet the sweetest English Bulldog, Maddie.  We have been photographing her family for the last 3.5 years, ever since her human mom was pregnant with her sister.   Continue reading

Happy Tails: Keena

If you’ve ever wondered if the TV spots featuring adoptable animals work, they do!   I love the devotion you can see between Aly and Keena the lovely rescue dog in this session from Eileen K Photography

bond between dog and human, on location dog photography, From Eileen: “Keena is a rescue pup from Minnesota. One day Aly was watching a re-run of a local news show, and saw Keena as an adoptable dog.  Continue reading

Easy and Decorative Pie Crust for Dog Lovers + A Giveaway

Disclosure:  This is post is sponsored by Vita Bone® Artisan Inspired® Dog Treats, and I’m being compensated to share my experience.   However, at Daily Dog Tag, we only review products that we use for ourselves or our dogs.  All opinions are my own.  Photos are by Alice G Patterson Photography.

When I was growing up, my family loved tradition.  We had pretty much the same menu for Thanksgiving every year.  The night before Thanksgiving, my dad and I would make the pumpkin pies.  Pumpkin pie was the only dessert we ever had for Thanksgiving.

The first time I went to Thanksgiving at my in-laws, I was bewildered to find that dessert included many different pies, cakes, and a trifle. 

Over the years I have added and dropped various menu items to holiday meals to suit our family and guests.   

We’ve all seen traditional fall themed pies, but why not break the mold and show off what you really love?    Dogs are family.  So we decided to bring that idea to the table this year, both with our desserts and something yummy for the dogs: Vita Bone® Artisan Inspired® Dog Treats. 

cutest pie ever, dog themed Thanksgiving, Vita Bone Treats

One of the things I’ve learned in life is that you don’t always have to do things the hard way. Continue reading

Happy Tails: GusGus the Adorable Deaf Dog

Life on the street is always tough. I imagine it was a little bit tougher for a tiny deaf dog. Gus-Gus must have had a couple of lucky breaks to end up living the good life.  Justin and Vy from The Right Moments Photography took these photos of  lucky dog, Gus-Gus. 

tiny deaf dog, ShihTzu

From Justin:  “Gus-Gus is a cute little fella and a rescued dog. He’s actually deaf but that does not stop him from learning and performing tricks, and he enjoys getting the treats. He also loves cuddling. 

Continue reading

Trying NomNomNow | Fresh Food For Dogs

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by NomNomNow, and I am being compensated to share my experience with this food.  At Daily Dog Tag, we only review products that we use ourselves.  All opinions are mine. I am not a vet or food nutritionist.  Always consult your vet with any medical concerns.   Photos by Alice G Patterson Photography.

I am excited to let my dogs try NomNomNow,  a fresh food subscription delivery for dogs.  I am sure my dogs will love it (and I think I’m going to earn some extra “favorite human” points with them for giving them the good stuff.)

I’ve raised my dogs with a modified “no table scraps” mindset that the vet drilled into my mom (and me) when I was a kid.  However, common sense and reading articles about dog nutrition helped me realize that most veggies are good for my dogs. I always check to make sure a new food is not toxic to dogs. Continue reading

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