Adopt Me: Axel the Aussie Mix and Dinah From R.A.R.E.

Now and then, I share a special pet who can use a little P.R. to help find a home.  I don’t know if it has ever worked, but I’ll always take the chance.  Fortunately, many photographers volunteer their time and … Continue reading

Focus: Molly and Chewie At Home

Charlotte photographer, Casey Hendrickson, loves the snow, and so do her two dogs, Chewie and Molly.  However, when they have to be inside, they have a beautiful place to call home.  Last fall they had a photo shoot to celebrate … Continue reading

Engaging Tails: Dexter the Blue Merle Australian Shepherd

The last few days it felt like spring was on its way.  However, today, it is snowing again, and it looks like Punxatawny Phil might have been right after all.  So I’m sharing a little warmth via these engagement photos of … Continue reading

In Loving Memory: Ace the Beloved

(Tissue Alert!) Writing and editing an “In Loving Memory” post always makes me cry. But they also make me happy. Each one is a testament to a dog who was well loved, even if was for too short of a … Continue reading

Happy Tails: Layla the German Shepherd Mix

For so many of us, when we say “family” that includes our pets.  During a family photo session at Barfield Crescent Park in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, K Schulz Photography, started with the German Shepherd mix, Layla. According to Kelly, Layla is … Continue reading

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