Happy Tails: Toby the Shih Tzu/Chihuahua Mix

Some things are better now than they used to be — like senior portraits.  Among other interests,  Savannah’s love for Toby the Shih Tzu/Chihuahua mix shows in her senior portrait session with Anjeanette Illustration Photography.

small Chihuahua mix sitting next to senior girl in black booties, anjeanette-illustration-senior-portraits-with-dog

 From Anjeanette:  “I met up with Theatre major to be Savannah, and her little dog too, at the Historic Palace Theatre with her dazzling smile on a Tennessee sun-drenched afternoon!  At the time we were taking pictures Savannah was preparing for her school production of Grease.  However,   the most important part of her senior portrait session was including her furry baby Toby in some of her portraits.

high school senior cuddling small Shih Tzu mix, Independent Photographer & Illustrator - Anjeanette Illustration

Toby is hilarious; he looks like a miniature dark gray and brown Wookie, and I swear he can cock one eyebrow and roll his eyes.

Shih Tzu/Chihuahua mix sitting in grass, dog looks like small wookieHe was the perfect model although I suspect silent judgment- just kidding. Savannah is one of those charismatic people who instantly makes you smile and laugh. We met at church through the youth program she is actively involved in, and where her mama mentors my daughter in a small group!

high school senior holding Shih Tzu Chi mix outside She has a great personality, an expressive demeanor, and a wonderful smile.  She’s confident, both when chatting about school and life, and even when she’s standing by herself in the middle of a field getting her photo taken waving to parade style to passersby.”

anjeanette-illustration-senior-portraits-with-dog-on-chair in field

From Savannah:  “Toby Underhill was born on May 28, 2013.  He is a three-year-old Shih Tzu and Chihuahua mix.  A girl who attends church with us told me about the puppies.  She said that she wasn’t sure what she was going to do with them. I didn’t care much because I just wanted a friend. I have a deep love for all dogs, so I knew whoever I ended up with, I’d love.  Six weeks passed and the time came to get my pup. That day, I got a text from the girl letting me know there was only one left.  She said he was the runt that no one cared for.

Shih Tzu Chihuahua yawning, senior girl holding small dog

From the moment I saw his little face, I was in love with him. There’s no smell quite like puppy breath. Not to mention the smell of waffle syrup he always had as a pup. From day one, Toby became my best friend. Although he seems antisocial and rude to others, he is very loving.

anjeanette-illustration-senior-portraits-with-dog-9-of-8 He has, by far, the biggest personality I’ve seen on such a small dog. I never knew a dog could have so many facial expressions until I met him. He squints, scowls, smiles, and shows many other human expressions.

high school senior girl, red top, long curly brown hair, holding small dog in woods, Toby has been through high school with me enduring prom pictures, senior portraits, as well as all of my obsessive Snapchat pictures.

High school senior holding Chihuahua mix, on location senior portraits with dog

He’s become so popular in our hometown that he even has his own Twitter (@tobyunderhill13). I’m not embarrassed at all to say my dog is my best friend. In fact, I encourage everyone to find one for themselves.”

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About Anjeanette Illustration Photography:  Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Anjeanette specializes in wedding photography and senior portraits.


Toby is really adorable and really does look like a tiny little wookie. His personality definitely shines through in these pictures!

Leigh says:

Toby is adorable and looked very much happy and loved. I can understand the whole obsession you have on him.

What a cutie!

Nichole says:

Toby is a handsome little guy! What a face… and THOSE ears!!! Love!

Toby is absolutely adorable and it’s clear to see the camera loves him! 🙂

Such beautiful photos. I wish I could get some professional photos done with Truffle and Brulee.

Joanna says:

Lovely images!! and what a cutie!

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