Do you have a great dog session you want to submit?  We love to feature professional photography of awesome dogs on the Daily Dog Tag.  We are looking for: dogs with kids, working dogs, dogs in the city, dogs in the county, senior dogs, rescue dogs, show dogs, dogs in weddings, puppy dogs …you get the picture … we want to share it!


Guidelines for Submission:            


  • A minimum of  8 images should be sent via dropbox or in a zipped file to or through Two Bright Lights.

  • ALL images should be:
  •                                        unbranded
  •                                        low res
  •                                        a minimum of 800 pixels wide (verticals and horizontals)

  • Additionally, please send in 2 images that ARE branded (for sharing on Facebook)

  • Please include the dog’s name, breed, age.   I’m particularly interested in whether or not the dog was a rescue.  If so, please include link to the rescue organization.
  • If this feature has been featured somewhere else besides your own blog/website, please provide that information as well.

  • If  you have multiple sessions to submit, please submit them individually, as this will allow for faster publication.


Special consideration will be given to adoptable dogs.  These sessions will be published as soon as possible with the hope of helping the dogs to find their forever homes.   There is not a minimum number of photos required for adoptable dogs.  Information identifying the rescue can be placed on the photos, but should be thoughtfully placed for aesthetic purposes.