In Loving Memory: Ace the Beloved

(Tissue Alert!) Writing and editing an “In Loving Memory” post always makes me cry. But they also make me happy. Each one is a testament to a dog who was well loved, even if was for too short of a … Continue reading

Happy Tails: Walter and Dumplin’ the English Bulldogs

One of the easiest things to do is fall in love with a pet, and one of the hardest is to say goodbye.   I urge you to get some professional pet portraits of your dogs, preferably at multiple times in … Continue reading

In Loving Memory: Sugar the Golden Retriever

Some people make the world a better place just by being in it.    That goes for dogs too.  One such dog is Sugar the Golden Retriever.    Sadly, Sugar crossed the Rainbow Bridge last week.  She was 15 years … Continue reading

In Loving Memory: Oswald

Dogs are family.  If you don’t already have some awesome photos of your dogs, I hope you’ll get some soon!  Thanks to Melissa Dunstan from Tangled Lilac Photography for sending these photos of Oswald. Oswald lived a rich, full life, … Continue reading

In Loving Memory: Syler the Boxer

Thanks to Melissa from Tangled Lilac Photography for these photos of Syler.  I think these photos honor his memory and provide his family with solace.  I previously featured Syler’s color photos, but these black and white ones are just as moving. … Continue reading

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