Pawsitively Amazing: Make a Difference By Fostering

Although I’ve never fostered, I think it is one of the most generous and selfless acts a person can do.  Even though the holiday season may be over, this photo session from Two Maries is still spreading joy.  From  Britt:  … Continue reading

Happy Tails: GusGus the Adorable Deaf Dog

Life on the street is always tough. I imagine it was a little bit tougher for a tiny deaf dog. Gus-Gus must have had a couple of lucky breaks to end up living the good life.  Justin and Vy from … Continue reading

Adopt Me: Humane Society of Union County, NC

Although any day is a great day to adopt a new best friend, October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month.  These dogs are up for adoption at the Humane Society of Monroe County.  Thanks to Dani Nicole Photography for helping … Continue reading

Pawsitively Amazing: Whiskey Rose the Beagle

 One of the things that makes life so interesting is how no human or dog is exactly like another.  Ginger and Whiskey Rose were both used for animal testing and released to the Beagle Freedom Project.  They have very different … Continue reading

Happy Tails: Beneli, Blue, Tank, Dusty, Lilly & Opal

I can only imagine the looks that Amber gets when she tells people that she has six dogs. I’m sure she has reactions ranging from “that’s awesome!”  (mine) to “crazy dog lady!”  Not only does she have six dogs, one … Continue reading

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