Arizona Border Collie Rescue

Border Collies are known for being highly intelligent and easily trained, as well as quite active.  Some people may be surprised to know that there are Border Collies available for adoption.  Kira DeDecker recently photographed these gorgeous dogs adoptable through Arizona Border Collie Rescue.

© Kira DeDecker Photography, Adopt-Zoe, Arizona-Border-Collie-Rescue

Zoe is an 8 year old female who thinks she’s 2. She is very energetic, playful, and loves to play ball. Zoe gets along great with other dogs and cats (and she is tortoise friendly). She is always ready to go on a walk or a ride yet she is content just hanging out but wants to be with you. She will bring you the ball and remind you that she loves to play. Zoe is super sweet and has so much love to give.

© Kira DeDecker Photography, Adoptable-Border-Collie

Jinx is a very agile, smart Border Collie.  Jinx LOVES to play with balls and has learned that the only way to get the ball thrown is to sit nicely while the ball is being retrieved. We also recently found out that she has amazing Frisbee skills – gets a lot of AIR!\If you have an active lifestyle, this could be the dog for you.  She is house trained but should not live with cats or small children.  She will excel at agility, fly ball and Frisbee and requires structured training.  

© Kira DeDecker Photography, Adopt-Dana-Arizona-Border-Collie-RescueDana is such a sweetheart. She loves everyone, enjoys walking, hiking, running, traveling in the car or just being at home. Mostly, she just wants to be your best friend. She is very easy going despite not having had good luck in life so far. She is housebroken and can be left home alone for long periods. She loves her daily exercise and walks nicely on a leash. She enjoys activities that challenge her mind. Because she is smart, athletic, and curious, she loves to explore and should not be left alone outside.  While indoors, she’s calm and docile and loves to hang out with her family.

© Kira DeDecker Photography, Adopt-border-collie-from-ABCRLuna can be shy and standoffish around strangers. However, once she gets to know you, Luna is a super friendly, fun loving and energetic dog. She is house trained and she doesn’t have any bad habits. She loves children and is fine around other dogs – extremely submissive. She loves going on walks and playing in the backyard. Luna needs to be with people that can give her the love and patience she needs to get her confidence back and get back to being the smart, happy and loving dog that she truly is.

© Kira DeDecker Photography, Adoptable-Border-CollieAngel is a senior Border Collie, thought to be 10 years old.  She  is active and alert when outdoors but can mellow out easily when she’s indoors. Angel loves to go for walks, meet new people and is compatible with other dogs as well. She enjoys a bit of herding fun with our other BC’s but has never shown much interest in toys or Frisbee play.

© Kira DeDecker Photography, adoptable-Border-Collie

Tim is a mature dog (7-10 years)  who has a lot to say, but would do well in any family (including ones with cats and small children)! Tim is learning his basic commands. He doesn’t know how to play with toys or other dogs, BUT he does have play drive and is learning what to do with it !! Tim is friendly with strangers but life has given some big changes and he does exhibit some anxiety in certain situations. As he is becoming more comfortable and learning the rules at his foster home this anxiety is becoming less. Tim is a wonderful dog who is looking for a home to call his own that will help him to relax and trust again.

© Kira DeDecker Photography, adoptable-sweet-deaf-senior-dog

Zelda is a sweetheart whose owner passed away.  At 12 years of age, Zelda is needing a new home, she is deaf, but understands hand signals.   Zelda gets along with cats, dogs and people.  She is happy to play or curl up at someone’s feet.   Zelda and Zoe came into rescue together.

© Kira DeDecker Photography, handsome-border-collie-amazing-eyes

Lobo is a 1 year old smooth-coat sweetheart. There is an adoption pending for Lobo (hooray!), but if you feel Lobo is the right dog for you, you should still inquire about him.  Occasionally adoptions don’t go through.  There may also another perfect dog for you at Arizona Border Collie Rescue.

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If you are interested in adopting a Border Collie or need to rehome one, please contact Arizona Border Collie Rescue!

About Kira DeDecker Photography:  Based in Glendale, AZ, Kira DeDecker is an on-location, natural light, lifestyle pet photographer specializing in one-of-a-kind fine art and modern portraits. She works exclusively with dogs, cats and all other four legged creatures to create vibrant, quirky and soulful works of art. In addition to her dog photography, she is also a regular contributor for a pet blog, Pawesome.  Kira is a member of HeARTs Speak and lives with her husband and their three Pomeranians.

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I have such a soft spot for Border Collies. They are the most beautiful, caring and intelligent breed. I’ll be sharing every single one of these guys – anyone would be lucky to have them join their home.

    Beth says:

    You know first hand how awesome Border Collies are! Thanks for sharing them.

OMG! They are all so beautiful. Hope they all find forever homes real soon and thank you for joining the blog hop!

jan says:

I love Border Collies. Some day I will have the time and space to adopt one and see if they really are smarter than Poodles.

These are beautiful photographs, and I hope all these dogs find their forever homes soon!

Gorgeous photos should help them find homes! Sharing.

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  • These are AMAZING captures. Gorgeous! We have a border collie mix, Rodrigo. Such a lovely breed. I hope they all find the perfect forever homes.

    MomCat says:

    This is the way to pin dog to Pinterest and get them a forever home, instead of the terrible pictures I have seen. They are so sad I don’t even want them in my Home Feed. They are so depressing and I can’t go anything about it. I daughter has rescued two dogs and a cat, I have rescued a dog for our home and my son has rescued a dog for his home. We are firmed believers in getting a dog from the shelters or from foster homes. Thank you for what you do.

    jan leviton says:

    I am looking for an adult ( between 5-7) female border collie. how old is Luna and Zoe? can I meet them?

      Beth says:

      Hi Jan,

      These two are already adopted, but contact Arizona Border Collie Rescue directly to find out the dogs that are currently adoptable:

    Ronald J. Leanderts says:

    My wife and I are looking for a female that looks very much like Zoe. In fact Zoe would be perfect. We have a six year old, nuetured, tri-collored,smooth/rough coat, registered male, two registered quarter horses on three fenced acres in Chino Valley Arizona.

      Beth says:

      Hi Ronald,

      Please contact Arizona Border Collie Rescue directly about adopting a dog from them:

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