Happy National Mutt Day!

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Happy National Mutt Day!   National Mutt Day, is one of those rare holidays that is celebrated two days of the year, July 31 and December 2.  Why twice a year?  I’m guessing it is because mixed breeds are awesome!

Although I’ve had both mutts and purebreds in my lifetime, I haven’t seen a difference in personalities based on their heritage!   However, I would love to get a Wisdom Panel DNA test for Theo.

According to the National Mutt Day website, 80% of dogs in shelters are mixed breeds. I’m featuring some of the mixed breed dogs that are available for adoption from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.  

adoptable dogs from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, National Mutt Day

Photo Credit: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Brady is eligible for a free flight home (in the US and Canada) and would be happiest as an only dog.

Cleveland the Boxer mix would love to have another dog to play with and show him how great life can be.

adoptable dogs from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Igor is a handsome  Newfoundland/Border Collie mix. Described as goofy, Igor can be shy around men. He loves playing with people and other dogs once they’ve become his friends. Though some dogs find him a bit too much, he is tolerant and listens to them well.

 Hound mix Evergreen has the most soulful eyes.  She is new to Best Friends, so check back later for an updated bio.

adoptable dogs from Best Friends Animal SanctuaryGriffin is a Labrador mix who loves being with other dogs.

Adorable Chuck Berry is an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix.  He is picky about his dog friends but passed the cat evaluation.

adoptable dogs from Best Friends Animal SanctuaryCordelia is a Weimaraner Hound mix. She is really smart and excels at training – especially when food is involved. She’s a rock star at agility at the Sanctuary.

Safira is a Border Collie/Pit bull mix. She loves to swim and play outside.

adoptable dogs from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Roark is a handsome Labrador/Poodle mix.  He also has a good energy level and loves to do things with his caregivers.

Jace is Siberian Husky/Terrier mix. He is extremely cute, eager to please and a fast learner. He just went through and passed the CLASS (Canine Life and Social Skills) training program

adoptable dogs from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Shiloh is a happy, active dog who loves his doggie friends. He has good relationships with dogs big and small. Currently, Shiloh is shy with people, however, she will accept treats from them. He also doesn’t walk on a leash yet. Dogtown trainers have developed a training plan to help him with these things.

Kitty is a curious terrier mix who watches all that goes on around her. She loves food, so hand feeding meals or treats is a good way to get to know this shy girl. Kitty enjoys shy dog classes at the Sanctuary and will take treats from strangers during class. Currently, she may be uncomfortable with people touching her.  Her caregivers in Dogtown are working on leashing her so she can go for walks.

adoptable dogs from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Express is a senior girl who is a real sweetheart and enjoys the simple things in life: going for a nice walk, sniffing a good smell, being brushed, getting belly rubs, lounging in the sun and taking naps on a soft, cushy bed.

Benny the Dachshund mix is active and food motivated. He would do best in an active home with an understanding person. A little patience and dog savvy will go a long way with this little guy. With the right person, Benny will be loyal, loving and snuggly.

Take this fun quiz from Paws Like Me to find your perfect match!


If you aren’t looking to add a new family member, I hope you’ll share these dogs or make a donation to your favorite animal shelter in honor of dog who touched your life.

Many of the dogs that end up in a shelter are lost.  Make sure your dog is microchipped and wearing ID.  You may want to keep track of your dog with a Whistle (a GPS tracker for dogs.)

I’d love to hear about a special dog that has touched your life.



Jan K says:

Oh my gosh, they are all so adorable! I’d have a hard time choosing.
Oh no, I missed National Mutt Day again. Our Luke is never going to forgive me! 🙂
I’ve also had both mutts and purebreds, and they are all dogs, so just the best.

    Beth says:

    National Dog Day is coming up in August, you can make it up to Luke then! 🙂

My son plans to adopt a dog when he feels ready. The plan is to go to a shelter.

What cuties! I wish I could adopt them all. Mutts are the best. I love my mutt to pieces! <3

Nothing is better than watching a few photos of dogs at the end of a tiring day! Happy National Mutt Day! 🙂

Nicole L says:

That ear on Benny! Although I don’t have any right now, I think that mutts are some of best dogs. And owning one puts you that much closer to owning every dog breed.

    Beth says:

    I love that philosophy, I like the idea of having all the breeds!

Whitney says:

Oh my goodness!! What cuties!! I love them all, especially Safira!! Reminds me of one of my doggies 🙂

Oh, what cute doggies!! Our paws are crossed that they all find a wonderful home. We tweeted!

    Beth says:

    Thanks so much for sharing them!

Debbie says:

EVERGREEN!!! Ahhh.. those piercing eyes. If I didn’t already have 4 dogs, you’d be joining the pack. I have such a soft spot for hound mixes. We’ve fostered several over the years and they’re all so sweet and SMART. Well, and of course there’s our resident hound Boomer, who’s the most loving dog you’ll ever meet. Hope they all find homes soon!

    Beth says:

    She’s the one I would take if I could. There is something about those eyes!

OMG IGOR! I could just take him home!

They are all so adorable! I am always trying to guess the breeds of mutts and I am always totally wrong! We will be sharing these adorable dogs and paws crossed they all get adopted!

    Beth says:

    Thanks for sharing them!

Nichole says:

Oh my gosh – those faces! They are all adorable, I want to scoop them all up. Evergreen looks so expressive!!

I have a 3/4 Great Pyrenees 1/4 Anatolian Shepherd, I did DNA test her. She was dumped with three puppies at my parents house. She was very ill and close to dying, that was 10 years ago. She is almost 12 years old and happy and healthy.

OMD, beautiful babies!! All my pets have been shelter or strays except my Husky who is the only purebreed pet I’ve owned. I hope these cuties all find loving homes soon.
Love & Biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

Oh, those sweet faces! Igor had me at first glance! And Chuck Berry is s cutie! They all just warm my heart. what a wonderful post. I hope they all find their loving forever homes. I’d love to take them all! Sharing & Pinning this post. As for my special dogs, they all are/have been so special to me. Different bonds of love with each, although my furangel Gibson holds an extra large piece of my heart. Although he had Epilepsy, he had such an amazing personality and zest for life, no matter what physical hardships he faced. We we so in tune…he holds, and will forever hold, an extra special place in my heart. We had such a bond, unlike any other I’ve ever had or have.

    Beth says:

    I always love reading about Gibson, and the bond you shared with him! Thanks so much for helping these dogs find homes. Every dog deserves to know love.

Mutts are the best and the only ones I will have in my house, I love the mixtures they make them unique

Just look at these adorable dogs. I actually took the quiz to see which dogs I would be matched with. None of the dogs were over 46% for me and when I read the descriptions, I’m not sure they would be a good match. Maybe my results are due to being owned by cats.

They are all just so adorable – I’d love to have a big old farm house to adopt all the doggos I could possibly have without my husband losing his mind! 🙂 The quiz for dog adoption is wonderful – we will share it!

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