October is A Great Month to Adopt A Shelter Dog

Any month is a good month to add a furry member to your family.  October must be one of the best because it is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.  All these great dogs are up for adoption from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.   All photos are courtesy of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. 

sneaker-sonora-adoptable-dogs-best-friends-animal-sanctuarySneaker is extraordinarily athletic.   She is the perfect companion for someone with an active lifestyle.   Loving both dogs and humans, she has the aptitude to become an agility or frisbee champion.  Sonora is also good with other dogs.  Thanks to generous sponsors, both of these sweeties are free.  

susan-lincoln-adoptable-dogs-best-friends-animal-sanctuarySusan is adorable and about five years old.  Although she is shy right now, I believe she will blossom in time. Lincoln is a lovable old soul who is ready for a forever home!  One of the volunteers fell in love with him and while she can’t adopt, Lincoln inspired her to try fostering.

Adoptable dogs | Best Friends

Lava is a sun goddess;  so she loves to lay at the end of the run and soak up the rays. Sandy is a Shepherd Husky mix and adores people.  Sandy might take the prize for best eyes and ears! 

I thought Sandy was a shoe-in for the win, until I saw Cowboy…now I’m just not sure.

Smiling dog with big ears | Adopt Cowboy from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Cowboy is considered a senior since he is 9 years old, but that smile says young at heart forever!

Adoptable Cattle Dog/Blue Heelers from Best Friends Animal SanctuarySprinkles and Pringles are both senior Cattle Dog/Blue Heelers.  Pringles is slowing down and would prefer a quiet household.

Adoptable Beagle Flies home free, senior Westie mix available from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

I’ve saved two of my favorites for last.  Gus is this week’s adoptable pet of the week, which means that this week he flies home free (to the US or Canada.)   Taters is also a senior who needs a little time to adjust to new people.  She has some trust issues when it comes to humans, but thinks other dogs are great.

All dog profile photos are courtesy of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.  Follow Best Friends Animal Society on Facebook.


Leigh says:

Aww, any of these fur babies should find a loving home soon but any month should be good enough to adopt pets from a shelter.

So many beauties in this post! Oh, and I can see why Tatars is one of your favorites.

Gorgeous gorgeous photos!

Danielle says:

great head shot photos! They are glowing 🙂 thanks for sharing these great pets waiting for forever homes!

    Beth says:

    Best Friends has some great photos of adoptable animals! That would be a dream job for me!

They all look so unbelievably cute! Especially Sprinkles and Pringles! Oh my goodness! <3 I hope they find their loving homes!

Nichole says:

Those are some beautiful pups looking for their forever homes! I’d take them all if I could!!! 🙂

I don’t know who I’d pick…definitely an oldie! Lately I’ve been meeting too many people who have bought their dogs. I’m starting to say “that’s a shame” when they tell me their dog isn’t a rescue. Someone has to get them thinking about the right thing to do.

    Beth says:

    I think if we can educate people about the atrocities of puppy mills, more people will think to adopt to start or get their puppy from an ethical breeder.

kelly says:

Oh my goodness how could anyone choose between them? They are all so adorable and anyone would be lucky to have them in their home.

    Beth says:

    I completely agree with you!

Sonja says:

aw….. little taters just tugged at my heart. I hope these cuties find homes soon.

Such beautiful furr babies! Great work spreading the word and getting them out there.

Rachel says:

Love these cuties! This is a wonderful post to raise awareness about adoption. I love Best Friends!

Maureen says:

Oh my, these dogs are so handsome and pretty! I wish I lived on a farm or property with lots a acres! I hope they find their forever home soon!

Those eyes…
The eyes always make my soul hurt when I know they haven’t found a forever home. I wish I owned a ranch or an Island where I could just foster thousands of dogs

Isn’t Gus just the best and most sweet senior ever! I wish he lived in NZ!!

What a beautiful cast of characters! I have pretty steely resolve about sticking with two dogs, bu working with the rescue I have been mighty tempted a few times recently…

    Beth says:

    My family (husband and kids) say 3 is our limit.

OMG SO MANY LOVELY PUPS!!! I so wish I could bring another pup into our home right now. One thing I do know, when the time is right to add to our furfamily it WILL be a shelter pup!
Thank you for sharing these beautiful faces and I hope they all get homes SOON! XO

    Beth says:

    I’m glad that your next dog will be from a shelter when the time is right.

So many beautiful babies looking for forever homes!

Those are some really sweet pups. I sure hope they find their forever homes.

Praying they all find homes soon as every dog should have a home and family

    Beth says:

    I completely agree. These ones have a wonderful place to wait until that special someone finds them.

You’re right, any day is a good time to adopt a shelter dog! These dogs are beautiful, but Cowboy’s smile is really something else!! What a handsome dude. I’ll share to help these sweeties find a home.
Love & Biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    Beth says:

    Thanks for sharing!

Kia says:

They are all so precious! I hope all of them find a forever home real soon.

I hope they can be adopted soon to a wonderful forever home.

All of these babies are absolutely irresistible. I’ve really been wanting to rescue another dog! On a side note, I just ordered Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Bobs from Skechers. I’m going to wear them at my wedding!

    Beth says:

    I am looking forward to seeing your wedding photos!

I am pretty partial to Taters too! Something about the scruffy dogs..

I hope they all find their forever home soon!! It breaks my heart to know that they haven’t found their loving family yet :(!

Amber says:

Not one of those dogs is going to last! They are all so so cute! Every time I scrolled I fell in love again and again! Too bad I’m in Maryland 🙁

    Beth says:

    If you fall in love with one, it might be able to catch a ride home to you. Lots of Best Friends dogs and cats meet their new families at the airport. (Some require a visit to the sanctuary.)

Such gorgeous dogs my favorite breed is rescue i hope they find homes and shelters one day are empty

    Beth says:

    I hope so too!

Such a wonderful post! I hope all the pups find a wonderful home.

Angela says:

They are adorable, I hope they find a home soon. Sometimes I wish I had a bigger house

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