Best (Wedding) Dog: Roxy the Boston Terrier

Sometimes one look is it all it takes.   When Jamie saw Roxy, the Boston Terrier, for the first time, she knew she had a new best friend for life.  Photographer Rachel Watkinson took these photos of Jamie and Roxy on Jamie’s wedding day.

Boston Terrier on light green chair

From Rachel:  “Roxy is a Boston Terrier, and she just turned five this summer!

When I first was in contact with Jamie about her engagement and wedding, Roxy was definitely at the top of the list of what they wanted to have captured in their images.  She is so loved and spoiled, it’s great! Jamie even had a cut-out of a Boston Terrier for her wedding invitations and table place cards (made by Katy at Dove House Handmade) to represent the love and importance of Roxy in their lives; it was such a sweet touch. You can see some of those images on my blog.

bride holding dog's face, Boston Terrier, wedding photos with dog

Jamie also volunteers at a rescue called Eleventh Hour Rescue.”

Boston Terrier looking up at bride, wedding pictures with dog

From Jamie:  “Roxy and I met on my 29th Birthday, which happened to be my Golden Birthday. There was an instant connection, and I knew she and I would be best friends. I met my future husband Mark a few weeks later, and Roxy was there to sniff him out for me– she approved! This was only the first of many major life experiences we would have together, with Roxy by our side.

parents of the bride, dog, bride, wedding family portraits

 Fast forward a year or so, when we moved into our first home, which Roxy lovingly claimed as her own. Last year, Mark and Roxy proposed to me in our home, both down on bended knee, all of us excited and nervous!

Boston Terrier, bride

 This year on April 1st, our Wedding Day, Roxy was there to help me get ready to marry my other best friend. Our best time spent is time with each other, having fun, relaxing and enjoying our happiness. We have made a little life for ourselves, just the three of us, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Without Roxy, our life would be incomplete!”  

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 About Rachel Watkinson:  Based in New Jersey, Rachel is an artist specializing in photography.  


This is so heartwarming, what a beautiful love story! I really like the photos of Roxie helping her Bride get ready for the big day, what a great tradition that would be!

Kate says:

Beautiful! Gorgeous wedding photos and so fun to include Roxie. I love Roxie’s sparkly collar in the photos.

Jill C says:

I could not love more when people include their pets in their big days – whether a wedding or a baby! This is just heartwarming and reminds of all the good that is in the world! Beautiful images!

Very nice photo story! I love pictures that tell a story about the people in them.

Congrats to the bride and groom. Roxie’s adorable. She’s your ride or die chick. I love how “she was able to sniff out Mark” and give him the stamp of approval! My Dusty did the same for me when I met my then boyfriend, now husband. Congrats again. Wonderful family of three.

What a love story, especially as I am a softie. They are such a wonderful family and I loved how Roxie was included in all including the cards. Congratulations

Seriously so cute! i love when a couple can incorporate their dog on their special day <3

It sounds like Roxy is a very important part of the family, I love that she was included in the special day. Boston Terriers are a favorite of mine!

Isn’t it amazing how we rely on our dogs to check out our future best friends? So glad this became a happy family.

Paroma says:

This warms my heart so much to see Roxy included in wedding shoots. Such lovely photos! We did a similar shoot too for our wedding with Babu:-)

Beautiful bride and gorgeous photos! Adorable Roxy!! I hope you had such a special day. 🙂

Sandy Kubillus says:

Wonderful photos! Several decades later, what I remember most about my wedding day was having my dog at my reception. I just wish I had her in the photos!

Such an uplifting heartwarming story. Love positive stories of love and dogs in these times of so much negative stuff. Roxy is very cute!

What a special relationship between the bride and Roxy. I’m so impressed at the number of people who include their pets in their weddings now.

This is adorable. I wish my cats had been at my wedding!!!!

Amy Hempe says:

What fantastic pictures! I love it when dogs can be a part of weddings.

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