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The 4 Gifts for Pet Giveaway Hop is sponsored by CleverPet. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own.  The individual sponsors are responsible for their giveaway prizes including shipping. This post contains affiliate links.

It is hard to believe that the holidays are almost here!  If you’re anything like me, you might be starting your list just about now.  I’m  joining a bunch of awesome pet bloggers to share our ideas for the Four Gift Rule, plus a great giveaway!

If you aren’t familiar with the Four Gift Rule, it was originally intended to help parents keep holiday shopping under control.  Instead of random shopping, parents buy four gifts for a child:   one they want, one they need, one they wear, and one they read.  We’re switching up a bit and created this gift guide for pet parents.

However smart I think my dogs are, I know they would prefer to get something to eat than read.

4 gifts for pets bloghop, giveaway

These are my suggestions:

CleverPet Electronic Puzzle

Want:  CleverPet is a fancy game console for dogs.  The game has 12 levels, each more difficult than the last.  While my dogs haven’t tried this out, it is on my wish list for them!

Get CleverPet for $20 off, use code at checkout: KOLCHAK-20cranberry red collar, artisan collar, dog collar

Wear:  Any dog would look good in a beautifully handmade collar from Mattie + Margot, but this cranberry one just says holiday.   Check out all the available styles on their website.custom portrait, pet water bowl, Noble Friends Shop

Need:  Every pet needs a water bowl!  I doubt you can find a cuter water bowl than one with a custom portrait from Noble Friends Shop.

fresh food for dogs, NomNomNow

Eat:  If you want to treat your dogs to something delicious and nutritious, switch them to NomNomNow.  My dogs LOVE this food, and they are thriving on it.

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Kol’s Notes & A Dog Walks Into A Bar are a dog loving, crime-stopping (if disorganization is a crime!) duo.

In addition to the grand prize of a CleverPet Dog Puzzle, we are also giving away  3 Gift Cards  $200 * $100 * $50 to the winner’s choice of Amazon, Etsy or Petsmart!


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The posts are all awesome, and I’m getting lots of ideas for my guys for Christmas.

PS I love the color of that collar!

Jan K says:

Great choices! Our crew is huge fans of NomNomNow as well, and I love feeding them fresh food.
That Clever Pet looks really cool though, I almost wish we hadn’t joined the hop so we could have tried to win one! LOL

    Beth says:

    I know what you mean, I would love for my dogs to get a Clever Pet game hub someday. I know Theo would LOVE it. I’m glad your gang is enjoying NomNomNow too, my dogs think it is the best.

Whaaattt? Clever Pet sounds so cool! I’ve never heard of it before, but that’s awesome!

    Beth says:

    I know my dogs would love it, I’m excited for whoever wins it!

I love these gift ideas! That game console looks interesting, haha. 🙂

    Beth says:

    I would really love to get one for my dogs one day. It seems like it has been a big hit with all the dogs I know (online) who have it!


this is gonna be my first holiday with 2 cats i adopted from a rescue

    Beth says:

    How exciting! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Rachel Monn says:

it was magical!

I like this giving philosophy; and I love that Noble Friends Shop water bowl – so cute!!

Quiet at home cuddlying

    Beth says:

    That sounds like a great way to spend the holidays!

Kayley says:

I went a bit overboard in my first year with my cat because I was so excited to have her around. Now I have a bunch of cheap holiday stuff sitting around that I don’t really use. My plan for this year is to not do anything at my place because my cat and I will be out of state for most of the month, then next year after I move to a new apartment I will invest in some nicer decorations.

    Beth says:

    That sounds like a good plan 🙂

lisa brown says:

first holiday with a pet was many years ago and was a challenge to keep him from chewing the packages

I love new and different gift ideas. Hmm I never heard of Clever Pet game console. Who knew? I sure didn’t. This is great for stimulation and entertaining dogs. Will have to pin this post. Thanks.

Molli Vandehey-Taylor says:

we didnt really do anything special becaues i was having a rough year, but im gonna give them a special party this year.

    Beth says:

    I hope you have a wonderful celebration!

My cats are going to be SO spoiled this christmas. They’re getting a big cat tree!

This is such a great Giveaway! I’m so happy to be part of it too. Your gift choices are great, I love the customizable water bowl, that is super cute!
Love & biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

Ali A says:

Dont have any pooches but these are all cute ideas!

Christine Aiello says:

Coco was a little over 3 months old when it was her first Christmas. It was so much fun. I bought her lots of toys and treats and wrapped everything up. I wasn’t expecting her to be able to understand or know how to open presents but she figured it all out and had a blast opening them. It was so much fun to watch!

alicia gordon says:

The first christmas with my dog was pretty awesome. I got him so many toys and treats he didnt know what to do!

Michelle says:

Wow! amazing grand prize! I’ve never heard of the 4 Gift Rule, what a fab idea. Ive not seen the CleverPet here in the UK, I’m going to check it out.

Calvin F. says:

I don’t know but we had many together so special!!

Sonja says:

Sharing the clever pet idea with a friend with a super smart puzzle dog!!

Hindy Pearson says:

I’ve never heard of the 4 gift guide but I love it. Some of my friends have gone bonkers with the numbers of presents they’re giving their children and grandchildren. I’m taking double digits each!! Your 4 choices are fab I don’t know which one is my favourite. Thanks for the ideas!

Elena says:

I have four pets: two dogs and two cats. I love spending holidays with them and giving them treats

Mr. N normally gets a stocking. I think he would enjoy solving the CleverPet. That bowl is super adorable too.

Karlee says:

This clever pet looks so cool!! Also I’ve seem Mattie and Margo around on instagram and they are beautiful collars. These are great suggestions!

Love the idea of the 4 essential gifts. I am wondering how smart Gusto is and whether that Clever Pet would let me know the answer.

Kimberly Lunsford says:

That collar would look fabulous on my boy.

Cheryl Chervitz says:

I remember my first Christmas with my 12 year old, Junebug. He tried to pee on the tree and tore off some garland!

Lisa F. says:

I can’t remember the first holiday with pets, but I remember my parents always getting our dog and cat a gift. So sweet.

    Beth says:

    What a sweet memory!

Caitlyn says:

My first holiday with my dog was Christmas! We got her a stocking and she loves new toys. Christmas is my favorite just because she loves going through her stocking.

Marina says:

I remember my first holiday with my cat, he slept on the Christmas tree skirt!

We traveled to visit my extended family in Missouri. It was fun to see Luna run around in a big backyard for the first time! She was a bit of a handful, but I loved having her with me.

Rachel says:

My mom’s dog tried to eat out puppy. Luckily there was no blood shed.

Emeryl says:

The CleverPet looks like it’d entertain for hours! I’d be really interested in seeing one in action.

Jordan F says:

My first Christmas with my pup, a Catahoula Leopard Dog, saw a breakthrough in some behavioral issues. She can be clingy and jealous, likely due to her previous living situation mixed with certain breed traits. This time she relaxed, wandered from me to mingle with her other human and canine family members for a change.

    Beth says:

    That sounds like a wonderful holiday!

Amanda R says:

Don’t remember the fist holiday with my pets, but I’ll probably dress them up as little reindeer this year.

    Beth says:

    How fun!

Susan Greenberg says:

Both my pups are rescues and I think they never really celebrated much because both just stared at our tree and the gifts..never touched anything just stared. Even their stockings we hung they just stared at them . Watching them makes me smile

Dawn C says:

Christmas 3 years ago and boy were they spoiled!

Kayla Lussier says:

My first holiday with my now almost 10 year old cat was spent trying to keep her from eating the branches, climbing the tree, breaking ornaments and running through the house with garland. Lol!

Marcie says:

What I remember most was how much my cat loved ‘unwrapping’ gifts and attacking the wrapping paper. She also was obsessed with pulling tinsel off the Christmas tree. So cute!

Margot C says:

When I was a kid I got my cat Ashes for Christmas as a kitten. She lived to be 18 years old!

Natalie says:

I remember my first Christmas with my dog Dallas. He laid down in the middle of all our presents and wrapping paper and loved the attention!

Molly says:

Hard to remember time without my babies. They make everything especially the holidays more special.

Kyla Patton says:

Luma was still very young so we got her a stocking and she tore it to shreds! I think she enjoyed tearing up the stocking more than the toys inside!

    Beth says:

    Sounds like she had a good morning though!

Linda Szymoniak says:

Well, going WAY back, when I was five, we got our Beagle, Pixie for Christmas. My sister was older than me and got the chicken pox from another student at school. Exactly two weeks later – on Christmas morning – my brother and I broke out with them. So, only my sister, who was over the chicken pox enough, was able to go and pick out a puppy. She never let us live it down that SHE picked out Pixie (and my brother and I never let HER live it down that she got us sick on Christmas morning, too).

Jeanna says:

Our first Christmas with Sammi was 2 years ago & the kids were ecstatic that Santa brought her a stocking AND filled it up! They still talk about that to this day!

Alyssa says:

The hub is so cool! my dog would love that

Melissa Storms says:

My dog and my cat were both almost a year old on their first Christmas with us.

Jay Jackson says:

It was a little crazy, we kept having to put our tree back up because they kept trying to jump in it.

    Beth says:

    That does sound a little crazy!

Dianne says:

Our first holiday with our current adopted girl was very special. Our girl was 5.5 years old when we adopted her from a Breed Rescue 3 months before Christmas. Our previous group of 3 adopted dogs had all passed away during the previous 2 year period. After living with 3 geriatric dogs (19/17/16 years) for many years, it was a lot of fun to spend the holiday with a dog interested in EVERYTHING, especially new toys. While we were heartbroken after losing our senior dogs, celebrating our new girl was a delight.

    Beth says:

    What a beautiful story.

Natalie Hartmann says:

My first holiday with my newest dog was wonderful. It was her first holiday with a family & I showered her with toys! She had a beautiful dress and saw Santa for the first time!

Samantha Martin says:

Well we have had our dog Tiny for over 9 years right after she was weened. She is a part of our family. We have heard of most of these products and I know that she would love them. She is a chihuahua

    Beth says:

    Good luck 🙂

Carie says:

We have a 6 month old full blooded german shepherd, these would be great for him.

Jennifer Keating says:

Our first holiday was just this past Thanksgiving. We just got our dog, he’s only 5 month’s old. He is very mellow for a puppy. He’s a Rottweiler.

    Beth says:

    Mellow puppies are awesome!

Jessica W says:

My first Christmas with my older dog was so long ago that I can’t remember all of the particulars. This will be my first Christmas with our new puppy though!

    Beth says:

    I hope you have lots of fun with your new puppy!

Trish says:

Would love the awesome goodies for my furbabies

Lindsay A. says:

Our current cat is only 1 1/2 and I met my boyfriend this year, so this December is my first holiday season with her!

Kristen says:

She was only about 6 months old and she was very curious about the tree and all the excitement around her.

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