Chibi’s Happy Tail

I’m sure I  let out a small  “awww!”  when I first saw the photos of Chibi, the Maltese Pomeranian mix that Lacey Rabalais sent me.

© Lacey Rabalais Photography Maltese Pomeranian Mixed breedChibi certainly looks like a pampered pooch, but he has had more than his share of difficulties.   He was born with a congenital heart defect called pulmonic stenosis and was living in a shelter at an early age.  However, luck was just around the corner for Chibi.  APAWS, a no kill, non profit animal shelter in Baton Rouge, LA, raised money for the procedure to repair Chibi’s heart and cardiologists at the Louisiana State University Veterinary Hospital performed it at a discounted price.  Chibi  requires lifelong medication and tires more easily than other dogs his age, but he is thriving.

© Lacey Rabalais Photography Maltese-Pomeranian Mix© Lacey Rabalais Photography Pom Maltese mix, Baton Rouge LA pet photographyThree years old now, Chibi was adopted at 6 months of age from APAWS. As far as his medical condition, he couldn’t be in better hands.

© Lacey Rabalais Photography  best friends nose to nose

He was adopted by Jen, a veternarian, and goes to work with her every day.

You can see more Lacey’s photography on her blog.

About Lacey RAbalais Photography:  Based in Baton Rouge, LA, Lacey is a wedding, lifestyle, and pet photographer who loves to travel.


zoe says:


desiree says:

I miss you guys! <3

Lacey says:

Love that you got his story and shared it. Love Chibi! He’s such a cutie.

Cheryl says:

Chibi looks just like my Sophie, also a rescue. I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of mix she is, but after seeing photos of Chibi, there’s no denying they’re identical twins!! 😉 Sophie weighs in at 14 pounds. According to all the articles that I’ve read about Malti-poms, they should max out at 9 lbs. Her Vet states she is fine at her weight. Just wondering what Chibi’s weight is? He looks to be the same girth as Sophie too.

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