Happy Tails: Beneli, Blue, Tank, Dusty, Lilly & Opal

I can only imagine the looks that Amber gets when she tells people that she has six dogs. I’m sure she has reactions ranging from “that’s awesome!”  (mine) to “crazy dog lady!”  Not only does she have six dogs, one of them is a therapy dog.  Karen Goforth from Irresistible Portraits photographed this cute family both outside as well as in the studio.

woman and six dogs sitting on sofa outside, lifestyle dog photography

From Karen:  “Meet Amber and her six dogs! Her Pit bulls are Beneli, Blue, and Tank.   Lilly, a Cane Corso Mastiff, Dusty a black lab-hound mix, and Opal, a yellow lab mix round out Amber’s fur family.”

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From Amber:  “I am a huge dog person. I have six currently. Tank, Lilly, Rhett, Beneli, Blue, and Dusty. Some are rescues,  while others are from breeders.

dog lover, woman with 6 dogs, studio dog portraits My Therapy Dog Tank is doing great work in the community currently every week. We visit the local hospital, nursing homes, and other special events upon request.

There is no better friend in life than a dog. I believe in saving lives whenever possible. I have started a non-profit now focusing on saving a pit bull from a shelter and training it for PTSD service and giving that dog to a veteran in need. My passion in life is to make a difference one dog at a time.

 love between dogs and humans

Paws awhile for love from a dog, it will forever change you!”

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That pittie is a love bug! Loved the photoshoot and yes, one cannot ever have enough dogs!

What a lovely looking woman who’s adopted six precious pups and has started a nonprofit to help veterans receive dogs trained with PTSD service! Crazy dog lady? No way! Not even thinkable.

Great photos! I can’t imagine living with 6 dogs because my two cats are a full time job!

I think this might be one of my favorites of your photo posts. I love the first one with all the dogs and the couch in the woods. Her love of dogs and inner joy really shines through in these pictures. Of course, the dogs are adorable, too!

Sadie says:

That would be me if I could afford them all as a single parent (cuz my husband has already said he would divorce me if I bring home one more). They all look very happy together – beautiful family.

Amber is my kind of lady! How fantastic of her to adopt these gorgeous pups AND start a non profit to help veterans. Crazy dog lady? No way! Awesome person? Yes!

Amber is a great dog mom! I love how there are photos of her with each of her dogs! It just shows her special bond with each of them! 🙂

Robin says:

She is very blessed to have such a beautiful group of dogs. 🙂 They obviously love her to pieces. That last photo really made me smile.

Nichole says:

What a stunning 6-pack! I thought we were a little crazy when we had 4 big dogs, but crazy just equals love… and this pack is clearly full of love!

Jill says:

OMG these are beautiful! The blue and white pittie may have stolen my heart! Getting 6 dogs is no easy feat — but Karen nailed it.

    Beth says:

    I agree completely. I am pretty sure that Amber’s dogs are all really well trained, which makes it easier for the photographer, but it can be hard to get 6 (human) adults looking in the right direction sometimes.

these photos are amazing and i love it how you capture each dog’s relationship with Amber in the individual photos. So sweet!

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