Happy Tails: Little Man and Guiness

Most of the dogs that I feature on the Daily Dog Tag I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in person.  Happily, that is not the case with this dynamic duo, Little Man and Guiness.   Last spring my sister Alice and I went on a road trip combining business and pleasure.  We were able to squeeze in a short session with these best buds.

rescue-dogs-on-furniture, canine-best-friends Syracuse-dog-photography

Chocolate-Lab-mix-Portraits, CNY-pet-photographer

John and Jen adopted Chocolate Lab mix, Guiness, from Lab Rescue of the LRCP.  At the adoption fair, Guiness flashed his big “Adopt Me eyes” and seemed to be quite mellow. On the first day that they had to leave Guiness, they secured him in his crate on the first floor before leaving. They came home to barking from the second floor.  Confusion and visions of chaos and chewed furniture must have danced through their heads.   Somehow this very large (a muscular 110 pounds) dog had squeezed through the gap between crate and the locked crate door.  The only “destruction” was a loaf of bread that was on top of the toaster oven.  It was his last day in the crate.

Chocolate-Lab-Retriever-mix-pictures, Lab-rescue-LRCP-alum

Chocolate-Lab-Pet-Photographerrescued-chocolate-lab-mix-on-chair, Virginia-dog-photography

Guiness is very exuberant and surprised everyone with his modeling skills.  Hey Bravo,  let us know when you’re going to launch “America’s Next Top Dog Model.” Guiness is ready!   Guiness is about 6 1/2 years old and has been with John and Jen for the past three years.

DC-Dog-Portraits, profile-of-small-black-dog

 Little Man is three years old and traveled far to find his forever family.  He was about 6 months old when he was flown from St. Croix to Virginia to the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation.  It was love at first sight for Jen when she saw his photo online.  At the adoption another family was interested in him as well.  One of the children had special needs, so John and Jen decided not to adopt Little Man. However, that family didn’t adopt him.  When Jen heard that Little Man was still looking for a home, she jumped at the chance to adopt him.  He still had his flight collar on when they brought him home.  Little Man adores Jen and vice versa.

-BW-Dog-Pictures-Washington-DC, black-dog-with white-feet


Lost-Dog-&-Cat-Foundation-alumni, Virginia-dog-portraits

There just aren’t enough words to convey how unique and cute Little Man is from his sweet brown eyes to his little spotted feet.  He just makes everyone smile.  He hasn’t had a DNA test, but I am sure there are a lot of very good dogs in his family tree!

Lost-dog-&-cat-foundation, Lab-Rescue-LRCPSyracuse-pet-photography, mixed-breed-rescue-dogs

Besides finding some of the kindest humans a dog could ever hope to have, these two found a best friend in each other.

You can see more photos of these sweet boys on Alice’s blog.

About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Syracuse, NY, Alice is a bi-coastal family portrait and wedding photographer with a love of dogs.


Kris says:

What cuties!!! My friend has a chocolate lab that looks so similar to Guiness, they are such sweet dogs!

Love these boys and their humans! Thanks for sharing Beth- love you too 🙂 xoxo

Wow – gorgeous boys, gorgeous photos, and wonderful adoption stories! Thank you for sharing!

Nanci says:

These boys are handsome and they are very fortunate to have a wonderful forever home. The photo’s are beautiful.

lorrie says:

love all the pictures of the dogs!

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