Happy Tails: Sunshade

After yesterday’s tragedy in Boston, I really wanted to feature a feel good session and I found the perfect one from Vancouver pet photographer, Kathy Lui.  This bright and fun session of a lovely Airedale cheered me up and I hope it will serve as a reminder that there is A LOT of good in the world.


From Kathy:  “If there’s ever an award for The Bravest Dog, without hesitation, I would award it to Sunshade.  At the age of 13, she has been through so much and more than anyone could ever imagine. She pushes through everything thrown at her like a hero and is no worse for wear in the end. If I could show you a timeline of every single health issue she has endured including canine cancer, you would be in disbelief, too. She has fought through it all and today, she is very healthy and in more ways than one, still puppy-like.


Of course, her mom Elaine, one of the most devoted dog owners anyone could ever meet, should also be credited as she stood by Sunshade throughout everything and never gave up.”


From Elaine:  “Sunshade came into my life as an 8 week old pup, shortly before I moved out of home at 16. What an incredible journey it has been! There are no words to describe the love, loyalty, devotion, and entertainment Sunshade has showered me with over the last 13.5 years. Every time I think of my girl, I can’t help but smile and feel the warmth that surrounds my heart. There is also a sense of contentment; you know, the feeling you get when you know you have just experienced something very rare, very special, something that is once in lifetime, and the BEST. Thank you Kathy Lui Photography for capturing these special moments in our journey that will last me a life time. Thank you also to Daily Dog Tag for featuring my special girl.”


Sunshade celebrated her 13th birthday in November.

dog's-birthday-portrait, Sunshade-the-Airedale's-13th-birthday creative-pet-photographer

I love a girl who sings happy birthday to herself!


Be sure to visit Kathy’s pet photography blog to see more of Sunshade.  Additionally, Sunshade the Superdale has her own blog and facebook page.

About Kathy Lui Photography:  Based in Vancouver, BC, Kathy is a modern lifestyle pet photographer. She shares her home with a senior Chihuahua and an adopted cat. Kathy regularly donates her photography services to local shelters and rescues to help animals in need.



zoe says:

shut the front door this is adorable!

Ellen says:

Sunshade and Elaine are terrierfic!

Emily says:

I started following Sunshade’s blog and FB page after losing my precious Airedale pup in October and she brings so much joy to my life! Her expressive face and puppy-like playfulness is a bright spot in my day! Her mum’s captions are a crack-up too!!!

Sue says:

Elaine and Sunshade are the BEST!

Sunshade and Elaine are both heroes to us. Never has there been a more inspirational relationship between two hearts that beat exactly as one.

SuperTank says:

SuperDale Sunshade–she needs an award for cutest, funniest, bravest, bossiest, most photogenic. She lives a full and fun life and nothing stops her. we should all live like that . Thank you Sunshade for inspiration!

Deborah Griffin says:

These are just fantastic! Elaine & Sunshade are indeed special …and their Auntie Kathy’s photography is filled with beauty & emotion. A wonderful treasure for Elaine…thank you for sharing!!!

Linda says:

Happy belated birthday, Sunshade. My Airedale, Grif, turned 14 years old last November. Love your photos!

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  • I’m so sorry I’m late on this, but I just wanted to thank you for featuring my Sunshade girrrrrl and her sessions with the talented Kathy! It means a lot to us and we are so very honoured!

      Beth says:

      I’ve really enjoyed following Sunshade on Facebook!

    Briggette Cammett says:

    I love your Sunshade. My Dad raised Aerdales and they are the best dogs! I am glad to hear Sunshade is doing well and had a great birthday

      Beth says:

      Sadly Sunshade passed away earlier this year. She brought a lot of joy to her family and will always be remembered and missed.

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