Happy Tails: Trinity and Kodah

Although we still have a month left of summer in the United States, autumn is my favorite season.  I was so thrilled to receive this gorgeous submission from Australia photographers Grace and Tim from Willow & Co.  These photos are so magical they remind me of something from a fairy tale.

© Willow & Co, Blue-Mountains-AU-family-dogs-photography

From Grace:  “Our Blue Mountains sessions are always an adventure, and we were quickly reminded of this when we started attracting leeches! We’d had weeks of rain prior and the location was lush and well watered. It was also a spot that doesn’t see a lot of human activity, so the leeches had been left to claim it as their territory. Luckily Jess & Kody were amazing, so laid back and unfazed by them, and by some miracle the dogs didn’t attract any even though they loved running through the bush. As a reward for their efforts we were given gorgeous sunlight, early Autumn foliage and the resulting photographs speak for themselves.”

© Willow & Co, Shih-Tzu-and Staffordshire-Cross-best-friends © Willow & Co, fine-art-pets-people-portraits

 From Jess:  “Kodah  in Native American language means ‘friend.’  He is my little fur ball, best friend and soo much more. 

© Willow & Co,  Maltese-Shih-tzu-mixed-breed-running-in-field© Willow & Co, Maltese-Mix-cuddling

Kodah is a MalteseShih-Tzu cross.  He was in fact completely red with little white socks and black tips when I brought him home and now he has changed to white with tinges of black and red. Part of Kodah’s breed describes him only too well sometimes, remembering the day he ran through our house with my underwear and coming home to find him fast asleep with the whole house shredded in toilet paper. He has quite a big personality and likes to talk to you, and welcomes anyone with lots of kisses and cuddles. people often mistake him & my partner’s name for one another as my partner is named Kody.

© Willow & Co, portrait-man-Maltese-Shih-Tzu-mix© Willow & Co, happy-family-dog-portraits

Trinity is  Kody’s dog. She has only just made her 1st birthday a few weeks ago. She is an English X American Staffy with quite distinctive marks that almost pull off the resemblance of a Dalamatian when she is wet.  

© Willow & Co, happy-dogKody & Trinity came into my life almost a year ago so moving out together there was no questions to whether Trinity and Kodah were going to be friends. Trinity sometimes comes across as a bit of a tom boy, having to prove herself + rough it out amongst her brothers and sisters. She has a very timid nature + couldn’t hurt a fly. She loves all attention and kisses off anyone that will receive them. She is also quite the runner, sometimes we think she could out run a whippet or also be a high jump enthusiast in the Olympics!

© Willow & Co, Staffordshire-mix-running-in-field© Willow & Co, Happy-Staffie

The dogs are desexed  as we didn’t want a combination of white fur balls X staffies running around. They get on with each other well. They have their jealousy issues every now and then though but are quite the team in most cases.

© Willow & Co, dogs-family-on-an-adventure-in-the-woods© Willow & Co,  Blue Mountain Photographers© Willow & Co, family-photos© Willow & Co

Grace is a Photographer friend of mine & she captured us all soo well.  Together this is our little family and we hope to extend it with maybe a Great Dane in the future.”

© Willow & Co, Lifestyle Pet Photography

Be sure to check out the rest of these great photos on Willow & Co. blog.  Spend a few extra minutes on the blog and my guess is that you’ll be adding it to your bloglovin’ feed.

About Willow & Co:  Based in the Blue Mountains, NSW  offers fine art photography for couples, pets and weddings.  Grace and Tim’s photographs celebrate love and with photographs that tell an honest visual story.  They regularly volunteer their time photographing homeless pets at the RPSCA.

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