Engaging Tails: Oreo and Snickers the Shiranians

In case you didn’t get enough sweets yesterday, I’m sharing Oreo and Snickers today.  They are Pomeranian-Shih Tzu mixes otherwise known as Shiranians.  Alyssa Barletter photographed these two sweeties during an engagement session with their humans.

Shiranians, Pomeranian-Shih Tzu mix, engagement pictures with dogs

From Alyssa:  “Whenever clients ask me if it’s okay if they bring their dogs to a session, I want to reach through my email and give them a big hug and say ‘OF COURSE YOU SHOULD!!!!’ Continue reading

Simple Ways to Encourage Pet Adoption

February is the month of love, and what better way to share the love than adopting a pet?  If you need a reason to adopt, check out these #relationshipgoals.  Because every post is better with dogs, I’m including some dogs who are up for adoption from Best Friends Animal Society.

adoptable puppies from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, simple ways to encourage pet adoptionI know that many of us struggle with the fact that a friend or family member plans to purchase a puppy from a pet store or online.  And the truth of the matter is, once they are actively looking, it is really hard to talk them out of it. So, I think the best thing to do is be proactive.   Continue reading

Puppy Love: Tucker the Great Dane

Irresistible is the only way I can describe Tucker, the Great Dane puppy. With his dapper bow tie and “paws that he’ll grow into someday” he surely won the cutest puppy award somewhere!  Rebecca from ENV Photography captured all his cuteness before he became too big to carry.  

Great Dane puppy wearing red striped bow tieFrom Rebecca:  “Hayley and Jake celebrated a new addition to their family, Tucker, a Great Dane puppy! Continue reading

Focus: Josie the Black Labrador Retriever

It seems almost unfair that all of these gorgeous images are of the same dog.  Josie, the Black Lab, is the muse of photographer Luciana Calvin Photography.  These are precisely the type of photos that I wish everyone had.  If you are trying to find just the right gift for a pet lover,  I recommend a pet portrait session!  Most photographers and illustrators offer gift certificates.

Black Lab close up, snow dog, Black Lab with snow on face

From Luciana:  “Josie is my dog, and she helped me get my photography career started. Continue reading

Happy Tails: Mika the Shiba Inu

I have a feeling that Mika the Shiba Inu always looks like she has good news to share.  However, this was especially true the day she was photographed by Amy Hung Films & Photography.  

Happy Shiba Inu standing on bed, on location photography From Amy:  “I love when my clients bring their dogs to the photo session. I know that to every family, their dogs are like their children. I have a dog myself, and he is basically my everything! Mika is the name of Evelyn and Donald’s dog. Continue reading

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