Best Dog: Jemma

I’m so happy to share this “day after” shoot by photographer Kathy Lui.   When Kathy was married last year, her dog Jemma, was part of the big day.  A few days after the wedding Kathy took these adorable photos of her teeny dog .

© Kathy Lui Photography, | Daily Dog Tag |, Best Dog, #Chihuahua , #weddingdog

From Kathy:  “Jemma is my 11.5 year old Chihuahua. This may sound cliché, but I can’t find better words to describe it: She has been with me through thick and thin. My grandpa got her for me (I saw her, LOVED her, and my grandpa liked to spoil me…) when I was in grade ten, when I was a mere 16 years of age. From that day forth, I was the sole caretaker of her.

© Kathy Lui Photography, | Daily Dog Tag |, Best Dog, #Chihuahua , Vancouver-Portrait-Photography

While my friends were busy hanging out and partying, I spent a lot of my time caring for Jemma. While my friends worked to go shopping, I worked to pay vet bills.   Jemma has dealt with numerous health conditions since puppyhood, so this journey hasn’t exactly been all peaches and cream for us. However, I have never regretted it for even a split second and I would do it all over again if I could.  In short, she opened my heart up and taught me how to love and be loved.   She taught me responsibility from a young age.    Together, we have been through high school drama, high school graduation, numerous moves during the course of my post secondary days, university graduation, starting Kathy Lui Photography, my wedding, and the list is endless.   I made sure that she was physically present at my university graduation and so when my husband proposed last year, I knew without a doubt that she would have to be a part of it, too.   There just wasn’t even another option.  On the big day, she wore an elegant pearl bridal collar that matched my bridesmaids.   These photos with some of my wedding day florals were taken a few days after the wedding (that will explain why the flowers don’t look super fresh!).”

© Kathy Lui Photography, | Daily Dog Tag |, Best Dog, #Chihuahua , #weddingdog

You can see more photos of Jemma on Kathy’s photography blog.  Follow her on Facebook to stay up with her latest photography sessions.

About Kathy Lui Photography:  Based in Vancouver, BC, Kathy is a modern lifestyle pet photographer. Along with her supportive loving husband, she shares her home with a senior Chihuahua and an adopted cat. Kathy regularly donates her photography services to local shelters and rescues to help animals in need.


I particularly like that last pic – very adorable 🙂

Absolutely precious!

Abby says:

What a cutie!

Those are stunning photos and I am so glad the little one got to be a part of the wedding!

I can’t even get over how cute Jemma is!

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