Best (Wedding) Dog: Copper

Today is World Smile Day, if you need a smile, Copper has plenty to share.   Copper was a big part of Megan and Anwar’s wedding day.  Copper is a local trailblazer, he was the first canine groomsmen at the church.  Hopefully, many other dogs will follow in his pawprints!  Thanks to Kara Abbey Photography for sending in these photos.

Lab mix wearing gray bow tie,  best wedding dog

From Kara:  “Copper got ready the morning of the wedding at the Holiday Inn with Anwar and his groomsmen and then attended the Catholic ceremony as a member of the bridal party. We took portraits with him afterward, and then he went home for the rest of the afternoon, while his humans enjoyed their reception. Megan and Anwar love their dog more than anything and I am so glad he was able to be included on their wedding day! (We also enjoyed having him there for their engagement photos – which we replicated a few of those images on their wedding day!)”

dog, bride, groom sitting on church steps, wedding dog

From Megan: “Copper J. (J for Joseph) is seven years old.  His hobbies include getting into the garbage, eating entire loaves of bread in one sitting, chewing sticks, and laying in the sun.

bride hugging Retriever mix, wedding dog

He is a Lab mix. One of his parents was a purebred black lab and the other was a mix. Either way, Copper is 100% adorable.


Cooper’s favorite food is Dunkin’ Donuts Hash browns (and he is well known at our local Dunkin’!)

dog and groom sitting on bench, man's best friend

Copper truly thinks he’s a human and basically functions as one! He rides in the front seat and goes everywhere we go. He can often be spotted making friends at Home Depot and has even visited several breweries.

groom and dog, wedding photos with dog

When we were planning our wedding and met with our priest, we were greeted at the door by a very friendly golden retriever.

handsome dog between groom and bride happy couple with dog, groom, bride, dog in front of church stepsWe ended up asking if we could have Copper as a Groomsdog at the ceremony and were met with a resounding YES! 

hands and paw, wedding photos with dogCopper was actually the first dog to be in a wedding at St. Patricks!

bride and groom kissing dog, wedding pictures with dog ©Kara Abbey Photography | wedding dog photography

We are ‘crazy dog people’ who really consider Copper to be our child. There is nothing better than seeing his wiggly butt and tail wagging when we walk through the door! We couldn’t have imagined our wedding day without him there are were SO thankful to find such an amazing photographer like Kara who *BONUS* loves dogs!

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About Kara Abbey Photography:  Based in Irwin, Pennsylvania, Kara specializes in wedding photography.




Oh my! Loved this!! Now when are they going to let felines be in weddings. Can’t guarantee we’d be as accommodating in the photos as Copper was but it sure would add spice to the wedding! Pawsome photos!!!
Purrs & Head Bonks,
Oliver, The Tribe of Five

What a beautiful story! I’ve seen people include their dogs in pictures – but not the ceremony. Thank you for linking up to the Showcase!

Jan K says:

These are just so awesome! Every time I see photos like this, I wish I’d been a dog person when I got married. I totally would have had a dog in our wedding. I was a cat person back then, and it wasn’t until years after being married that my hubby brought dogs into our lives. I’ve never been the same. LOL

Fantastic photographs! I love that Copper was able to share this special day with his people. Love his little bow tie!

I have to say that, besides the wonderful photography, what a wonderful trio they all make. How nice it is to see pets NOT being excluded from what is clearly a devoted and kind couple and family, on the special day. I hope they gone on together and share a wonderful life.

Oh how I love these photos. They all look so happy, and I’m so glad the church recognized what an important part of the family Copper is!

Awww congrats to the happy couple. My favorite photo is the “all hands/paws in”. How clever. Love, love, love! Wish them all many blessings!

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