Caturday: 22 Ways Cats Make Life Better

Today’s guest post is by Emily Parker from Catological.  



Cats make us healthy (and happier) – that’s what Science says!


Many of us get so busy in our daily life that we rarely pause for a second to see what a blessing our cats are for us! Yes, I said blessing, as that’s what they truly are – let me explain why.

Science has shown that owning cats gives serious emotional as well as physiological health benefits for the entire family.

For instance, petting your cat calms you down and fights off stress. Cats help to keep your blood pressure under control and help you keep a healthy heart!

Now, if you don’t call that a blessing – then what would you call it?

Check out the infographic below to get a detailed breakdown of the many ways that cats can help us in a whole lot of different ways. If you want to learn more about the details behind each benefit, check out the original infographic at!


ways cats make life better for humans, cat infographic


What do you think, has a cat made your life better?




Cats purrs can heal! This is AMAZING. I think folks can really benefit from having cats or dogs in their lives. It is science at this point and proven that animals will help you with stress – this is a great infographic!

Robin says:

My cats definitely make me feel better! They help a lot with my bipolar disorder. I find them very comforting. It doesn’t really surprise me at all that science backs up the idea that cats can help support human health. 🙂 Cats are pawsome!

Sadie says:

Thanks for sharing this great post about cats. We have been blessed to have several feline companions!

Such a beautiful job with your website – thank you for helping us understand how cats can hep us live a longer, more fulfilled life!

NO. 10 has to be my all time favourite. Here in NZ the most ordinary people drive absolute HUGE cars (long wheelcase four weel drives!!) so this would hit home big time here.

This infographic is so much fun, Thank You!!!

So true. When I pet Nutter my stress melts away. His purring helps too.

    Beth says:

    Listening to a purring cat is very soothing.

I know that my girls have helped me relax when I get home from a stressful day at work.

I am a dog person but i love cats too. They make lovely pets for people that want a pet but cant have a dog at home because they are away from home for work for major chunk of the day

There you go.. I have never thought about the carbon footprint!
Speaking about cats vs dogs: my cat loves being around people and sneaks in my (or their) arms or lap every time he gets an occasion. Independence loving cat? Sometimes I think he is more like a dog 🙂

    Beth says:

    To be honest, that’s the kind of cat that I’m most comfortable with.

Kim says:

Now I k ow I should get a cat again;)

    Beth says:


I love cats and dogs. My cats have always had strong personalities and liked me best which was fun. I am a little allergic and I also like the social and training side of dogs so Kilo the Pug is a good fit right now.

This is my most favorite post EVER. I loooooove my pretty kitty! I agree with everything on this list!!!

I am so glad to revisiit this – it made my day 🙂 I will share!

Nice infographic. I always loved it when my cat purred in my lap. It’s so hypnotic and relaxing.

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