Dog Pawty: Josephine

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a lovely weekend.  You may recognize Josephine from a previous post, and I’m happy to update you that her moms, Amber and  Kirsty,  recently added twin boys to their family.   If that isn’t enough to make you smile, this dog pawty from Goblin Child will.   Amber adopted Josephine in Greece.  This party celebrated Josephine’s  three year anniversary of living in the United Kingdom.  What I love most about this party is the simplicity and the love.  Amber and Kirsty are wonderful about making the small moments count.

© Goblin Child |party-for-dog, twin babies-senior-dog, dog-party-hat © Goblin Child | Josephine's Pawty 5. UK-lifestyle-photography, babies-dog© Goblin Child | celebrating-dog-anniversary,  pawty for dog © Goblin Child | dog-pawty, party-for-dog, dog pupcake, 3 year anniversary dog© Goblin Child | Pupcake-with-3-candle, dog-party © Goblin Child | balloons, party-hat, gray-dog, celebrating dog © Goblin Child | celebrating-dog-anniversary, balloons, party-hat-dog © Goblin Child |celebrating-dog-anniversary© Goblin Child | senior-dog, woman's best-friend, © Goblin Child | celebrating-dog-anniversary, simply sweet party for dog

Please head over to Goblin Child to read one of the best letters to a dog.  I hope Josephine is in good health and has many more parties in her future!

To see more of Josephine and her awesome family, follow Goblin Child on Facebook.

About Goblin Child:  Based in the UK, Goblin Child is a new blog written by Amber and Kirsty.  Some of the topics they write about  are minimalist living, pregnancy, parenting, knitting, and the adventures of Josephine.



Amber says:

Thank you so much for featuring us, lovely Beth! It’s always such a joy to come and see so many beautiful photographs taken by such talented photographers, and it makes me smile every time I glance through and realise that we’ve featured too.

    Beth says:

    It is always a pleasure to feature your work!

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