I hope you have a great weekend!  This photo from Nicki Metcalf seems like the perfect way to start summer.  From Nicki:  “Christine and Jacob are such an easy going, relaxed couple, who wanted to be outdoors with their dog for their engagement shoot.  We went to an open field in Richmond, Virginia and just had fun!  Lyla had a blast running free!  As the sun went down we made our way to a dock and I can’t tell you how beautiful it was to see their romance come alive over the water!  Don’t you just love simple, summer romances?”

© Nicki Metcalf Photography | summer-engagement-photos, couple-Retriever-small-dock, Richmond-lifestyle-pet-photographyFrom Christine:  “Lyla just turned four years old, but she has the energy of a puppy. She was rescued from a farm in Louisa, Virginia by my husband about three years ago (found via Craigslist), and it was clear by the conditions and her behavior that she had been abused. We know she is part black lab, but are unsure of what breed she is mixed with. Lately we have been thinking some kind of pointer. Lyla is the sweetest, most curious and perceptive dog. You can tell she is listening when she perks her ears and tilts her head. She knows when people are happy or when they’re upset, and she cuddles up really close if she can tell you are sad. Her favorite activities are sunbathing on our deck, listening for and barking at any (and I mean any) unusual noise, watching and chasing squirrels, and going on “w-a-l-k”s (don’t say the whole word or she will freak out, jump four feet in the air, and slide all over the hardwood floors, running in circles, thinking it’s time for a walk). She is a huge joy to us, and though her energy and eagerness is excessive to some of her (our) previous roommates, we wouldn’t trade her sweet, fun-loving personality for any other pup!”

 About Nicki Metcalf Photography:  Based in Richmond, Virgina, Nicki specializes in engagement and wedding photography.  

Fetching Links We Love

Summertime means ice cream.   Whip up some of this homemade ice cream for your dogs.

If you are traveling for the weekend or going to BlogPaws, check out our Have Dog, Will Travel Part 1 and Part 2.

I’m deeply moved by the  bittersweet Project Cleo by Eva Hagel from Grape Soda Photography.

It is National Dog Bite Prevention Week.  Please read and share Tips On Teaching Dog Bite Prevention from Puppy Leaks.

Our hearts go out to the people and animals in Nepal.  The Kat Centre has been operating in Nepal since 2004.  Thanks to The Kat Centre, the government stopped poisoning street dogs.  The Kat Centre needs donations to help treat the animals impacted by the recent earthquakes.

Love this mug round up on Pawsh: Culture for Pets.



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What an adorable family! Thanks for sharing these links!
Love & Biscuits,
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Robin says:

Beautiful photo! Summer is such a wonderful time. Enjoy your time in Frankenmuth! I’m from Michigan and that is beautiful place to visit this time of year. Don’t forget to check out the horse drawn carriages 🙂

Patty says:

That’s a gorgeous photo. I can’t wait for summer. It’s my favorite season these days

I love seeing a dog in the couple, family photo. It makes the photo look complete.

Great photo! It’s so sweet that this couple wanted to include their dog in this happy occasion. I’m so glad Lyla got out of her bad situation and has found two people that love her very much!

What a lovely photo and story. So sweet they included their gorgeous rescue dog.

Jana Rade says:

I so love the pool party! 🙂

As soon as I read she’s 4 years old and acts like a puppy I was like “Yep, I know that feeling well” lol. We had a Lab mix growing up and his puppy phase lasted at least 5 years. Thanks so much for the share on Bite Prevention; it’s great to know there have been so many resources shared this past week on the subject.

Love the pool party video!

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