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As a large part of the United States is having a rare snow day, it seemed like the perfect day to share these fun photos of  Max by Michele Ashley Photography.  If you are snowed in today, I hope you can have some fun (and maybe take photos) with your dog!

© Michele Ashley Photography | handsome dog loves snow, lifestyle-dog-photography, fox-dog

From Michele:  “Max is a shepherd/chow mix, and we rescued him from the Sterling Shelter in Sterling, MA about 1.5 years ago. He is just over two years old.  Max is about 55 pounds of pure love.  He is an avid runner and does trail running with his human dad.   Max is often mistaken for a fox (and some of the local kids sing that ‘What does the fox say?‘ song when they see him!)   These photos show off his quirky personality and love for the snow.”

© Michele Ashley Photography | winter-pet-photography, snow-dog, Shepherd-Chow-mix, fox-dog © Michele Ashley Photography | handsome-dog-in-snow, Chow-Shepherd-mix, snow-day-with-dogs © Michele Ashley Photography | dog-photography, snow-dog, fine-art-dog-portraits© Michele Ashley Photography | Worcester photography, winter-dog-pictures, wind-blowing-dog's fur, handsome-snowy-dog© Michele Ashley Photography | dog-photography, winter-dog, tongue-out, dog-in-snow

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About Michele Ashley Photography:  Based in Worcester, Massachusetts, Michele specializes in wedding and engagement photography.



There’s my little ham! We are so excited to see our Max featured today!

Wow, Max really does look like a Red Fox! He’s so beautiful. I love that the kids sing a song to him, that is just too precious!

Anna says:

What a cutie!

Alice says:

Very cute!

He really does resemble a red fox; and I’m sure seeing him in the snow like that only confirms the local children’s suspicions 🙂

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