Happy Tails: Boots the Boston Terrier

I wanted to feature Boots as soon as my sister, Alice G Patterson, told me she photographed a Boston Terrier.  What I didn’t realize that in addition to great photos, Boots has a wonderful story.   

Boston Terrier-everything the light touches-Simba-pose

From Ali:  “Boots is our crazy, stinky, snuggly Boston Terrier.  He was adopted by Shaun about five years ago from S.N.O.R.T. Rescue  when he was almost three years old.  He had a ‘ruff’ past, cycling through at least four homes before Shaun brought him to his forever home. man holding Boston Terrier, man's best friend

He is a high maintenance dog, suffering from severe allergies and separation anxiety, but Shaun took a chance and how glad we all are that he did.  Boots has been a constant friend through so many hard times, comforting Shaun and his mother as they both endured cancer treatments within just a few short years of each other.  He understood exactly what they needed, whether it was a cuddle or some entertainment.  

Boston Terrier looking up at manadorable-older-Boston-Terrier, on location dog photography

Boots has a way of stealing your heart by bringing his favorite toy to play with you, cuddling up to you on the couch, or chasing imaginary rabbits in the back yard. 

Bostie standing in grass wanting to play, dog with shark toydog playing tug of war with shark toy in park Boston Terrier, plush shark toy, lifestyle dog portraits Boston Terrier lying in grass with shark toy Boston Terrier holding plush shark toyBoston Terrier running down hill with family He is a true ‘good boy,’ and anyone will tell you just how special he is.

man, woman, holding Boston Terrierwell loved Boston Terrier

Follow Alice G Patterson Photography on Instagram to see more of her amazing work.

About Alice G Patterson:  Based in Syracuse, New York, Alice specializes in dog photography, senior portraits, and commercial photography.


Awee I love stories like this! Boots is a gorgeous pup love his markings! I am so happy he found a wonderful forever home. Stinky or not I would totally cuddle him!

How wonderful Boots finally found his forever home.

kelly says:

What a lovely story. The right dog always seems to make it into our lives at just the right time. Boots is just adorable and I’m happy Boots and Shaun found one another

Love the pictures and the story. Yay for Boots!

Nichole says:

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Bostons. Boots is adorable!

So glad Boots found his wonderful home! Too bad he had to go through so many homes before finding the real deal. Ruby has some separation anxiety and immune system issues and other health issues. Some might think of her as high maintenance as well, but she brings so much love to our lives I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Leah says:

What an adorable dog with such a cute story 🙂 so glad he found his home for good!!!
<3 Leah

Yay! We need to make that first poster into one of those “change” posters! It instantly reminded me of one!

Awe these photos are fantastic! I love how the right dog can make everything right.

Love these photos and story – this is the dog breed I want to add to my family but they’re hard to find in Australia.

He is adorable and I’m glad he finally found the right home for him!

Bostons are amazing little dogs! He’s so cute. And we too, have the Sharkie toy!

What a wonderful story and Boots is adorable! So love a happy ending! And the photos are beautiful!

Yay for S.N.O.R.T! We had tried to adopt a pup through them before Yoda joined us. They are an awesome organization. I’m so happy Boots has such a great success story to share! Our bostons send love and kisses (and farts)!

Kia says:

Lovely photos and wonderful story. So adorbs!

What a happy story to share, especially on Thanksgiving. Kilo went through 4 homes like Boots. How lucky they found and helped each other. Beautiful photos as always.

I always love your posts, what a great story and photographs thank you

Boots is just adorable! Sounds like was a true blessing for his family.
Love & biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

Kandace says:

I love Boots! What a handsome pup. My boss has FIVE bostons and they are each as special as the other. each have their own personalities. which are just as hilarious and sweet as the other!

Such a sweet story – and I’m so happy Boots found his forever home, what a beautiful soul! Love the pic with his toy!

Lily says:

Awww- Boots could be my Buster’s brother. It looks like Boots loves his toys just like mine does. Such a great story! Bostons go straight to my heart. They’re the best!

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