Happy Tails: Buddy Holly

Most of the social media accounts that I follow revolve around dogs, but I also enjoy food and interior design blogs.  My love of the latter two things led me to discover Hey Modest Marce.  Her photography is amazing and mouth watering, so I was a huge fan even before I saw her sidekick, Buddy Holly.  

Black dog, SPCA national cupcake day, ginger candied cupcake from Modest Marce

Marce made cupcakes for the SPCA’s National Cupcake day; you can find the recipe and more about this great Canadian event on Marcella’s blog.  

From Marcella:  “Buddy Holly is 8.5 years old. She is a Pomeranian Chihuahua, who I adopted when she was 1.5. Buddy Holly wasn’t a shelter dog; she came from a family who was no longer able to take care of her. She has one of the biggest personalities for such a little dog.

small dog on sofa, Loom Goods pillows, Modest Marce, dogs on furniture small black dog sitting on rug, We joke it is like having a teenage daughter 24/7.

small black dog standing on fallen tree, Found My Animal ombre leash Buddy Holly loves walks, sleeping in the bed with her head next to us on the pillow and thinks she is a little human!”

dogs on furniture, small black dog on bed, Modest Marce

You can see more of Buddy Holly and Marcella’s amazing creations by following Modest Marce on Instagram.  Buddy Holly also makes appearances on Twitter via @modestmarce.

If you are looking for a fancy cake to serve on Mother’s Day, I think a London Fog Cake would be divine!

About Modest Marce:  In addition to being a blogger,  Marcella Dilonardo is a baker, recipe developer, photographer, and stylist.


nichole says:

Buddy Holly is beautiful… and she makes me want cupcakes!

The dog with the cupcake – if that were me, I’d be alllll over that cupcake! hahaha! Gorgeous photography!

Coming Up Roses

    Beth says:

    Her food is beautiful!

Kelly says:

I love National Cupcake day for the SPCA! I’m going to stop by and take a look at Modest Marce’s site. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures.

    Beth says:

    Be warned it will put you in the mood to bake or at least eat!

How cute is Buddy Holly!

What a great idea, a signature cupcake! Magic wants one now…

Oh my gosh! Buddy Holly is so adorable and I love his name!

Mandi says:

Haha such a photogenic little fellow!

Beautiful photo’s

Buddy Holly is adorable! Mr. N is more like having a very active toddler around!

Dana says:

Buddy Holly is a cutie – and a very good model as well!

What an adorable dog! She looks like a black version of my Lele (who is also a chi mix). 🙂 Great pics!

MattieDog says:

Beautiful and touching images!!

Buddy holly is so cute and those cupcakes look amazing

Great photos. I wish I could learn to take great photographs of Truffle and Brulee.

Wonderful photos as always – and that cupcake looks delicious!

Dogvills says:

Wow, those are stunning pictures!! I love them

Alice says:

Stunning is right! These photographs are gorgeous… no surprise though, as I follow Marcella on Instagram and her food photography is so stylized and rich! I love how she captures Buddy Holly’s sweet looks, while staying true to her photographic aestheticsand style that is seen throughout her food photography. Definitely one of my favorite posts!

Alice says:

PS I want all of Marcella’s furnishings. 🙂

    Beth says:

    Me too!

Ooooooh, cake! Yum. The pics are great too!

Christie from lifewithbeagle.com

we have cupcake day here in New Zealand! It is such a wonderful way to fundraise and people get a sugar rush as well! Long live Cupcake Day!!!

    Beth says:

    Helping others and a sugar rush sounds awesome to me!

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