Happy Tails: Buster the Boston Terrier

Joanna Joy Ramirez is one of those photographers who loves her clients and stays connected with them through the years.  In addition to getting headshots for her client, Joanna took some lovely lifestyle photos of Buster the Boston Terrier.

smiling Boston Terrier sitting on picnic table

From Joanna:  “Every few years, my client, Lily, updates her head shots. A recent move and the addition of a Boston Terrier to the home required a more extended shoot! This fur baby got his own feature. Buster is a rescue dog from Greenville Animal Care.   

Boston Terrier sitting in tub, yellow rubber duck

Now we celebrate every bit of this adorable companion!  

Boston Terrier in home hallway, tin ceiling art work Not only does Buster belong to a very delightful owner but the lucky guy has a girlfriend.  I’m not kidding.

close up of King Charles Cavalier Spaniel with black ears and red eyebrows, adorable Black King Charles Cavalier, happy pup sitting on grass That’s her, the adorable Spaniel, Miss Kayce!

woman feeding spaniel a treat

 Did I say this shoot was about Lily? Not really – it was the Buster show!”

woman walking Boston Terrier, squirrel on tree trunk brunette holding Boston Terrier on picnic table, lifestyle dog photos Boston Terrier looking at woman, interior design, Boston Terrier sitting in woman's lap cute Boston Terrier lying on white sofa cushions

From Lily:  “To know Buster is to love him! He is a social love bug who thinks he is part human and assumes everyone he meets will love him; always in tune with whatever and whoever is around. Buster lives for walks, rides, and play dates with his friends. (Really I could go on and on because he is the little love of my life — he has brought so much joy and unconditional love to my life…)”

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About Joanna Joy Photography:  Based in Tucson, Arizona, Joanna specializes in wedding photography, as well as senior and family portraits.


Nichole says:

Gorgeous photos! I’ve had a soft spot for Bostons ever since I worked for a couple who had two that I used to dog sit on occasion. They are fantastic and so smart… and well, gorgeous!

I always love your photographs and stories, thank you

There are soe simply lovely photographs here! I love Boston Terriers!

Krista says:

Beautiful pictures!

kelly says:

Buster is adorable! He sounds just like my Edie “A social love bug” assuming everyone is there to love her 🙂
Miss Kayce has a lovely face too!

So very sweet. Love the addition of the Cavalier. 😉 Lucky Buster!

Carleen says:

Such beautiful photos. I really love the rubber ducky bathtub one!

Buster’s girlfriend Kayce looks very, very happy to have him around! What an adorable piece – thank you for sharing these beautiful photographs of such a sweet guy (and breed, I love Bostons, they are so spunky)!

Buster looks like quite the character! He definitely has a sparkle in his eyes.

Lily says:

Thanks for sharing our story! We had such a great photographer and are honored to be added to the collection of stories on this site! Love all the posts, especially the Bostons!

Karen says:

What an adorable boy! He has definitely found just the right home, it’s easy to see how happy he is! His little girlfriend Lily is a total cutie too! This made me smile!

Lovely photos and that rubber ducky photo is adorable!

So great to tell a love story through photos. You always showcase such talent. Buster looks adorable, as does his girlfriend.

I am grateful for your stories. I love that you touch the heartstrings in your prose and with the visual images. Buster is too cute.

Sadie says:

What a cute little couple! Such a fun photo shoot. I especially love the squirrel collage. Thanks for the smile.

Sonja says:

adorable pups and WOW lovely home.

Sweet Purrfections says:

Such beautiful photos. I wish I could take my girls outside and get great photos.

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