Spotlight: The Broke Dog | Henry & Rochelle

There is an excellent chance you recognize Henry from The Broke Dog.  And if you don’t recognize him, you are missing out on a lot of tips for spoiling your dog without breaking the bank as well as cute DIYs!  Thanks to Pets by Petra for these awesome photos!

black white terrier mix on gray chair, The Broke Dog

Rochelle grew up with rescue dogs and had always planned on adopting a Dachshund. When she heard that Sean Casey Animal Rescue had five adoptable Dachshunds, she headed over to the rescue to adopt one.   Fortunately for Henry, just one look was all it took.  Rochelle saw him and knew she wasn’t going home with a Doxie.

terrier mix on chair, Henry the Nugget, The Broke Dog Henry was picked up in Arkansas, and despite wearing a collar, no one claimed him.  Even though Henry is both small and adorable, he was on the euthanasia list.  Thankfully,  ALFA-(A Love For Animals) Rescue scooped Henry up before that could happen.

black white terrier mix, young woman, bond between dog and human happy black white terrier mix with woman, Henry the Nugget, The Broke Dog, Rochelle Baross

I can see why Henry stole Rochelle’s heart!

black white terrier mix, rescue dog black white terrier mix tongue out, black white terrier mix, studio dog portraits woman and her handsome dog, dog in bow tie woman smiling, dog licking woman's face The Broke DogMore than just a sweet companion, Henry is also the inspiration behind Brooklyn BowTied.

Handsome dog wearing bow tie, Henry The Broke Dog

Rochelle also ran a very successful coat drive and collected over 200 coats for shelter dogs!

sweet black white terrier being held by woman

Rochelle and Henry recently celebrated their second Gotcha Day!

You can see more of Henry by following The Broke Dog on Instagram.  Follow PetsbyPetra on Instagram to see more of Petra’s photography, including her cute Pug, Pugo.

Pets By Petra founded by Petra Romano in Brooklyn, NYC offers lifestyle and studio photo sessions for pets and their humans. It’s the bond between them that she loves to capture and that is treasured years to come. 


Debbie says:

Henry is such a cutie! I always say that you don’t pick your dog, your dog picks you. Lovely story and pics.

Love Henry and his blog… such a cutie!

Nichole says:

Oh look at Henry and his Mama! Gorgeous photos!!!

Wow! Those are some really nice photos. So happy and fun.

Carleen says:

Such a happy looking guy. They make a great team!

Cathy says:

I can see why Henry stole her heart. He stole mine with just these adorable photos!

He is just so so cute, love the pictures

Oh my gosh I LOVE these photos! So darn cute!

Jana Rade says:

Everytime I see these amazing photos I so want some of these of my dog too.

Allison says:

Looks like love!

I thought I knew Henry! Man ooooh man, my mind was scrambled for a moment!

Wonderful pictures!

I just adore Henry’s sweet face. I love his ears and his eyes are so expressive. They make an adorable pair.

What a cutie! I’ve got a soft spot for any dog with ears as ridiculous as mine!

Henry looks so happy!

Henry is so cute! So glad Rochelle found and rescued him. We love their bow-ties too!

Those shots of Henry are darling. Especially the one with his tongue out.

Henry is such a cutie. Love good “Happy Tails”. Rochelle and Henry both look adorable in these photos. Petra really captured their personalities, smiles and bond. Can’t wait to see her Pug.

Oh my goodness, so cute and so handsome. Love the pictures.

Robin says:

Omg, SO cute – and love that he inspired this venture! Adopting a rescue dog has really inspired me in a lot of ways, too – such an amazing thing to get to do, for us as much as our pets.

Henry!!! What’s not to love – such gorgeous and happy photographs – thanks for helping to make me smile on this lovely St. Patrick’s Day!

Tori says:

I love these two! Thank you for sharing the photoshoot!

I can see why Henry got scooped up!! He’s adorable, and he looks like quite a character. Lovely pictures.

I love Henry! These pjotos are fabulous. I would love portraits of the girls. I should look up Petra.

What an amazing story (and an adorable baby!!!)! The pictures are beautiful – and filled with so much love. Thanks for linking up to the Showcase.

Jan K says:

Henry is adorable, and I know him, but I don’t think I knew he was a Dachshund! What wonderful photos!

dawn says:

I know Henry! He is so darn photogenic! These are great photos especially the ones with Rochelle!

Thanks for sharing with the Pet Blogger Showcase!

Autumn says:

What a precious doggy Henry is! It looks like they have a very special relationship!

I love those feel good rescue stories! So many dogs in need of homes, it makes you feel good when you see that one made it out.

Thanks for joining the showcase!

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