DIY Valentine’s Day Tags + Vita Bone Giveaway

Disclosure:  This is post is sponsored by Vita Bone® Artisan Inspired® Dog Treats, and I’m being compensated to share my opinion.   However, at Daily Dog Tag, we only review products that we use for ourselves or our dogs.   Photos are by Alice G Patterson Photography.

Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be thoughtful.  A card or a compliment can completely transform a day.  And most of us, especially, dogs, appreciate treats!

Vita Bone Treats, Blueberry Maple & Bacon flavor, gift ideas for dog moms

As you might guess, most of my friends are dog lovers too. This Valentine’s Day I’m excited to give them blueberry muffins and Vita Bone® Artisan Inspired® Dog Treats for their dogs.  The Maple Bacon & Blueberry flavor is a big hit with all the dogs I know!

Vita Bone Dog Treats, Valentine Gift tags, dog treat review

I always like giving and getting gifts with a personal touch, so I decided to try out my wood burning kit that I bought a few years ago on a whim.  

wooden gift tag, wood burned tag, Valentine's Day gift idea for dog mom, dog treats


wood burning kit (mine was inexpensive)

precut wood hearts  (available at craft stores)

practice wood (or extra hearts)



pliers (not shown)

sandpaper (not shown)

wood burning kit, Valentine's Day gift idea, dogmomDirections

Attach the desired tip to the wood burning tool.

wood burning detail, editorial and commercial photographer

Turn on and allow to heat up four to five minutes.

If you are stamping a design, press straight down into wood and rock it slightly to make sure the entire design is burned. Make sure to make some test stamps, especially if this is your first time using a wood burner. 

wood burning tags, Valentine's Day gift tags, Easy DIY

If you are free handing a design, keep the burner moving to avoid blobs.

Use pliers or let tool cool before changing tips. If making multiples,  you can save time by using one stamp on all the pieces before changing tips.

A helpful hint that I wish I would have known:  sand wood prior to burning for a smoother surface!

Vita Bone dog treat on scrap wood, dog treat review

I bought tags with predrilled holes. Once your tags are decorated, put a string through them.

wood heart tags, blue berries, Vita Bone dog treats, dog treat review

I love the simplicity of glass jars.  Fill with blueberry muffins or Vita Bone Dog Treats.

dog treats in jar, gift idea for dogs, dog mom, Vita Bone

Attach the tag, and spread the love!

glass jar with Vita Bone dog bones spilling out, tag made with wood burning kit

Vita Bone Artisan Inspired Dog Treats are gift worthy!  I am pawticular when it comes to the treats I give my dogs.  These ones are sourced and made in the USA.  Just as important, they don’t contain corn, soy or artificial flavors. 

Vita Bone dog treat, blueberries, wooden tag

They also smell really good.

Alice’s sweet Franny has been sick and lost her appetite, despite being on an appetite stimulant.  However, she came in for her free sample of a Maple Bacon & Blueberry Vita Bone treat and then asked for a few more.  I happily acquiesced.

(Franny had surgery yesterday to remove her spleen and a grapefruit-sized mass, and will be home tonight.  And yes, she has a jar of Vita Bone treats waiting for her!)

flatlay, Artisan Inspired Vita Bone Dog treats, blueberries

Do you get Valentine’s Day treats for your pet?  

Find a Vita Bone Retailer near you.  Before you shop, print a coupon!

Enter for a chance to win two bags of Vita Bone treats.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Follow Alice G Patterson on Instagram to see more of her work!

Check out Vita Bone on Instagram as well as on Facebook for lots of adorable dogs!

About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Syracuse, New York, Alice specializes in dog photography as well as custom photography for small businesses.


The photography in here is just stunningly beautiful! I love this super crafty pet gift for Valentines Day. I don’t normally give gifts on Valentines, but if I did, this is a great idea! The tags could be used for any occasion.

    Beth says:

    Thank you.

Nichole says:

I’m not sure the question is right, but my favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the relaxing and enjoying of leftovers the day after! 🙂
I LOVE the idea of these personalized Valentine’s gifts – so cute!

    Beth says:

    Thanks! I updated the question. 🙂

These tags are so, so cute!! I totally didn’t even think about getting my kitty valentine’s day treats, but I think I should!!

    Beth says:

    Thanks so much! I think your cat would appreciate some treats.

Ro says:

These photographs are stunning! I love these shots! I don’t own a dog, mainly because my husband doesn’t want any hehe, but I know of a couple of my friends who do and would probably love these as well!

Molly says:

Every day is Valentine’s Day with my dogs! They get lots of loves and cuddles.

    Beth says:

    You are right, they deserve to be showered with love every day!

allison hoffman says:

I celebrate EVERY holiday with my pets!

    Beth says:

    That’s great!

Rachel says:

we don’t really celebrate because she gets so much love and kisses every day!

AC says:

Not necessarily. But i don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in general. Mostly every other holiday, I celebrate with them.

Thanks for the chance to win!

    Beth says:

    Good luck!

Jess says:

These tags are so sweet! It looks like you did a great job. I would love to get treats packaged so nicely!

Sandy Weinstein says:

yes, we usually go to a local pet store for a Valentine’s party, costume party, treats, games for the dogs.

    Beth says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun!

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  • Dianne says:

    Of course we celebrate Valentine’s Day with our best girl <3 !! I usually bake her some heart shaped homemade treats and take some photos to remember the day.

      Beth says:

      That is a great tradition!

    I am loving this craft idea. Such a unique gift!

      Beth says:

      Thank you!

    I try to make treats for the pups, so they may get something special for Valentine’s Day, but it won’t be packaged nearly as beautifully as your personalized glass jars. I tip my hat to you for using a wood burning kit with such finesse. After a few mishaps, I am no longer allowed near glue guns.

      Beth says:

      I’m sure your pups will love their treats. Your glue gun comment made me laugh. I’m not going to lie, I had a little trepidation with this project, but I’m pleased with the results.

    I love the idea and those treats look really good, hmmm I think am gonna enter LOL and of course Madam will be spoiled on Valentines Day 🙂

      Beth says:

      Good luck! I know Layla always has amazing holidays, she is such a lucky little dog.

    Ohmigoodness, these tags are SO CUTE. I love that you bought a wood burner. I’d be a squitch afraid I was going to burn myself, TBH. I’m so clumsy :/

    I’m not entering to win the treats because CANADA, but just had to tell you how much I loved your project!

      Beth says:

      Thank you, Jodi! Hopefully, the next one will be open to Canadian residents. I am quite clumsy and not that crafty, but it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t even come close to burning myself!

    Those are the cutest treat packages!! I adore them! The Vita Bone flavor sounds realllly appealing too and Roxy & Rico would LOVE them!

      Beth says:

      Thank you so much! These treats smell really good and my dogs love them!

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  • Angela Hendricks says:

    I don’t celebrate with my pets.

    Susan Christy says:

    I love my dogs more than anything, but haven’t celebrated Valentine’s day with them before.

    Lindsey says:

    You and Alice have outdone yourselves! So simple and yet so perfect! Those treats sound yummy too!

      Beth says:

      Thanks Lindsey!

    Chelsea says:

    I don’t celebrate but I’m always with them on vday

      Beth says:

      I think spending time together is the best way to celebrate!

    Kelly D says:

    Yes, We buy them special treats.

    Such a thoughtful gift you’ve created! The tags will be an adorable keepsake for the recipients after they enjoy the noms inside! It was fun to see your step-by-step process. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Kim says:

    So adorable…my dog would LOVE those treats.

    Jan says:

    When are you sharing your muffin recipe? Your baked goods are always so good!

    The craft was beautifully described and photographed. I might be able to do one of those!

    Hannah says:

    Oh how cute!! Those look professionally done! Mine would never look that amazing, but I absolutely love the idea.

    Omg these tags are so adorable and your photography is breathtaking!

      Beth says:

      Thank you so much!

    Melissa says:

    This is a super fun DIY! I love the idea!

      Beth says:

      Thank you!

    Courtney Stock says:

    I celebrate every holiday with my animals

      Beth says:

      That is awesome!

    These are so adorable!!! What a fun and cleaver idea!!! LOVE THEM!

      Beth says:

      Thank you so much!

    melanie huttner says:

    I like to take special photos with my pets for all holidays!

      Beth says:

      What a great tradition!

    Those biscuits sound good enough to eat. Give me some!!!

    I love the how to. Lots of people must have a pyrography tool at home or be inspired to grab one FAST!!

    Jackie P. says:

    I have to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my boy because it is also his birthday :).Love the wood burning ideas too…could do for my boy and my grand-pups.

      Beth says:

      I hope you have a great time celebrating Valentine’s Day and the birthday together!

    You’re so creative! I always love reading about your projects.

    Sonja says:

    Beautiful photos. And a lovely idea. With our winter being so cold and so long we always struggle with keeping the wee one’s weight in check with the reduced activity levels. So looking for none food ideas … so far I have found that we can “build” him an in house agility track using household goods…. let’s see how that goes!

    Jack says:

    Looks good.

    Wow the bones sound good enough for me to eat and they are healthy – love that! I also am LOVING your craft project! I had a wood burning iron around here somewhere – now I need to find it! You did AMAZING! You have talent! I do love gifts like this – to give and receive!

      Beth says:

      Thanks so much, Joely!

    I love customizing gifts and treat jars full of treats make great gifts. Kilo and I would both love them. He gave a treat jar with treats to his sweetie last year.

    Awesome gift idea! I’m very familiar with wood burning but never thought of doing something like this as gifts. I might have to try it if I can get all the supplies in time to make them before Valentine’s Day.

    Debbie says:

    These are such a cute idea for a gift! Those little wood burnt tags add such a warm personal touch. Love it 🙂

    Jill says:

    Gorgeous photos as always — and I am kind of wanting to try the maple and blueberry treats myself! Great idea for a V-day gift too!!!!

      Beth says:

      They have a really good fragrance! And as I mentioned, Franny ate a few when she had been refusing all food (including meat and cheese!)

    Natalie Hartmann says:

    All 3 of my dogs get a special Valentine!

    Jana Rade says:

    I don’t have time for any DIY stuff but I wish I did. These are fantastic.

    Stephanie Grant says:

    We do get both our dogs a small Valentine’s Day gifts like their favorite bone or treats.

    Cassandra D says:

    Yes, I give them a special treat for Valentine’s Day.

    AJ T. says:

    If I win the giveaway, would you please also enclose 10 quarts of blueberries?

      Beth says:

      Sorry, only the dog treats are up for grabs!

    Daniel Scott says:

    We celebrate all the holidays with our dog, Artie. He receives toys and treats. We also love to take a hike with him.

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