Adopt Me: Geoffrey the All American Shelter Dog

Update:  Geoffrey is no longer available for adoption.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, this is the perfect time to share a handsome guy looking for love!  Geoffrey is tall and dark, but the only mysterious thing about him is his status as “available.”   Thanks to Jeanne Taylor Photography for taking these photos while he waits for his true love at the Charleston Animal Society

Handsome American Shelter Dog looking for home, adoptable black white Boxer/Bully mix

Geoffrey’s Profile

Breed: Boxer/Bully Mix (American Shelter Dog!)

Age: 3Y 6M

Size: 66 pounds; neutered male

Training Levels: Knows several commands. Also, his adopters will receive FREE training!

Personality: Playful, mischievous, SMART, active, hard-working (he wants to please!), attentive, sweet, affectionate, goofy.

handsome adoptable dog, studio photography

From Jeanne:   “Geoffrey was found as a stray near Charleston SC in July 2016. He came to Charleston Animal Society where he was vetted and neutered and has been well-cared for there since. But now it’s been almost seven months, and he’s ready to have a family to love, and a last name of his own

Geoffrey is VERY smart and, while at CAS, has been working with staff and a trainer to learn commands and focus his energy. His adopters will also receive FREE TRAINING to ensure he is successful in his new home! Geoffrey loves to play ball, enjoys going to the beach and minds well on a leash.

Adoptable American Shelter dog, Bully Boxer mix Charleston Animal SocietyAdoptable Black Bully/Boxer mix He digs car rides and especially drive-thru lines that magically result in burgers!

Geoffrey would prefer to be the only pet at this time. He is great in the CAS kennel – quiet, non-reactive, loves people, but is a little excitable when making new furry friends outside.

handsome American Shelter dog on grass, Adopt GeoffreyHe will need to practice in a managed setting. (Please don’t misinterpret this – he has never had a bite, he just doesn’t properly read dog cues.) With time, patience and training he may even come around to the idea of a companion dog, but, for now, he is looking forward to being adopted as an only pet.  He is all you could want in a dog anyway!

Adoptable black white Boxer/Bully mix, blue old paint background, sHe’s handsome and smart, entertaining and active, sweet and snuggly.  He has even been on TV! Geoffrey is currently reviewing applications at Charleston Animal Society –

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About Jeanne Taylor Photography:  Based in Charleston, SC, Jeanne specializes in pet portraits.  She volunteers her time photographing homeless pets and is a member of HeARTS Speak.


What a handsome guy! I hope he finds a forever home soon! I’m so glad to hear that this organization helps to provide FREE training! That’s an amazing resource for new or seasoned pet owners alike. Everyone can learn new things, which can only help both dog and human. Thanks for sharing photos and his story. I wish I could crawl through the screen and give him some smooches!

Allison says:

Thanks for promoting animals who need forever homes! The teaser is catchy and professional. Free training will be a perk! We need more groups that offer this service. Geoffrey is a handsome dude and I hope he finds the perfect adopter.

I think having a professional phtographer makes your dog look totally amazing. I really hope you find your forever hom soon!!

I hope he finds his forever home and lots and lots and lots of love!!

What a handsome boy, Geoffrey is. His eyes are so soulful – hope someone will give him a chance soon.

Sherri says:

Beautiful photos. I hope he finds a good home soon. He’s too big for me and likely can’t cross the border, but he probably wants to stay in warmer climate anyway.

Sadie says:

I’m in love!!! The fact that he doesn’t have people lined up to adopt him is definitely a mystery! I hope he finds his meant to be person soon xx

Geoffrey is absolutely Adorable!! He’d be the Perfect Valentine. I’ll share to help spread the word about this wonderful boy.
Love & Biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

I hope Jeffrey can find a wonderful forever home doon

Geoffrey is glorious – and these images are so beautiful and capture the true spirit of this wonderful fella! Thanks for sharing with us!

Kim says:

What an absolute stunner

Aww… Geoffrey you are a beautiful boy. You won me over in the first photo – if only you weren’t so far away. The cats would love a brother, I’m sure!

Geoffrey is running out of time. He’s been sitting for so long, his chances of finding the right home may run out locally. I know they would be open to a rescue transfer, or a foster situation. If you can help please visit ASAP

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