Puppy Love: Olive the Heartmender

Designer Annie Taylor is a long time rescue advocate.  All of her dogs have been rescues.  One of the Christmas traditions in Annie’s family is visiting the local rescue to deliver items on the wish list. 

After losing their senior dog, Satchel, last fall, Annie and her family began visiting Helping Hounds weekly to get their “doggy fix.”  They have another senior dog, Zuzu, and were NOT looking to get another dog, much less a puppy.  And then they saw Olive and it was Puppy Love!  At first, I was going to call Olive a heartbreaker, but then I realized she’s actually mending the hearts of Satchel’s family.  Thanks to Alice G Patterson Photography for these great photos of Olive. 

brown puppy in pink chair, heartmenderadorable rescue brown puppy

Olive is about 12 weeks old and was born in Alabama, but thanks to a wonderful rescue transport, she came to Central New York.   Olive is one of ten puppies from the same litter.  I think they all have homes now, but there are more puppies in shelters everywhere!

rescue puppy in pink chair

On the day they met and adopted Olive, Annie’s son, Lincoln said, “This is the best day of my life!” I am pretty sure it is also the best day of Olive’s life.

brown puppy in purple leg cast lying on cushion

She has a hairline fracture in her leg, but it is mending quickly.  Olive is very nimble and has no trouble getting around.

brown puppy, pink chair, purple cast, dogs on furniture

adorable brown white puppy on pink chair, purple cast with pink hearts, Valentine boxpuppy on pink chair looking at Valentine box

Check back tomorrow to see what is in the box!

3-month-old cute brown and white short haired puppyclose up of puppy's eye puppy nose and whiskers, dog detail shots cute brown puppy snuggling with womansleepy brown rescue puppy in woman's arms

While Olive is not a replacement for Satchel, she has brought a lot of joy to her family.  Olive is loved for being her cute, wriggly, sweet self.

You can see more of Alice’s photos by following Alice G Patterson on Instagram.

About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Central New York, Alice is a lifestyle photographer offering custom product, portrait, and dog photography.


Oh my goodness, just look at those eyes. A dog really makes a family.

    Beth says:

    I completely agree with that Wendy!

Photographing Olive was so much fun! As I opened the door to greet Annie and her, Olive was already wagging her tail, and made it clear she wanted to come say hello to me. I’m so impressed with how she gets around with that heart covered cast… definitely not slowing her down. In short, Olive is the cutest little lovebug, and i’m so happy for her humans! Thanks for sharing these images. xoxo

    Beth says:

    You did a great job photographing her! She is precious and your photos show that!

Olive has very expressive eyes. She may be young, but she looks like an old soul to me. Very pretty girl!

Jennifer says:

What a precious little spirit! She’s the sweetest. Beautiful pictures!!

Tori says:

She’s the cutest sweetest thing ever! I love the one with her paw on the arm of the chair, just resting her chin on it. Too cute! Thanks for sharing!

Oh my gosh! Such a cute puppy. Makes me want one even though I’ve done the puppy thing a few times and it’s so much work. But that face!

    Beth says:

    Puppies are so cute, but they are exhausting too. I think that I might just stick with adopting adult dogs. The last dog we brought home was 4 years old and I didn’t miss the potty training and teething stage at all!

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  • Mary Duck says:

    Pooh Annie, what a treasure you have !! Absolutely darling little cutie !!! Your daily blogs are just what I need some days. SOOOOO proud of what you’ve accomplished !!!!
    Ohhhh, and I’m sure the boys LOVE her to pieces and she is spoiled rotten ?!?!?!!!!

    Olive is the cutest little puppy! So happy to see she is helping her family get over the heartbreak of losing their other pup.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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