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Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is having a senior special this month that is sure to make their old dogs as well as some lucky humans very happy!  If you can’t make it out the Sanctuary, fear not, most of the seniors are eligible for a free flight to their new homes in the US or Canada!  (All photos courtesy of Best Friends Animal Society.)

Adopt a dog 8 years or older for free, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

adoptable senior dogs for free, ©Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Preston is food motivated, crate trained and gets along well with other dogs. He likes to be around people, so in addition to a great walking partner, he’ll make a great couch companion.  

Rami is sweet and happy all the time. Although he was born in 2007, you’d never know it. He walks nicely on a leash and likes to stop to smell the roses. Rami has great dog skills. He gets along well even with dogs who are a little too forward or overbearing.

Adoptable dogs Best Friends Animal SanctuaryZero is such a fun guy to be around. He was born in 2007, but he’s young at heart and ready for anything. If you give him a ball or turn on the hose, he turns into a puppy.  

I met  Lincoln a year ago on my trip to the Sanctuary.  He is absolutely a treasure and I hope he is adopted soon! 

Adoptable senior chihuahuas Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Cali is looking for a safe, sunny spot, preferably on someone’s lap. This older gal (born in 2005) has weathered some loss lately. Her person passed away, and her lifetime dog buddy was adopted while she stayed behind.

Oliver has a heart murmur, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying life! 

adoptable senior dog

Cowboy has movie star looks, the best smile, and unbelievable ears.  If I didn’t have a houseful of dogs, I would have adopted him long ago!

I know that not everyone is ready to embrace life with a senior dog, so I’m sharing a few adult dogs that are ready to steal your heart! 

adoptable dogs Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Cleveland is a gentle, sensitive dog who is working on coming out of his shell with people. t takes Cleveland a while to adjust to changes in his routine, but he is ready to start experiencing more of the world. He already loves going for walks, enjoys treats and toys and rides well in the car. Cleveland loves other dogs and feels braver around them. Routine also helps him gain trust and confidence. When he’s feeling secure, he gets silly and wiggly and shows his sweet smile. Cleveland will need a home with a gentle, patient person and would do best with a friendly role model dog.

Sergio will quickly open up and let his sweet, gentle personality shine. He loves people he knows, and while he’s picky with other dogs, he enjoys being around his canine companions. Sergio has a gentle soul and walks beautifully on a loose leash. Born in 2012, he’s already lived more than half his life in a shelter/sanctuary setting and would love to spend the rest of it in a loving home.

©Best Friends Animal SocietyIgor is a Newf and Border Collie mix.  He loves playing with people and other dogs once they’ve become his friends. Though some dogs find him a bit too much, he is tolerant and listens to them well.

Louise is a gorgeous Rottweiler Shepherd mix who is new to the Sanctuary.

Adoptable terrier mix, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Shiloh is a happy, active dog who loves his doggie friends. He has good relationships with dogs big and small. Currently, Shiloh is shy with people.  He avoids them unless treats are offered. He also doesn’t walk on a leash yet. Dogtown trainers have developed a training plan to help him with these things.  

Kitty is a curious terrier mix who watches all that goes on around her. She loves food, so hand feeding meals or treats is a good way to get to know this shy girl. Kitty enjoys shy dog classes at the Sanctuary and will take treats from strangers during class. Currently, she does not like to be petted or reached for. Her caregivers in Dogtown are working on leashing her so she can go for walks.

Adoptable Lab mix, adoptable doxie Best Friends Animal Society Annie Sue would do best in a home with a confident dog to show her the ropes, a patient person, and a secure enclosure. If you have what it takes to make this special girl feel safe, she’ll reward you with all the love in her heart.

Benny the Dachshund is active and very food motivated. He would do best in an active home with an understanding person. A little patience and dog savvy will go a long way with this little guy. With the right person, Benny will be loyal, loving and snuggly.

The  Pet Adoption Center in Salt Lake City is doing the same promotion, on pets five years and older.  While they don’t have quite the variety or number of animals as the sanctuary but adopters can meet the animals in person and take them home the same day.



We have seniors. I LOVE seniors. They are the best. We show our senior cats that there is hope and love and care for them. I am proud we can do that.

    Beth says:

    Your seniors are so lucky to be a part of your life! Senior pets rock!

How fantastic- so great to give seniors a second chance. So often they are trained and loving. Hope Preston finds a home soon.

I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Best Friends. I hope these senior pets can get a loving forever home soon.

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