Engaging Tails: Madison

Today I’m really excited to share this gorgeous engagement session photographed by my sister, Alice G Patterson.  Alice loves to travel and jumps at any chance she gets to combine her love of travel with her photography.  She made a quick trip to Philly to photograph Ashley and Mike and their Vizsla, Madison.


From Alice:  Whenever possible, I like to travel to my wedding clients’ city for their engagement session.  I love the idea of capturing images in a location that is both significant and unique to them.   I feel like this adds a sentimental value that doesn’t come with just finding a pretty location that is convenient to me.   And as animal lover,  I always want to include their pet!” 

Syracuse-pet-photographer, VizslaFrom Ashley:  Madison (aka Maddie, Mad Dog, The Girls, Maddie-son, Muffalatas, I could go on) is going to be 2 years old on May 11th but she is still the baby and the center of attention in our house!


When we initially decided to get a dog, we thought that we would end up with a Weimaraner, however, after some thought and research, we decided on the Vizsla and we definitely made the right choice for us. We found out about Vizslas thanks to my cousin who owns one and I just couldn’t help but fall in love with their rust color fur and lovable big brown eyes. We also knew that we wanted an active dog that could walk, hike and run with us.

bw-Philly-engagement-photo-with-dogMike and I both think that Vizslas get a bad reputation for being crazy, uncontrollable, and stubborn.   However, Mike and I find this to be completely untrue.   Sure, when we are out in public, Maddie appears to be high energy and, at times, uncontrollable, however, this is because she literally wants to meet every person and four legged friend that we walk by.   She also wants to make sure that she smells every scent out there.    At home when it is just the 3 of us, we find Maddie to be calm, low key, and a huge cuddle bug!


 Maddie needs her time outside each day, a walk and some good play time inside, but I wouldn’t say that it is excessive and most of it, we believe is driven by her need to have attention from her mom & dad (Mike and I).   Maddie is the first dog that I have ever owned but Mike’s family has owned dogs, I never expected a dog to express as much love and devotion as Maddie expresses.   As you may have heard, Vizslas have the nickname of the “Velcro dog” and that definitely describes Maddie.   If you are sitting on the couch, Maddie will not only be on the couch with you, she will be in your lap.   If you are playing with her on the floor, she will end up sitting on you or leaning all her weight up against you.   And finally, at bedtime she is not only sleeping on the bed with you, she is under the covers with her head on the pillow next you.


And as much as Maddie is in love and devoted to us, it definitely goes both ways.   Maddie has both of us wrapped around her paw.   She is spoiled by not only her mom & dad but both her sets of grandparents that are completely smitten w/ their grand dog and a few aunts and uncles.   As I write this, I feel like it’s obvious that we don’t see Maddie as a dog at all, she is our baby and really the light of our family.”

You can see more of this lovely engagement session on Alice’s blog. Be sure to like her facebook page.

About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Syracuse, NY, Alice is a bi-coastal family, wedding and portrait photographer who loves dogs.  She has three dogs of her own.


im pretty bias but those are some darn good looking pictures with some darn good looking people with one very darn good looking four legged friend.

I LOVE this trio; and that Maddie is the happiest little Vizsla ever! Thanks so much for sharing these Beth. xoxo

Mateja Savoie says:

I absolutely love your photos! We have a Vizsla, Juno, who will be two this August. She is absolutely amazing and is the center of attention in our home too!!

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