If you have snow this weekend, I hope you’ll get some photos of your dog in it!  Julie from Convincing Image sent in this lovely image of Sage, the Coonhound mix, on a snowy day.  

adorable Coonhound mix in snow

From Julie:  “We love taking pictures of dogs. The fur babies are the sweetest! But add snow in there and it’s even more fun! Sage is an adorable 11 1/2 year old Bluetick Coonhound cross (The vet figured her dad was either a Blue Heeler or a Jack Russell Terrier.) Her personality has mellowed out over the years. She was a bit of a wild one as a puppy (aren’t most dogs?) but she is content to play around with her dog friends and lay around in her bed.”

About Convincing Image:  Based in Cache Valley, Utah, Nathan and Julie Argyle specialize in wedding photography and portraits.

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What a lovely shot! We don’t get snow here, but I’ve often wondered how my dogs would like it. I bet they would love to romp and play in it. 🙂

We’re supposed to get snow this weekend and I want to try to get some pictures.. Might turn into ice though so we’ll see.

What a glorious photo of a sweet pup! Our dogs love the snow too – they come alive! Thanks for sharing – and we agree about the dog desk items 🙂

What a beautiful capture! As our temperatures soar during summer here, it’s hard to image snow covered ground.

Maggie says:

That is such a gorgeous shot!! We got a bit of snow, but it’s so darn cold out today (3 degrees as of this writing) that none of us could handle a photoshoot! 🙂 But that lovely pic inspired me for a warmer snowy day!

This is such a beautiful picture. We had lots of snow here this weekend.

Great shot and fun video. I was planning to get out with the Action Cam today but it did not snow and pretty cold and windy.

Sage sure IS fetching in this photo! I love her name by the way. I also really need to get myself a GoPro!

    Beth says:

    I hope you get (and share) lots of great videos of your pets!

DeAnna says:

Love the calendar of events! I wish more people would post their events

We have freezing snow, but we decided to just hang by the warm fire! lol Maybe next time. Love this cover photo!

    Beth says:

    That sounds like a good choice!

We had a dusting of snow that lasted about 15 minutes this weekend. I have some photos of the girls with their first snowfall from 3 years ago and they are great.

    Beth says:

    Oh I would love to see those!

We did have snow here in NY and I totally got out & took lots of fun photos with Icy and Phoebe. What’s cuter than a Husky playing in snow?! I love Coonhounds, Sage is adorable!
Love & Biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    Beth says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Icy and Phoebe’s snow pictures.

Love the photo and video! We did get snow and I was out there photographing my Huskies! Lots of fun shooting pics of them in their element!

    Beth says:

    That’s awesome! Huskies in the snow is the best!

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