Happy Tails: Dolittle and Ned

 Its a dreary day here, raining and gray, so I’m happy to have this adorable distraction to share with you.  These cuties were photographed by Grace and Tim from Willow &  Co

© Willow & Co, red-poppy-collarsFrom Grace:  “Louise organised this special shoot to celebrate her husband Anthony’s 50th birthday. I should also mention that Doolittle is an amazing 14 years old (but still with the cheekiness and energy of a puppy!). Ned is 3 years old but despite the age gap, he and Doolie are the best of friends.   Louise is also the owner of The Little Flower Shop in Wentworth Falls so she made some darling red poppy collars for the boys to wear in some of the photographs.”

© Willow & Co, senior-Schnauzer-Terrier-mix

From Louise:  “Dolittle is about 14-15 years old and he is some kind of terrier crossed with a bit of Schnauzer but not really sure. The local paper advertised Dolittle from The Blacktown Pound seeking ‘bed and breakfast.’  He was surrendered aged about 2 years by his owner as her new boyfriend claimed ‘it’s me or the dog.’ So luckily she got him, and we got Dolittle.  Her loss.   Dolittle’s hobbies include ripping up newspaper, sniffing all trees, napping, and scratching. He has mastered the art of barking away storms.  He barks and barks every time – and every time they eventually end. Sometimes this can take several hours but he is very dedicated and always succeeds in his mission. 

© Willow & Co, Senior-Schnauzer-Terrier-mix,Blue-Mountain-Photographers He was diagnosed with Cushings Disease 4 years ago and is on daily (expensive!) medication and thanks to our awesome vet he’s still kicking.  He’s a gentle darling and a real champ of a dog.

© Willow & Co, adorable-Schnauzer-mix-portraits© Willow & Co, furry-brothers© Willow & Co, Maltese-Shih-tzu-,mixed breed

Ned came into our lives 4 years ago as a tiny puppy companion to Dolittle.  He’s a Maltese/Shitzu cross.  The initial meeting of the boys was not ideal.  Ned is a feisty little fellow, and sadly failed puppy classes because he snapped at the poodles.  He’s definitely his Dad’s adoring boy. 

Willow & Co, Blue-Mountain-Photographers, Maltese-Mixed-Breed© Willow & Co,  Shih-tzu-Maltese-Mixed-breed© Willow & Co, handsome-small-dog© Willow & Co, handsome-dog-BFFs Ned enjoys rescuing sticks from the fire basket, chewing anything available, twice daily walks, having his hair blow dried, barking at his canine friends, big cuddles and eating hot dogs.  He’s a fun little bundle of energy, and we think that he’s kept is brother on his toes and young.  He’s a bit of a naughty Ned but he adores his big brother, and we simply adore him too. 

© Willow & Co, Dogs-on-furniture, best-buddies They are now the very best of mates. We do worry about how he will cope one day without his friend. Our photo session with Grace was a joy.  She really is fab and so talented.”

You can see more of these two handsome guys on the Willow & Company blog.   If you appreciate all types of photography, including wedding and engagement sessions, be sure to like Willow & Co on Facebook!

 About Willow & Co:  Based in the Blue Mountains, NSW  offers fine art photography for couples, pets and weddings.  Grace and Tim’s photographs celebrate love and with photographs that tell an honest visual story.  They regularly volunteer their time photographing homeless pets at the RPSCA.

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These two are darling.

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