Living With Dogs: Ceramic Treat Jar With A DIY Lid

Disclosure:  This is post is sponsored by Supreme Source®.   However, at Daily Dog Tag, we only review products that we use for ourselves or our dogs.   Photos are by Alice G Patterson Photography.

You wouldn’t necessarily know I’m a crazy dog lady by looking casually at photos of my house, but there are treat jars all over.  I believe in positive reward training, so I’m always on the lookout for healthy dog treats, like Supreme Source®.  Many years ago, when my kids were small, I thought a plastic jar with paw prints all over it was cute.  But as I’ve grown older, my decorating ideas have changed. My favorite crafty project is creating treat jars. 

Because training my dogs is “a work in progress” I need to have the treats easily accessible, but having them out isn’t my favorite look.  Theo and Sophie are tall enough to counter surf if left alone long enough.  Neither of them can be trusted with a bag of treats.  

I bought this green crock on sale, but it didn’t have a lid.  I knew I wanted it for dog treats, so I brainstormed a little and came up with a plan.

DIY lid for ceramic treat jar, crock for hiding dog treats, dog lover lifestyle tips, Dog mom truth



DIY lid for ceramic treat jar supplies, clever dog mom ideas, dog lover lifestyle hacks

Wood Disc (you can purchase pre-cut ones in craft stores or cut your own)


Box cutter or Exacto knife

Cutting Mat



Drawer pull/knob (and drill)

Paint or stain

supplies for wooden lid ceramic crock, ©Alice G Patterson Photography | DIY lid for ceramic treat jar


Cut or buy wood to fit.  

Sand if needed.

To determine the diameter of cork seal:  measure the inside diameter of the container approximately 1/4 inch down (or the thickness of the cork)  A compass works well for this type of measurement.  Alternatively, you can see if you have a bowl or plate that fits inside at the right depth and trace that. (That method worked for me.)

Cut cork with a  box cutter or Exacto knife.

cutting cork seal for ceramic crock lid

If adding a handle, drill hole in the center of wood and cork.

Stain or paint lid (optional.)

Assemble lid.  Since my hands are pretty small, I wanted a knob for easier access, but you can just glue the cork to the wood if you want.

©Alice G Patterson Photography | DIY lid for ceramic treat jar, placing cork on wood, knob detail

Fill with delicious treats!

cute button knob on treat jar, ©Alice G Patterson Photography | DIY lid for ceramic treat jar, Supreme Source grain free treats

I’m picky when it comes to what I feed my dogs, so I was happy to learn about Supreme Source® grain-free dog food and treats.

All of their products are grain free (no corn, soy, or wheat!) which means even Nelly can eat them. Not only are they grain free, but they are also made without artificial flavors or coloring in small batches in the USA.

My dogs love both the biscuits and the soft treats.  The soft treats only have 3 calories.  Both are easy enough to break into smaller pieces if needed.  

You can learn more about Supreme Source for dogs (and cats!) on their website.

Treat your pet and enter our giveaway of Supreme Source food, treats, and swag items for either a cat or a dog (winner’s preference.)


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Because every mom deserves a little pampering, be sure to enter the Pampered Pet Moms Sweepstakes at Supreme Source!

The winner will win a $500 gift card plus a prize pack containing Supreme Source food, treats, and select grooming products from

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About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Syracuse, New York, Alice specializes in editorial photography, dog portraits, and photography for small businesses.  


What a brilliant idea thank you as I am sitting with the cutest dog lid from a jar I smashed and have been wondering what to do with it and you just got my mind working by going to look for a jar to match it. Love DIY ideas for thins and this one is just wonderful

    Beth says:

    I’m glad this inspired you to find a jar for your lid!

Monika says:

This looks absolutely adorable and a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Kamira says:

I love DIY projects. This is a very clever idea. Your treat jar and lid fit perfectly.

    Beth says:

    Thanks Kamira!

How clever! Well done.

    Beth says:

    Thank you!

    Beth says:

    Thank you, Monika!

Amy Hempe says:

These are clever! All treats and food in my house must be in sealed containers that cannot be chewed through or placed high out of reach. Most of the dog treats are above the dryer, and sometimes they’ll try to grab them and inadvertently turn the dryer on – it’s the only thing that gives them away before the treats are eaten!

    Beth says:

    I guess a dryer makes a pretty good alarm 🙂

So many would just throw a jar away but you do much better. I love this idea and yes I can get the cork sheeting for this! The can add any kind of handle cant you! – I can see a cute cat one working so well here 🙂 Brilliant.

    Beth says:

    Thanks, Marjorie. A cute cat handle would be perfect for your house!

I’m not a DIY person but this is adorable and I think I could handle cutting cork. Ruby is also very good at finding and getting into her treats and other food so having a secure jar would be a great help!

    Beth says:

    You can totally do this one!

Jana Rade says:

Those jars are very lovely looking. We only buy one kind of treats which come in a ziplock baggy. But these jars look so good I might consider them when we start making our own jerky again.

    Beth says:

    Thanks, Jana!

Shannon says:

Awesome idea and kudos for having treats everywhere and keeping the training alive and fun!!

What a cool DIY project, I like that green jar, its kind of retro! I love making treat jars & giving them as gifts

    Beth says:

    We need to do a treat jar exchange!

I can relate to having treats stashed everywhere for positive reinforcement. Gusto is always sniffing the edges of counters. Even though he can jump that high, fortunately I haven’t found him on the counter yet getting into the cooking jar! Thanks for the photos illustrating how you made the lid for your jar.

    Beth says:

    Gusto is such a good dog!

This is such a cute jar! I love this! Rooney would appreciate it if we had more treat jars around the house!

    Beth says:

    Thanks, Rachel! Being able to give them a quick treat seems to help my dogs’ behavior.

I love this DIY treat jar! It’s so pretty…a lovely way to keep treats handy, and we all know how important it is to have those furbaby treats at the ready! Thanks for sharing the instructions!

    Beth says:

    Thanks so much, Dorothy!

Katie says:

What a great idea and such a cute treat jar!

    Beth says:

    Thanks, Katie!

Crystal says:

Love this!!!!

    Beth says:

    Thank you, Crystal!

Julie Dawson says:

Very cute idea. Dog mom truth: sometimes my treats are just on top of the mantle.

    Beth says:

    I’m pretty sure dogs only care that you have treats for them!

Carolyn says:

#dogmomtruth my dog has more coats than I do

    Beth says:

    Sounds like a lucky dog!

What a great idea, and a cool giveaway.

I bet you could make lids for vases too. I was just thinking. I got this large round glass vase with flowers for my birthday, but I already have a couple of vases….so I could turn it into a treat jar! Thanks so much!!

    Beth says:

    You can absolutely do this for a vase!

Sandy Weinstein says:

i love the idea of the jar, i have been looking for one for my house. my petmom truth, is to be a caring, considerate mom to my 2 gals. my friends tell me that they want to come back as one of my dogs because i take better care of them than they do of their human kids. i feel that if you adopt or get a pet, then it is your responsibility to care for them, all the way, in sickness and health, just like the wedding vows.

    Beth says:

    It sounds like your dogs are very lucky!

allison hoffman says:

would love to win this for my dog!

    Beth says:

    Good luck!

Molly says:

My truth is my pups get anything they want!

    Beth says:

    Your dogs are very lucky!

Alix Maza says:

Aww what a cute idea! We usually leave the dog treats in the bag haha.

This is soooo cute and your pictures are soooo beautiful!!!! One of my close friends just got a dog and I’m totally going to do this for her!

    Beth says:

    That’s awesome!

Ashley says:

I don’t really have a pet mom truth.

I need to DIY some treat jars for the cats’ treats. I have treat bags in almost every room in the house.

    Beth says:

    It just makes sense to have the treats where you need them, right?

Chelsea says:

I loved this diy!! I only feed my dogs grain free treats!! ❤️

    Beth says:

    My dogs go crazy for these! There aren’t a lot of grain free biscuits out there, and these ones have a nice texture too.

Lily says:

This seems quite simple and super cute!
I must confess that I talk for my pups…I’m that crazy. LOL!

    Beth says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion that most of us do, it is probably just a matter of who will admit it!

Southern & Style says:

This seems like such an easy solution to all of the cute lidless crocks I see when browsing the aisles of my local thrift store! My sweet Forrest (who eats far healthier food than I do!) would adore having his treats housed in a fancy crock instead just the bag they came in!

xoxo, SS

    Beth says:

    I love shopping at thrift stores! I hope Forrest gets some of these, my dogs highly recommend them.

This is an adorable pet treat jar! We just have bags of treats around the house.

    Beth says:

    Thank you!

What a cute DIY idea! It is so simple too. It’s amazing how 1 little change like that recreates something entirely. My kitties would love to try these treats! 🙂

    Beth says:

    Thank you! My dogs are big fans of them, I hope you entered the Giveaway!

Renee says:

I’m not crafty and every time I try a DIY thing it’s a failure. I suppose that could also be my dog mom truth. LOL

Joelle says:

I’m fairly crafty myself, but I’m impressed by your lid making skills. I never even thought of that! Also, yay for giveaways, signing up now!!

    Beth says:

    Thanks, and good luck!

Adriana says:

This came out soo good! What a fun DIY. It makes it look so pretty!

Natalie Hartmann says:

Cute!! My truth is that I will do anything in the world for my 3 dogs!

    Beth says:

    I bet they know that too! They are very lucky dogs!

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  • Stephanie Grant says:

    My petmom truth is my Boxer and Rottie rule our house. They are the bosses and we just live there! I love this idea it’s cute and functional.

      Beth says:

      You sound like a great dog mom! Thanks!

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