Puppy Love: Engagement Photos at Wrightsville Beach, NC

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A nearly empty beach is my favorite place to be.  As much as I love the solitude, I’d prefer to spend it some dogs, so I am wild about this puppy session from Erin Costa Photography on Wrightsville Beach!

puppy playing on beach, Engagement photos Wrightsville Beach ©Erin Costa Photography

From Erin:  “Jillian and Jimmy recently adopted the most adorable puppy named Colby, so of course they wanted to feature her in their engagement session in downtown Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach.

Big dog and puppy playing digging in the sand, lifestyle dog photography ©Erin Costa Photography Colby made a few other dog friends during the shoot. Jimmy is a Marine on deployment, so Jillian and Colby will be home holding down the fort until he returns. “

couple holding gray and white puppy, engagement photos with puppy, ©Erin Costa Photography | Wilmington, NC

From Jillian:  “We had such a great time shooting with Erin.

winter engagement photos with puppy, Wrightsville Beach, ©Erin Costa Photography

My fiancé, Jimmy, and I got Colby the day after Christmas this past year kind of spur of the moment. Jimmy is a Marine Corps officer, and we had just found out about a week before Christmas that Jimmy was going to be deploying mid-February. Since I had just moved to North Carolina a few days after Thanksgiving, I was very new to the area and hadn’t established many connections or friendships yet, so we thought that a puppy would be a great way for me to have some companionship – and keep me busy – while Jimmy is gone.

couple walking with puppy on the beach, ©Erin Costa Photography

We were home in Pennsylvania for Christmas and found a litter of available American Bully puppies.  They were on the way back to our new home in North Carolina. When we stopped to see them, we were shocked at the conditions that these dogs – and people – were living in.

adorable tiny puppy on the beach, American Bully pup, ©Erin Costa Photography

The house was filthy, all eight puppies were living in a kiddie pool filled with their waste, and the house wreaked. The puppies ran to us when we got there, wanted to say hi.  Eventually, they waddled away to continue playing, except one – the runt, Colby. She was so tiny and just rested her little head on my foot, almost as if to say “take me with you.”

I picked her up, and she was asleep in my arms within 30 seconds. We initially thought we wanted a boy puppy (my fiancé especially.) But when Jimmy saw her fall asleep in my arms, he knew we weren’t leaving without her. We took her home with us, only to find out that the 8-week old puppy we thought we were getting was a mere five weeks old.  Additionally, she was very sick with horrible roundworms, hookworms, and coccidia (another intestinal parasite).couple walking away with puppy running next to them engagement photos with puppy ideas

So even though we didn’t technically rescue Colby from a shelter or foster home, we still feel like she was a rescue.  We saved her from the deplorable living conditions.  Especially since if she had been there much longer as sick as she was, she might not have made it. After many sleepless nights, we nursed Colby back to health.  Now she is a sweet, playful little ball of energy. She is the most affectionate dog I’ve ever met and just wants to love and cuddle with everyone! But she also has a very sassy/stubborn streak and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. She has brought so much happiness and laughter into our lives and is proving to be exactly the little companion that I needed while Jimmy is away.”


Marine and his fiance and puppy, Wilmington, NC ©Erin Costa Photography

Thanks to Jimmy for his service! I know Colby and Jillian will be thrilled when he is home again.

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About Erin Costa Photography:  Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, Erin specializes in portrait and wedding photography.


sadie says:

okaaaaaaay. CUTEST puppy ever!! i love that they incorporated their sweet pup into their engagement session!!

Colby is such a cutie-pie and is going to have one very special life!

Adriana says:

These pictures are adorable! Such a fun way to involve the pets! Love it!

Southern & Style says:

This is the sweetest story-I’m so happy they got Colby, she is just precious!

xoxo, SS

First off, my husband and I LOVE Wrightsville Beach. We used to live close by and miss it so much! Second, these photos are gorgeous as always. And that little puppy is so adorable. I’m hoping we can get puppy #2 later this year. My fingers are crossed haha

These photos are adorable! Thank you for joining the Pet Parade.

AWE! This so so sweet! I wish we would’ve included tuck in our engagement photos! I’ve also wanted to visit Wrightsville beach for so long! Congrats to the happy couple and adorable pup!

    Beth says:

    I hope that you get there soon and take tons of photos! (And that Tucker gets to go with you!)

Adriana says:

So many great shots! Looks perfect the location and the couple too. And not to mention that puppy what a precious little doggie. That face with the tongue out is priceless.

Debbie says:

Omg these pictures are perfect! They’re so relaxed and natural, I love it. And I mean, come on, is there a better combination than puppies and the beach? Ahh…

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