Caturday | Engaging Tails: Daisy and Mr. Potuck

When I saw this engagement session with not one, but two, cats, I knew I had to feature it for Caturday!   Jasmine Norris must have been feline good when she photographed this session!  (Sorry, I had to do it.)

garden engagement session with cats, Caturday

Maggie and Jeremy are getting married in June 2018 at Stone Creek Lodge in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

calico cat with engagement ring on head

We met up at Holcomb Gardens at Butler University for their engagement session. Maggie and Jeremy both loved the look of the gardens. It was the perfect location. They even brought along their two cats for the last part of the session!”

woman kissing tabby cat, engagement photos with cats

From Maggie:  ” Mr. Potuck is three years old, 22 pounds, and is a tabby kitty. I adopted him when he was a kitten from Petco, and he has brought loads of fun and love to our lives. He is an excellent jumper/runner and loves to climb up his cat pole. His favorite thing to do is jump off of it onto the dining room table. He loves talking to birds, doing sneak-attacks to his sister, and cuddling. He also taking walks in the double stroller. Mr. Potuck still has his claws, so he loves to tear things up when he gets the chance. He is also a big talker and loves his mousey friends and playing in the sink. Obviously, he loves to eat, although he doesn’t like wet food, so his favorite treat is his dry food.

cat wearing save the date signcalico cat wearing saving the date sign

Daisy May is 11 pounds, is a calico domestic short hair kitty, and she just recently celebrated her 8th birthday with a party with family and friends.

couple kissing calico cat, engagement pictures with catsI received her as a gift when she was just a kitten, and she has been my best friend ever since. Daisy loves to eat, wrestle with her brother, and cuddle with mommy. She is a big talker and loves hair ties and pens as well. Her hobbies include taking walks in our double cat stroller with Mr. Potuck, giving sassy looks, and playing with her mousey friends. She has her own purse that she likes to carry around in her mouth and also has her own throne that Jeremy and I built her for Christmas last year. She has a unique drinking technique where she dips her paw in it and licks it off. Her favorite treat is Tuna juice.”

engaged couple holding their cats wearing save the date signs couple kissing while holding their cats, cat friendly engagement session

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I love this so much!! We are already married but I wonder if I could find a photographer to do a family photo shoot of us and our two cats…

    Beth says:

    I bet you can! If you need any pet photographer recommendations, just let me know.

This is just purrfect. How lucky are those kitties (and the lucky couple!)

Kamira Gayle says:

You know I LOVE THIS right? Thanks for this special Caturday feature for us cat lovers. Very sweet photography session. Kuddos to the photographer and congrats to the happy couple.

    Beth says:

    Thanks Kamira, I thought you would love it!

A photo shoot with cats?!?! I love it!! How adorable.

I would love a family portrait I’d my girls and me. It would take a very patient photographer!

These are too cute – though not sure the kitties would agree. The looks on their faces are absolutely precious and hysterical at the same time. I love the name Potluck especially for a 22 pound kitty.

I love that you featured photos of cats with an engagement photo session. I’m seriously considering harness/leash training my girls so I can take them outside with me. I know I could get better photos outside.

    Beth says:

    I hope that you do, but I imagine it is quite an undertaking. Your cats are so lovely, and the photos you share are great.

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