Happy Tails: Ginger the Miniature Poodle

As a dog lover, I believe in love at first sight.  It happens to me all the time, I see a dog, I fall in love.  But there is a difference between falling in love with a dog and knowing that a dog belongs with you. Sadly, senior dogs are often overlooked in a shelter, especially if they have special needs.   Get ready for a heartwarming story of love and second chances.  Jessica Wasik from Bark & Gold Photography makes it easy to see why Rodlyn fell in love with this miniature Poodle.

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From Jessica:  “Two years ago, FurKid Rescue saved Ginger from a high kill shelter in West Virginia, and it wasn’t long before Rodlyn fell in love with this sweet senior. In June of 2015, Rodlyn welcomed Ginger into her forever family, which includes three cat siblings.”

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From Rodlyn: “There was something about her face.

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I had been browsing through photos of puppies in local shelters and rescues when I stumbled upon Ginger’s picture.  The adorable way she tilted her head just won me over.  I knew I had to meet her.

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We learned that Furkids pulled Ginger from a high kill shelter.  She was pregnant and ten years old.  She was diagnosed with diabetes shortly after having her puppies.  I initially had some hesitation about Ginger’s age and her diabetes, but there was just something about her; I knew she belonged with us.  Her friendly and laid-back attitude helped her quickly settle into her forever home.

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Ginger is always happy and enjoys playing with her toy hedgehogs and ducks and ‘chase playing’ her three cat siblings.  She is always close to her humans and just loves to sleep under the covers in bed.  Her favorite treats are steamed zucchini and green beans – perfect treats for a dog with diabetes!   We keep Ginger’s diabetes well-regulated by checking her blood glucose levels daily and giving her insulin shots.

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We are forever grateful that FurKid Rescue pulled Ginger out of that high kill shelter.  She is proof that older dogs (even those with less than perfect health) can be the best thing for a family.  We adore her and can’t imagine her not being a part of our family!”

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About Bark & Gold Photography:  Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jessica Wasik specializes in dog photography.  She is a member of HeARTS speak. Jessica also photographed the 2018 Furkid Rescue Calendar which will soon be available for purchase.



Nichole says:

Ginger is a beauty! Thank you for sharing her story, and thanks to FurKid for rescuing her!

Ginger is so beautiful! Thank you for giving her a home. Senior dogs are the best (I know cause ours is 14 and counting):-))

Linda says:

Ginger is adorable! Rodlyn, her husband and their children are a kind and loving family who show care and compassion in their daily lives.

    Beth says:

    I’m so happy that Ginger has her perfect family!

Hi Bark & Gold! What an adorable baby – so happy Ginger is now a happy camper in her own forever home!

‘Someone’ LOVES to pose 🙂

I’m sat here smiling at sweet Ginger and can understand why everyone would fall in love with her. What a story, and a history, but what a happy dog.

Seniors (cat and dog) Totally Rock!!

    Beth says:

    I agree!

What a wonderful rescue story of Ginger. She is adorable! I’m so happy someone was willing to give her a forever home with her diabetes and her age.

Allison says:

Ginger looks like a sweetheart! I’m glad she got rescued. I’ve twice adopted a senior dog. They have hearts of gold. Poodles seem to be good with cats. At least the ones I’ve experienced are friendly to cats.

Debbie says:

What a sweet story!! Ginger was so lucky to find such a great family to give her the love and care she needs for her age and illness. I hope she has a long happy life with them. 🙂

Shelby says:

Ginger is BEAUTIFUL and so are these photos! Such a happy smile. 🙂

Robin says:

Ginger is such a beautiful girl! I love that smile. She looks like a stuffed animal. I’m so glad that someone saw the potential in her and gave her a loving home for the rest of her days. This is a true love story. 🙂

Ginger is such a sweetheart – and what an expressive little fuzzy face…our hearts melted reading this one! Love your posts!

    Beth says:

    Thanks so much for your kind words, I know you have a soft spot for senior rescues!

What a sweet story! I love hearing about senior dogs finding their forever home and settling in so well. I can tell that Ginger is greatly loved. Wonderful photos too!

Oh what a little cutie!!!

Ginger is so cute. As always the photos are stunning. I love these heartwarming happy tails. #RescuesRock

Shayla says:

So cute! I love your thought on love at first site with dogs! I fall in love with new dogs everyday, but it doesn’t always mean they fit my pack or lifestyle. We are super busy! I also am so in love with the fact that you pointed it seniors! It breaks my heart to see old kids in rescue and shelter systems! They should be pampered in their later years too!!!

Thank you everyone for your kind words regarding my photos of Ginger and her amazing story!

Rodlyn says:

Ginger has been an absolute blessing to our family. We just love her to bits! Thank you for your kind comments.

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