Dog Pawty: BamBam the Chi’s Birthday Party

If you are wishing it was still the weekend, I have just the photos to brighten your day! Photographer Kristina Staal has four dogs.   She recently celebrated her rescue Chi’s birthday with a fun photo shoot.  As someone with multiple dogs, I appreciate the extra effort she made to gets some special photos of BamBam!  

rescued chihuahua birthday celebration, Chi wearing blue bow tie in park next to chalkboard sign "I'm 6!"

From Kristina “BamBam’s birthday is a special occasion.  He is a rescue dog from a high-kill shelter in Los Angeles.

handsome Chi with blue bow tie, small dog on grass, lifestyle dog photography So, this year, I thought it would be extra special to do his birthday session in the park.

dog pawty-rescued chi 6th birthday photo shoot I added little details which suit his personality oh-so-well, plus a cupcake, because really, what dog doesn’t deserve a few licks of a cupcake on their birthday!? (Note: he didn’t eat the whole thing! Just a few licks!) 

rescued Chihuahua wearing pointed hat and fox bow tie, BamBam has quite the personality – for a little guy, he has a fierce bark, but along with that comes a soft and gentle cuddle bug.  He has a HUGE soft spot for his favorite person – his Peepaw (or grandpa.)  His preferred activities are sunbathing and sitting beside his Peepaw while he grills steak on the BBQ.  (It should be noted that his Peepaw totally spoils him and gives him some steak as well!)

Chi mix sitting on wooden scooter and eating cupcake, dog birthday party in park

Surprisingly, his best friend was a Siberian Husky named Magnus, who BamBam absolutely LOVED to chase around (and could keep up with!). Unfortunately, his best friend passed away recently.  So BamBam became quite close to his next buddy in-line, another rescue Chihuahua named Scout.  Scout is a huge couch potato but major cuddle bug as well. (It is  the cuddling that has made them become best buds!)

ideas for celebrating dog's birthday, little dog sitting on kids toy next to cupcake Chi licking icing off cupcake, ideas to celebrate dog's birthday, dog in blue bow tie Chihuahua and cupcake, dog's tongue out, lifestyle dog portraits Chihuahua licking birthday cupcake, celebrating dogs birthday ideas, dog birthday party picturesFor this shoot, I had to use a bow tie and birthday hat because if you knew BamBam, you’d agree it fits his personality perfectly! He was such an angel throughout his session…sitting still, looking at the camera, and of course licking up some icing (which was his favorite part!)”

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About Kristina Staal Photography: Currently based in Darien, Connecticut, Kristina specializes in wedding photography. 



Abby says:

BamBam is so cute in his “pawty” hat!

John says:

That’s an adoptable pet if I ever saw one. I mean, with a name like BamBam how can you not take him home.
Great pictures of a cute little dog!

John says:

Dang, I just saw he’s already been adopted. 🙁

    Beth says:

    There are lots of other awesome dogs looking for a good home! Visit, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary ( or your local shelter!

That sweet little tongue! He’s so dainty and polite when he takes a lick of his birthday cake. I know kids who aren’t nearly as polite, LOL!

    Beth says:

    Even though I am an adult, I am probably not that polite either!

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