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When I first saw these photos from Jennifer Newberry Photography, I was delighted. This is the first Basset Hound Wedding party I’ve ever seen, but I hope it won’t be my last.  It makes me even happier to tell you that  3 out of 4 of these dogs are rescue dogs totally debunking the idea that you can’t adopt a purebred dog.   The bride is very active at Basset Hound Rescue in Ontario

Basset Hound Wedding Party, bride and Basset Hounds, purple leopard dog dresses

From Jennifer:  “Louise had the nails of the female dogs painted purple to match her wedding colours.  Dryfuss is Louise’s baby and he walked her down the aisle along with her parents, Louise had all the dogs’ outfits custom-made.All the dogs were very well behaved! Instead of wedding favours, donations were made to the Basset Hound Rescue of Ontario).

Dog table number-dog themed weddingLouise does a lot of work with the Basset Hound Rescue of Ontario, and it was fitting that their wedding was Basset Hound themed, and even had Bassets as part of their wedding party!”

Bride, Basset Hound, dog in tux, Best Wedding dog

From Louise:  “Dryfuss is the boy who started my love for Basset Hounds. Dryfuss will be 14 years old September 1st. I have had Dryfuss since he was 8 weeks old. I bought Dryfuss from a pet store, at the time I was not aware of rescue. Dryfuss doesn’t have much of a story other than the year we were supposed to get married, Dryfuss required emergency back surgery. Due to the cost of his surgery, we had to postpone our wedding until the following year. That was almost 4 years ago, and we have no regrets. It was very important to Jeff and I to have our dogs a part of our wedding, so we had each member of our wedding party walk a dog down the aisle except for Dryfuss, he walked me down the aisle with my parents.

Handsome Basset Hound wearing wedding tux

We aren’t exactly sure of Bentley’s age, but it was assumed that he was about 5 years old when he came to Basset Hound Rescue. Bentley came from a puppy mill that was busted in Quebec. Bentley has come a long way and although still timid has made incredible progress.

© Jessica Newberry Photography | Basset Hound lying on wedding dress At the time, my husband and I were best friends, and he wanted to get involved with Basset Hound Rescue and foster a dog. Bentley was his first foster and my husband became what we call a foster failure and adopted Bentley. Bentley will be turning 12 this year.

Basset Hound bridesmaid, wedding dogs Lucy will be 12 years old May 28th. Lucy had a history of eating rocks causing her to require stomach surgeries. The owners of Lucy paid for her first stomach surgery, but when a second surgery was required the owners decided to euthanize. The veterinarian couldn’t do it, and asked the owners if they would be okay to pay for the cost of the euthanasia and in return the veterinarian would complete the stomach surgery and relinquish Lucy to Basset Hound Rescue. The owners agreed, and I was contacted by Basset Hound Rescue to foster Lucy, a week into fostering, we celebrated her 4th birthday. Party hats, candles, and dog food cake. I fell in love with Lucy, and I too became a foster failure.

Basset Hound Wedding Party-painted toenails-dog

Maya will be turning ten on  September 1st. Maya came from a backyard breeder who decided they didn’t want to breed Basset Hounds anymore. Maya clearly had multiple litters, and, unfortunately, lost a lot of blood when she was spayed due to botched C-sections. The veterinarian who completed her spay said it was a good thing Basset Hound Rescue spayed her when we did. My husband and I were fostering her and instantly fell in love and decided to adopt her. She has been with us for three years.  I’m the foster coordinator as well deal with dogs that have behavioural issues. About the rescue: Basset Hound Rescue of Ontario is a non-profit charitable organization who’s only purpose is to place unwanted Basset Hounds into permanent, loving homes. All of our dogs are placed in foster homes where their needs are assessed any medical issues are taken care of. From there they go on to be adopted into loving homes. Basset Hounds are a very misunderstood breed and are not the right dog for every family. Like all breeds anyone interested in getting a dog should do their research. Fortunately, for Basset Hound Rescue we have hundreds of happy endings for over 1,000 dogs adopted out to wonderful homes to date, including ours!

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About Jennifer Newberry Photography:  Based out of Newmarket, Ontario, Jennifer specializes in wedding, events and family portraits.



Ann Staub says:

Oh my dog… this is awesome! Love the painted nails and dresses for the dogs.

S. says:

I realize this may be an usual question…but am wondering if your organization could possibly come to wedding reception for couple who adores basset hounds!?
Just noticed our grandson sent post to his fiance regarding your post. Love to discuss! Thankyou. for a surprise! !!!

    Beth says:

    I’ve passed this on, I hope it works out!

courtney says:

This post made me smile so much!! Animals are so special and they are such an important part of our lives. I don’t have dogs but I have three rescue cats and they are my babies!

    Beth says:

    Although I’m partial to dogs, cats make great companions too. Pets are such an important part of our lives.

Oh this is adorable!! My mom held my dog during our wedding ceremony, and then Reese walked back up the aisle with my husband and I! They really are a part of the family!

    Beth says:

    That is awesome!

Jess says:

This is so amazing! They are all so cute and I love how she included her dogs into her wedding. I would totally do that! Also, this is my first time visiting your site and as a fellow rescue dog believer, I LOVE it! Thank you so much for encouraging people to adopt! I just celebrated 10 years with my rescue pup! hope to do something to help other dogs who need loving homes too <3

That’s soo cute! My husband and I had our two yorkies in our wedding!! I couldn’t imagine our wedding without them and everyone who was there said the same thing!
xo, Laura
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