Bone & Bow Tie Giveaway

Dion is so dapper in his bow tie collar and he looks as excited as I am about this giveaway from Bone & Bow Tie.   As much as I adore dogs in bow ties, there is also a super cute floral option that is available as a prize.    All photos are by Kirstie Marie Photography.

Bone & Bow Tie giveaway

From Marian Snow, owner of Bone and Bow Tie:  Kirstie Marie is as sweet as she is talented and is such a joy to know and work with.

Australian shepherd wearing gingham bow tie, Bone & Bow Tie collars

Kirstie has captured wonderful images of Dion wearing his Bone & Bow Tie Collars that are featured front and center on our website. Dion is a pro when it comes to looking good and is definitely Top Dog to us.

purple dotted Bone & Bow Tie dog collar

Bone & Bow Tie is an online dog accessory studio dedicated to crafting beautifully designed and well-constructed products for your most loyal companion.   Our diverse collections of unique and stylish dog collars, bow tie collars, bloom collars and leashes are sure to please a variety of tastes.

Bone & Bow Tie dog collars

Whether your dog is a casual no frills type or favors a bit more color and pattern, Bone & Bow Tie has just the perfect dog collar to match their style and personality.  Our products are timeless and refined with a focus on dogs looking as well dressed and as fashion forward as their owners.

All of our products are designed and created in our studio in Texas using the highest quality fabrics, materials, and hardware.

Australian Shepherd in Bone & Bow Tie dog collar

We take style seriously.”

smiling dog in Bone & Bow Tie collardog-blue-steel transition

I love what a pro Dion is, transitioning from smiling to “blue steel” in just three snaps.

dog wearing green Bone & Bow Tie dog collarFrom Kirstie:  “Dion wants to live in a world of infinite belly rubs and squirrels to chase.  As a two-year-old Australian Shepard, Dion mostly enjoys rolling in mud puddles and licking people’s faces.  When he is not modeling for Bone & Bow Tie, you can find Dion at agility competitions, snacking on Blue Bell ice cream, and snuggling with his sister Roxi. “

plaid bow tie from Bone & Bow Tie dog collar Bone & Bow Tie dog collar, dog in field Australian Shepherd wearing green red bow tie collar, Bone & Bow Tie handsome dog in plaid bow tie collar While I think bow ties look great on any dog, if you prefer a more feminine look, Bone & Bow Tie also offers adorable bloom dog collars.

red flower collar, bloom dog collar from Bone & Bow Tie red bloom dog collar from Bone & Bow Tie

Enter the rafflecopter to win a  bow tie collar or a bloom collar of your choice.  Open to residents of US and Canada., 18 years or older.Bone & Bow Tie Logo 1

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The new collar will ship via USPS Priority Mail within one week of receiving the winner’s collar selection and neck measurement.  

About Kirstie Marie Photography:  Based in Dallas, Texas, Kirstie specializes in fine art equine photography.


Thank you so very much for the wonderful feature.

Piper says:

Love this and these collars!!

Nicole says:

They look so dapper!

Trish says:

My dear girlie-girl dog, Abby, would love one of the bloom collars!

They’re all so adorable! I’ll probably change my mind again but the candy cane is my current favorite.

safa says:

What a beautiful dog! We’ll be going the adoption route soon to add to our family! Such a special bond for kids.

Gina Champion says:

how awesome!! i adopted my puggle, max. he would look awesome in a bowtie!

We love them all but think the green one would look great on Bruin!

Hana Kim says:

We follow them on instagram! Beautiful collars for a beautiful dog and love your photography! We would probably pick the Aqua Tartan Bow Tie Dog Collar for our boy

Lindsay says:

So cute! I would choose a red, plaid tie for Ace. But they’re all adorable!

Abby says:

These are so cute! I would love to do a photo shoot with my pups wearing these!

Melissa says:

These are all so adorable!!!!

These ties are great! I would love to win the Purple And Gray Buffalo Plaid Bow Tie Dog Collar!!!

Melanie G says:

I love the purple but I think that the green houndstooth would go better with my pooches fur 😛

OOOH I want to win any of the ties for Dexter – he has a reputation of couture 😉

    Beth says:

    Dexter is a well-dressed man, these ties would be perfect for him.

I love bowties! I would probably choose the plaid for Bentley.

    Beth says:

    Bentley would look great in plaid!

Rachel says:

These photos and bowties are so cute!!

Who can choose just one? They’re all so adorable! I’ll take one of each, please! 🙂

    Beth says:

    I feel the same way!

Erin Ellis says:

I would choose pink plaid for my great dane/lab. He would look so handsome!

Great images and adorable bowties!
I love the red and blue plaid!

These bow ties are all beautiful, Dion looks amazing in every one of them! I love the bloom collar too, so pretty.
Love & biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

Those look good enough for my 12-y-o son to wear. Not even joking. 🙂 Wish decorative neck wear didn’t sink into the corgis’ neck fur so far!

This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen!!! We are getting out Aussie pup on Feb. 9th! I am so excited to finally have him home. I entered so yay! Fingers crossed. Loving your adorable pup!

Kate says:

So cute! My daughter would get a kick out of our dogs having those!

Fergus & Valerie Potter says:

Love Bone & Bowtie collars! My wiener looks great in them 🙂

Blake says:

I would choose the green houndstooth. So studly!

Molly says:

This has to be the cutest dog collar I’ve ever seen! So cute!

Molly |

These collars are all so cute! My favorite is the pink and orange plaid bowtie and collar.

Elizabeth says:

I would get the Red plaid or the navy and tan… Or I might just have to get a girl dog so I can get a bloom instead, because those are adorable!

    Beth says:

    I think these are the prettiest collars I’ve seen for girls.

Those are adorable!!!!!

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  • Kimberley says:

    What an amazing give-a-way. My Portuguese Water Dog would look so dapper in one of these bow ties! I love them all!

    Stoni Butler says:

    I’d love the Ralph bowtie for the fur baby I’m adopting soon!

    Jackie Preas says:

    Oh my…these are so perfect for my boy!He would be even cuter wearing one :).

    molly says:

    I would pick the Aqua Blue Paisley Bloom Dog Collar.

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  • Ashley says:

    So hard to pick! Probably one of the blue plaid collars

    Kelly Gelzinis says:

    Sophie Pearl will look beautiful in these bows! Pretty things for pretty girls

    Danielle Brooks says:

    The Purple one would be beautiful for when my new puppy gets bigger

    Kristen says:

    I’d choose the Nantucket Plaid.

    Jen says:

    I love a dog in a bow tie! I like the red plaid bow tie! I also love the metal buckle!

    Becky says:

    SO Cute! I love the bowries

    Cristina says:

    We would love to win the Nantucket Plaid Bow Tie Dog Collar! =)

    Love them

    Lora says:

    Wonderful dog and most handsome in his bow tie!

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