Best Dogs: Woody, Stuart, Molly and Charlie

I love visiting Sarah Der’s blog, she takes such lovely photos and  many of her clients include their pets.   I was so excited when I saw a beautiful bride and her Boston Terrier wearing a Chevron bow-tie in an overview  post.  You can imagine my reaction when I found out that there were four dogs in the wedding party!

© Sarah Der Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Best-Dogs-Wedding-Portraits

From Michelle:  “We have 4 dogs, 2 Boston Terriers and 2 pugs! Our oldest is a male, brindle Boston Terrier named Woodrow but we call him Woody! He is 9 yrs old. Then we have a male Pug named Stuart, he is 8 yrs old.

© Sarah Der Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Boston-Terrier-bow-tie, Pug-bow-tie  Molly is our female Boston terrier who is 5 yrs old and lastly we have Charlie, a male pug who we think is 6 years old. We rescued him from a rescue that I helped foster dogs through,  4 Paw Life Saver Rescue out of Greenville, NC.

© Sarah Der Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Best-Dogs-Wedding

I’m now a member of 2 Boston Terrier rescues: Boston Terrier Rescue of NC and The Boston Terrier Rescue Team of the Carolinas.  

© Sarah Der Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Groom, bride-and-their-dogs

Our dogs are well trained so there wasn’t much to them being in our wedding! We bought the boys bow ties and  they walked down the aisle with the groomsmen.

© Sarah Der Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Outdoor-wedding-bridal-party, Boston-Terrier I made Molly a pearl necklace with a flower and she walked down with my maid of honor!  Since most people get married in the summer time, my advice for including dogs in the ceremony is to always have water on hand and shade on hand for the dogs if they are going to be outside!”

© Sarah Der Photography | Daily Dog Tag | Bridal-party-and-4-dogs

I couldn’t resist sharing these photos of Michelle and a horse from her bridal portraits.

© Sarah Der Photography | Daily Dog Tag | bride-and-horse

You can see more of this lovely outdoor wedding on Sarah’s blog.  Follow Sarah Der Photography on Facebook to see some wonderful weddings, engagements and portraits (with lots of dogs!)

About Sarah Der Photography:  Sarah recently relocated from Chapel Hill, NC to Boston, MA.  She is a wedding and portrait photographer.  Her favorite part of being a photographer is telling stories–of love, of laughter, of commitment, joy and honesty.  Sarah and her husband have one dog, Stout, as well as a cat.


Abby says:

What a cute wedding party!

Terry says:

lovely indeed!

Alice says:

Oh what an adorable little bunch… makes me so happy to see this kind of love documented!

I love love looooooove this!!!

Angela says:

This would have been my dream wedding with all the Bostons and pugs! Love it.

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