Best Dog: Lincoln the Pekingese Mix

Wedding trends come and go, but I hope dogs in weddings is something we just see more of!  Lincoln the Pekingese Mix posed for a few photos with the bride and groom during wedding photos with  Mandy Whitley Photography.

Pekingese mix wearing black bow tie sitting between bride and groom

Lincoln is a two-year-old Pekingese mix from Agape Rescue, and he is so sweet and photogenic!   

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You can see more of their wedding photos on Mandy’s blog.

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About Mandy Whitley Photography:  Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Mandy specializes in portraits of dogs and their people.



Paroma says:

Lincoln looks so adorable in his bow tie! I loved all the photos. Dogs make wedding and engagement photos so much more beautiful

I love seeing pets included. My wee one is my “bouquet” and he has 7 guests of his own. Should be interesting! only 18 days to go! This is such a lovely photo.

Lincoln looks so handsome. I love the photo with the bride and him looking at her. You can see the love there. Very sweet. Beautiful wedding day pics.

Ashley Mauro says:

I think dogs should be mandatory at weddings, they make everyone smile, especially when they are wearing bow ties. These are gorgeous pictures!

    Beth says:

    I love the way you think!

OMD, so adorable! Those pics are fantastic and he looks so happy! Wish the hubs and I had had a dog when we got married!! (We were living in Bermuda at the time though, but got married in Flagstaff, so if we did have a dog that would have been complicated!)

    Beth says:

    That would have been complicated indeed! We joked about having our dogs at the wedding, but at that time there wasn’t such thing as a dog friendly venue.

That is adorable and the bride’s dress is gorgeous.

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