Happy Tails: Bowie The English Bulldog

I’ve always had a soft spot for English Bulldogs, and Bowie is no exception!  If you can’t resist big heads and under bites, you’re going to love these photos by Valerie & Co. Photographers.

English Bulldog sitting on patio

English Bulldog with underbite, adorable dog English Bulldog wide angle lens English Bulldog, on location pet photographyEnglish Bulldog walking across patio with serious expressionWe all know people that are super dedicated to their favorite sports team. Babies are born and instantly are dubbed fans of their parents’ favorite teams (and often before they are born!)  Well, sometimes it happens to dogs too.  And I’m pretty sure that Bowie the English Bulldog wouldn’t want it any other way!

English Bulldog wearing Citadel jersey

From Valerie:  “For Bowie’s  family, the best part of their home is probably the fact that they’re only six short miles from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina.

Bowie and his family happily spend a lot of their time at the school located in the historic city of Charleston. They are crazy for the famed military college and the Citadel Bulldogs! Vicki is the head cheerleading coach there and loves it. Her husband Paul is a Citadel graduate and a former football player for the collegiate team.

English Bulldog, Citadel Pride, bond between dog and human

Bowie has participated in a lot of The Citadel’s fun events.  Most recently. he won first runner-up in the “Most Beautiful Bulldog” contest, and at the school’s 2015 “Best Citadel Costume” contest, Bowie won first place while sporting a pup sized outfit of the alma matter’s traditional military dress gray uniform. He’s an honest cadet! The family is so proud of everything about their good boy, Bowie.

English Bulldog wearing blue Citadel shirt looking up at woman,

 Bowie is happy and very proud to be just like The Citadel’s mascot, Spike, and faithfully represent The Citadel’s motto: Duty, Honor, Respect!  Bowie’s heart is full for his household’s team. He’s a first class pooch, and his family couldn’t ask for more. The boisterous bully-breed dog is a good protector and likes the thrill of chasing after trespassing lizards and squirrels.

couple kissing behind English Bulldog, family portraits with dogs

In addition to the fun of running around outdoors and keeping everybody safe, Bowie and his family enjoy playing a game of fetch with their Citadel football toy and enjoy their peaceful moments spent nuzzling up together. The deep devotion and grand passion Bowie and his family show are a fine treasure to be honored with receiving.

English Bulldog enjoying scratches, family photos with English BulldogFor The Military College of South Carolina, they’re more than fortunate to have the honor of the true-blue, or in this case, Citadel Blue, loyalty and the strong love of this family, and, that of their wonderful four legged family member, Bowie, the bulldog.”

family photos with English Bulldog, on location dog photography

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I love English Bulldogs, however, I have to mention that as a breed they are susceptible to a lot of health problems.   If you are looking to add an English Bulldog to your life, please consider adopting one.

About Valerie & Co. Photographers:  Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Valerie & Co. specializes in wedding photography as well as family and pet portraits.



Nichole says:

I share that soft spot with you.. and boy is Bowie one adorable bulldog! What a happy family.

Bettina says:

Love those photos! Especially the first close ups! They are really sharp with great colours! As a enthusiastic photographer myself I really enjoyed these – thanks for sharing 🙂

What a beautiful pup! <3 His soul is radiating through those beautiful eyes and he looks so dapper in the T-shirt! English bulldogs are such a sweet breed and this session really reflects that. <3

Bulldogs aren’t my favorite but I must admit this one had me smiling at the first snapshot! Very sweet. What a lovely couple and family photo.

Isn’t this dog just a STAR!!! Sat here smiling at his sweet looks and can do pose!

What a face! He has such a nice smile, who could resist him? I particularly love the photograph of him solo, angled from above.

Bowie is just adorable! I’d love to just squish him with a big hug.

We see Bulldogs all the time in the SEC because so many of our institutions have a bulldog as a mascot. Love the photos.

OMG, Bowie is an absolute doll! I pinned my favorite photo of him to my Adorable pet board. He’s super cute in his little Citadel shirt.
Love & Biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

What a cutie!! Bulldogs melt my heart, they have such great personalities!

Karen says:

Bowie is adorable! It is obvious he adores his people and they feel the same way about him!

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