Best (Wedding) Dog: Stella the Australian Shepherd Mix

First looks are a great way to include dogs in the wedding photos. However, when the bride and groom opted not to see each other before the wedding, Missy from Elite Photo had to get creative.

Australian Shepherd mix

From Missy:  “Natalie and Matt were married at Heritage Prairie Farm on literally the most perfect day of the whole year. It was a beautiful, light, breezy 70-degree day on one of those ‘feels like the first day of fall’ mornings. 

Although we had talked many times over the phone, because they live in Texas, I had not met them before their wedding.  I went up and introduced myself to Natalie, and felt an instant connection.  

man's best friend, dog and groom sitting on steps, bride in background

Matt and Natalie agreed that they didn’t want to see each other before the wedding.  However,  Matt wanted to come up and talk, so he just stood there and chatted with his eyes closed.

when a first look doesn't involve looking at each other, wedding dog photography

They wanted a picture with their pup, Stella, so I positioned them on the stairs.  And we snapped a stoic pic of them all three together. 

Australian Shepherd mix licking brides face, bride and dog on porch

Stella is a seven-year-old Australian Shepherd Mix.  They adopted her in July 2010 from Animal Rescue Foundation in Illinois. There were two survivors in her litter; found near a highway around the Southern Illinois-Kentucky border.” 

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About Elite Photos:  Based in Batavia, Illinois, Missy specializes in life and wedding photography.


Missy says:

Thank you for featuring this terrific doggie story.

    Beth says:

    I love how you were able to get a first look photo of them without them actually looking at each other!

Great story and Beth did you know in the Jewish Religion the bride and groom do not see each other until they are in the Temple. Love the photos as always and Stella is just adorable

Loving Natalie’s dress! Also loving this venue and gorgeous photos! Stella of course steals the show! Our neighbors just got an Australian Shephard and it’s soooo stinking cute!

Debbie says:

Aww, I love the picture of all three of them, despite wanting to keep the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony. That is so sweet. I’m sure they’ll treasure that shot for years to come.

    Beth says:

    I think they will too!

Stella is such a darling! dogs make wedding photos so much better!

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