Engaging Tails: Oscar the Welsh Corgi

Queen Elizabeth  II will be celebrating her 90th birthday on April 21, and although it is highly unlikely she’ll spend the day reading my blog, I decided to feature a Welsh Corgi in her honor.  Oscar and his people had their engagement photos taken by April and Bryan Photography.

Welsh Corgi sitting on laps, engagement photos

From April and Bryan:  “These two love birds aren’t just in love with each other, but also with their adorable Welsh Corgi, Oscar. He 100% thought he was the reason for the entire session!”

Welsh Corgi, couple sitting with Corgi on lap, engagement ring and Corgi

From Jenna:  “When I moved to Gettysburg for a job right out of college, I found myself extremely lonely and depressed. I grew up with dogs all my life, so I knew that’s what I was missing. Having a smaller apartment, I needed a smaller dog. My research led me to the Welsh Corgi. I checked the local shelters but was unable to adopt any because I did not have a fenced in yard, which was a requirement.” (Just a reminder, not every rescue requires a fenced in a yard, so please don’t automatically dismiss the idea of adopting a dog based on Jenna’s experience.)  “I found a reputable breeder in my hometown that had a litter of tri-colored Welsh Corgies. I went home for the weekend to visit them, and as soon as she led me to the litter, I spotted the cutest puppy I’ve ever met! All his brothers and sisters were running around the yard, but he ran right up to me a licked my hand. It was love at first sight. The name Oscar came to mind as soon as we met and I took him home that day. He was such a good puppy! House trained within the first week. Slept in my bedroom in a makeshift playpen. As long as he could see me, he was content throughout the night. Oscar quickly grew to like long walks along the battlefields every morning and greeted every single person or animal that we passed along the way. He was my personal therapy dog, and I was so much happier with him by my side. But I still did not like the job I was doing at the time, so I interviewed for a new job in a town I’d never heard of, and we moved as soon as I got the call that I was hired. Oscar adapted very quickly to the change of scenery.

A couple of years after moving to this new town I met Michael. Michael met Oscar soon after we started dating and fell in love with him before he fell in love with me! Sometimes I would joke that he was only dating me to get to Oscar. Oscar has such a big personality, and he makes our little family complete. He is the most talkative dog I’ve ever met in my life. When we come home from work, Oscar greets both of us with howls, hops, and kisses. When we let him in from being outside, he sits by his treat jar and expects one every time. When you’re holding food that Oscar wants he will “sit, shake and roll over” without you having to say anything. That is the order I taught him his first three tricks, and he hasn’t forgotten that that’s what he has to do to get a treat. He has a stuffed hedgehog that he puts in his bed every night then joins later when he gets sleepy. When we have a lot of people in our house, he tries to herd everyone into one spot and will lay down in the middle of the room when he is happy that everyone is together. He is not a cuddly dog by any means unless he is not feeling well or he knows I am not feeling well. Then he won’t leave my lap. I haven’t been alone in the bathroom in the four years I’ve had Oscar because he needs to know where I am at all times.

romantic engagement photography with Corgi, Welsh Corgi wearing harness, blue leashI can’t imagine my life without Oscar or Michael, and I am so happy we all found each other.”

You can see more of Jenna and Mike’s engagement session on April and Bryan’s blog.

About April and Bryan Photography:   Located in Reinholds, Pennsylvania, Bryan and April are a husband and wife team that specialize in portraits and wedding photography.

Although I suspect a lot of you already know these things, I couldn’t resist sharing this video. 



Nichole says:

Oscar and his people sure got some beautiful shots! Congratulations to all!

Kelly says:

I can’t see why the Queen wouldn’t want to spend her birthday reading you blog and looking at the beautiful photos of this Corgis!

Well the Queen will be missing out. Love a good romance story, especially with a gorgeous dog like Oscar. Made me smile.

The Queen should call you for photographs of her and her corgis

These are beautiful photos and I love it that the Corgi is totally ON and ready for close ups!

Adorable Corgi! I love how he is posing while the couple is touching faces lol.

Brie says:

Such a cute engagement session! Little Oscar is so cute and looks so happy!

xo Brie

I don’t like corgis at all. Psych! 😉 What a cutie Oscar is! Great photo shoot!

Maureen says:

Great photo session! The little corgi is adorable too!

Kia says:

These photos are gorg!

What a wonderful story and so happy you all found each other. Oscar is adorable!!!

MattieDog says:

Oscar is gorgeous – and so are the photos! The story touches my heart – so full of love, and her sharing the traits of Oscar are so very heartwarming. I wish them all a long, happy life together! Thanks for sharing 🙂

I think Corgis are adorable.

Jane says:

What a beautiful story of love and hope. Congratulations on your engagement!

I’ve noticed a lot of rescues require a fenced in yard, makes it very difficult for apartment dwellers and lessens a dog’s chance of adoption I think.

    Beth says:

    I agree with that, but I believe when rescues make their rules they are doing what they think is right for the animals. I do wish more were flexible with their policies and would make exceptions. I think dogs that live in apartments may get more exercise than some dogs with fenced in yards.

So much love and happy!!!

Totally cute! Us girls are tempted to look at that shiny bling on her finger, but Oscar is the one stealing this show!

Happy 90th Birthday Queen Elizabeth! These engagement pics are beautiful! What a lovely story!

oh my goodness, these photos are stunning!

Katie says:

Beautiful photos! And handsome Corgi!

What a lovely story and timely that you featured a corgi for Lizzie’s birthday!

Dogvills says:

Beautiful dogs and shots and Happy Birthday to the Queen

Sandra Lee says:

What beautiful photographs & Happy Birthday to the Queen!

Kimberly Freeman says:

Iove corgi’s. They are on my “i want” list of dogs

    Beth says:

    I think a Corgi would make you smile all the time!

Jenna says:

Aw! I love all the love from this! Thank you for featuring us and our corgi!

Hands down, best love story I’ve read all year! What a sweet family, and beautiful photos.
Love & Biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

You always have the best images! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! And this story is beautiful! Also, if the Queen is not reading your blog, she should be 😉

    Beth says:

    Thanks Alison!

What an adorable couple with the Corgi! Love this so much. I want to do that with my husband and the three dogs…

    Beth says:

    Oh I hope you! I’d love to feature you all!

Robin says:

These photos are gorgeous! Oscar is beyond adorable. I’m glad that he was able to find the perfect mate for his human. 🙂 Pets have a way of knowing good people from bad people.

    Beth says:

    I think you are right about that Robin!

I always love the photos you have on your site. This is an adorable couple. I just love to see these photos with pets included.

Rachel says:

Well, I think the Queen would love your post if she happens by your blog. 🙂 Gorgeous pictures!

    Beth says:

    Thanks, Rachel!

I love corgis and these photos are adorable. The video is cute, too.

Ahaha, Corgis are so charming and these photos are too! Thanks for sharing!

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