Happy Tails: Nesbah

Heterochromia iridum is the scientific term for one of my favorite characteristics in a dog:  one blue eye and one brown eye.  I am always intrigued how eye color can change the look of the dog.  This beautiful mixed breed is more than a pretty face, she was chosen to be a model for the Second Chance Animal Rescue and photographed by Melissa Dunstan from Tangled Lilac Photography.

Nesbah-fundraiser calendar for Second Chance Rescue, studio dog photography

From Melissa:  “This is Nesbah, another dog with the Second Chance Center for Animals calendar shoot.

Second Chance Animal Rescue calendar, © Tangled Lilac Photography | Husky/Shepherd mix, studio dog photographyThose eyes!! And what a gorgeous smile!”

white mixed breed, blue eye brown eye, calendar fundraiser for animal shelter

From Dot:  This March 2016, marked one year since I adopted a six-week-old puppy from Second Chance Center for Animals. I named this puppy Nesbah, a traditional Navajo woman’s name.  Nesbah had a long journey to her forever home. She and her litter mates were rescued by the Kayenta Animal Care Center. This is one of the few locally based rescue groups which provide much-needed services on the Navajo Reservation. Dr. Begaye and her staff tended to Nesbah and her litter mates by providing medical care, vaccinations, and spay/neuter surgery.  Second Change Center for Animals then helped these puppies by bringing them to Flagstaff for adoption.

Nesbah-fundraiser calendar for Second Chance Animal Rescue

When I first saw Nesbah, she seemed very dejected and shy for her litter mates had been rapidly adopted days before, leaving her alone.  Aaron Paul, the Second Chance adoption counselor, brought her to me in the adoption meeting room where she became even more confused and shy. Even though Nesbah was not too engaging, I was already in love with her and wanted to bring her home. Aaron was very supportive and explained the options of how to deal with this shyness.   Nesbah is now a joyful and loving companion who has enriched my life and made me a happier and healthier person, with both of us enjoying our daily walks in the Forest. She travels well, and we frequently visit our two legged and four legged friends in Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Tucson.

one year Husky/Shepherd mix

 Nesbah is usually well-behaved and continues to remember the “Grade School” lessons taught us by Second Chance dog trainer Becky Harris. She has also learned to shake hands in response to the Navajo Greeting “Ya’at’ eeh,” which has delighted our Navajo friends.

© Tangled Lilac Photography | Husky/Shepherd mix, studio dog photography

In October 2015, Second Chance had a “Pet Star Calendar Contest.”  Those 12 pets receiving the most votes/donations were given a place on the calendar. With the generosity of family and friends from throughout the US, Nesbah won a spot on the calendar. Then she won another prize by having Melissa, of Tangled Lilac Photography, volunteering to take the calendar photograph. Not only did Melissa take multiple wonderful pictures, but Nesbah liked her so much that she climbed onto her lap at the end of the photo session.

© Tangled Lilac Photography | Husky/Shepherd mix, studio dog photography

A DNA test has revealed Nesbah to be a Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, and Lhasa Apso mix, but with so many other breed combinations in one great grandparent that a DNA marker pattern could not be identified.

© Tangled Lilac Photography | Husky/Shepherd mix, studio dog photography

No day passes, without Nesbah  making me smile.”

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About Melissa and Kristen are wedding and portrait photographers serving Flagstaff, Sedona, and the greater Phoenix, Arizona area.



Sadie says:

Such beautiful photos in this session. I love the choice of backdrop which highlights the blue eye and pink tongue!

Kia says:

Absolutely beautiful!

Nesbah is beautiful! My late Husky, Gibson, had a parti-eye. I love different eye characteristics. It adds to the dog’s personality. These photos are stunning, and what a story! Sharing this over on our FiveSibes Facebook page, Tweeting, and Pinning!

Nesbah is unique and beautiful! My sister’s dog has two different colored eyes.

Nesbah is a very beautiful girl, and I’m so happy that she’s found such a wonderful home. Her calendar photo is really lovely!

GORGEOUS!!! My one husky has the bi eyes as well!

This is a great little post on heterochomia! Along name for a really pretty trait in dogs!

The eyes say it all!Beautiful photos and subject!

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