Focus: Flounder the Yellow Lab

Previously, I featured Alani, who belongs with photographer Jamie Lucido.   This series of Jamie’s other dog, a yellow Lab named Flounder is just as endearing!   Please remember to supervise small children and pets!

Yellow lab, baby and toddler lying on carpet

From Jamie:  “This is our blonde lab, Flounder. We rescued her from a farm in Alabama, where she was left outside 24/7 with her other puppy siblings. We traded her owner a shotgun and brought her home to live a life of play and cuddles, inside with us.

baby and yellow lab sitting together on floorbaby and Yellow Lab, BFFS for life, The best thing about Flounder is her love of water– my kids love water too, so Flounder is a frequent player in all things involving water, at our house. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.”

little girl and Yellow Lab taking a bath together toddler washing dog in tub little kids bathing dog in tublittle girl and dog on beach, yellow lab

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About Jamie Lucido Photography:  Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Jamie offers family, wedding and documentary photography.


These photos are incredible! Flounder is so adorable and sweet, I can’t believe they got this great dog by trading him for a shotgun, LOL! They definitely got the better end of the deal in getting Flounder. He certainly loves these kids, what a great dog.
Love & Biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

Oh my goodness, the photos of Flounder in the bathtub are amazing!!!! What a love and I’m so happy they’re one big happy family now. Good thing they had an available shotgun for a trade. Priceless for a cherished family member!

Robin says:

These photos are so precious! The children pictured will absolutely love having these when they get older. Flounder is so great with them! I’m glad that this family was able to give Flounder a home. 🙂

Jenny says:

Aww so cute! Flounder is adorable.

I love these photos. There’s something about a great black and white photo that draws my attention. It could be that I was on the yearbook staff when I was in high school and a yearbook sponsor when I taught in middle school and in the 70s and 80s, photos were always black and white.

Is there anything cuter than babies + puppies? Great pics!

These pictures are so adorable! The kind of smile that dogs give is just precious. As is Flounder’s! It’s really less depressing with pets around. 🙂

These are FANTASTIC! As a former professional photographer who had a total passion for real lifestyle photography these suck me right in. There is just nothing more real than a dog and their kids! The bathtub pics are amazing!

I love every single one of these pictures!! This family definitely got the better end of that trade! That picture on the beach makes me think of my childhood dog, Scatter (what were my parents thinking, letting me, six at the time, name the dog? 😉 )

    Beth says:

    Kudos to your parents for letting you name the dog! In our family, my parents picked the pet names. Now that I’m the parent, we all get to toss our favorite names in the hat and reach a consensus. That is probably why my kids just decided to let Theo keep the name he had when we adopted him!

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